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Edge of Time - Chapter 4

Now if it weren't for Kafrun shaking a rolling pin at me and telling me to write, you might not be getting this next chapter so soon. It wasn't that I didn't know what to write (because trust me, it's all up here **taps head**), I just didn't feel like it

As for the content of this chapter. I don't really fancy The Edge. Really. I am a Bono girl, and sometimes an Adam girl. There are a couple of Edge photos that I find really hot, but aside from that, he's just not my type So I don't know why I'm centering this fic around him, and why it's starting to go in an Edge-fancying direction.

Chapter Four

The Edge led the girls around to the front of the building, where a fancy black car with tinted windows was parked. It wasn't a limo, but it was very nice indeed. Edge opened the back door and motioned for them to get inside. Katie got in first, crawling all the way across the seat to the other side. Emma got in next, and started to settle herself on the other side, but then she realized that Edge meant to get into the backseat too, and scooted over to the middle. Once Edge had seated himself on the other side of Emma and closed the back door, the driver, a rather nondescript fellow, pulled away from the curb.
"Where are we going?" Katie asked the Edge, though the tone of her voice suggested that she really didn't care where they were going.
"Sheffield. The concert is tomorrow night."
"Wow." Emma breathed out the word, her voice dripping with awe. "I can't believe we're actually going."
Katie peered out of the window on her side of the car. "I can't believe we're in 1992. I was only nine years old..." She trailed off and turned to The Edge, her eyes wide. "My nine year old self is out here somewhere, isn't she?" Katie waved a hand toward the window.
Edge looked over at her and nodded slowly. "I imagine so."
"In France." Emma said abruptly.
"What?" Katie asked.
"You were in France the summer you were nine." Emma sounded distracted as she spoke.
Katie blinked. "Oh. Right."
Emma was distracted. Her hip was touching Edge's hip. The Edge's hip! The backseat wasn't so small that they were all squished together, in fact, there was more than a comfortable amount of space between she and Katie. If Emma partially closed some of that space, she would have space on both sides, but she certainly wasn't going to do that. She was quite happy with having her hip against Edge's.
Emma's mind was wandering. She'd just done the math in her head. The Edge was nearly 31, she was 23. That was only an eight year difference. In 2006 he would be twice her age. And in 1992, The Edge was single. She stole a glance at his bare arm, resting against his thigh.
"Edge.." He looked over at her and warmth rose to her face, as though all of the blood in her body had just pooled there. She was completely embarrassed, and knew her face must be crimson, but now that she'd gotten his attention, she had to say something. "Can I.. can I touch your arm? I need to convince myself that you're real." This wasn't a total lie, but it wasn't her only motive for wanting to touch him.
He smiled, and she felt her heart jump into her throat. "Of course you can." He lifted his arm and held it out to her.
Emma smiled back and placed her hand on his arm, at the elbow. She pushed the pad of her thumb gently against the point of his elbow, and pressed her fingertips into the softly curled hair of his forearm. She wanted to let her hand linger there longer, but she imagined Edge might not enjoy it as much as she most certainly would, so she let go, and returned her entirely too lucky hand back to her own lap.
Edge lowered his arms and shot another one of those gorgeous smiles at her. "So, am I real?"
Emma laughed. "Yes, I'm pretty sure you are."
"Good." Edge smiled at her longer, before turning away to peer out the window. Emma leaned back in her seat and let out a small sigh, relishing the moment she'd just shared with her favourite rockstar. She closed her eyes, and pictured his smile. She stil couldn't believe this was actually happening. But after another moment of letting her imagination begin to run wild, Katie's voice, nearly in her ear, tore her out of that fantasy.
"Edge, um, the clothes you picked out for us aren't the greatest. I hate to sound rude, but is there any way we could have a chance to pick up something better?"
"Oh!" Edge let out a small laugh. "You're not being rude at all, I honestly didn't know what I was doing when I bought those. I think there are some good shops near here, though." He paused, craning his neck to see out of the windshield a moment before turning back to Katie. "Yes, we can stop, but try to be quick, we've still got quite a drive ahead of us."
"Thank you." Katie let her smile accentuate her gratitude, before turning and looking out the window at the shops he'd indicated, while he leaned forward and instructed the driver where to stop.
When the car was safely pulled over, Edge fished his wallet out of his pocket and plucked out several notes, which he handed to the girls. Katie was quite grateful for this, given that she didn't have much cash on her, and she doubted the shops would take a credit card issued in the name of a nine year old. "Try to get anything you'll need for the next couple of days, unless you'd rather wait and do more shopping once we're in Sheffield, and not in such a time crunch. I'll wait out here for you, if you don't mind. My presence could cause a a stir."
Emma smiled. "I imagine it would."
"Come on, Em." Katie said, opening the door on her side.
Emma forced herself to tear her eyes away from The Edge and climb out of the car with Katie. As they walked up to the nearest shop, she had to fight the urge to keep looking over her shoulder, to make sure he was still there. She couldn't help but pessimistically imagine that when they returned from their little shopping spree, that he would be gone for good.

What kind of clothes will the girls pick out? Will they ever make it to Sheffield? Just how pointy is Edge's elbow?

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Can't wait for the next chapter

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you do sound like an Edge girl now.... maybe we need to have a talk really soon....

soo, maybe you should continue on the other fic then hmm??? *taps rolling pin in handpalm*

Dreamoutloud doesn't want me anymore *sob* Bono is cry
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Edge elbow

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