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dream out loud pt5

Rosie woke up feeling an ache in her neck with the awkward way her head lay on the sofa arm.. for a few moments she was was bewildered by her surroundings, realising this was not her bedroom or her house for that matter, she was lying curled up with some ones jacket threw around her.. then she remembered where she was when she caught site of the acoustic guitar leaning against the table across the room from her this was Larry's flat.

Rubbing her neck she sat up, there were a few other people still fast asleep on the floor snoring, The last thing Rosie remembered she had been sitting next to Adam and Larry and a few others they had all been talking quietly amongst each other about some movie, and she must have fallen asleep it had been two o'clock in the morning.

It had been a bizzare night, as she recalled the rest, they had arrived at Larry's flat Rosie not in the least surprised to find a drumkit in the corner of the room which took up most of the space, papers beer tins and bottle various items of clothing strewn about.

But no one seem to care about the mess, Larry went into the kitchen pulled out more tins of beer, people just shoved any thing that was in their way to the side and sat down, Edge had told her to make herself comfy on the sofa and got her a tin of beer
Then Bono banged rather loudly on the Larry's drumkit demanding everyones attention then he held his tin of beer up, and his eyes scanning all the faces in the room bit finally rested on Rosie made a toast to their future, and moving onto better things
to come, everyone cheered in agreement and Rosie generously lifted her beer can clanking it against Adam who sat next to her
"I wish you all the best.. I hope it happens for you... its great you got this break" she told him
"Yeah...it could be your break too, if you change your mind and come with us" Adam had told her

"I am tempted believe me" she had replied "But it wouldn't fair on Jason.. I can't do that to him"

Realising it was a sensitive subject Adam didn't mention it again
But Bono did not let her of that easy. He taunted her about settling down to a mundane life in Dublin married to Jason living in some two up two down terrace house and surrounded by a bunch of whiney kids and wasting her talent, and how it was bloody tragic
Seeing he was making her uncomfortable the others told him to stop slagging her of and leave her alone much to her relief he complied disappearing into the kitchen
Adam and Edge then pulled out guitars from somewhere and started playing some old traditional irish songs everyone joined in, including Rosie

A little while later Bono returned, but he wasn't alone, hanging onto his arm was a pretty blonde female, who lived with her friend in the next flat and had come in to join them as well. Bono seem to be getting very cosy with her slipping his arm around her waist, smiling and talking into her face like she was the only girl there, and she seemed to loving every minute of it.
Rosie wasnt sure if he done it on purpose but he sat in the chair across the room facing her and pulled his blondehaired companion onto his knee,
Rosie had tried not to look in his direction talking and laughing with Larry and Adam, but it was hard as she caught out the side of her eye Bono and the girl were necking and kissing all over each other at one point Bono actually came up for air and much to Rosies dismay caught her watching them, she had hurriedly looked away again feeling her face heat up, ten minutes later they got up and disappeared out of the room again, Rosie never seen them again the rest of the night. and told herself she didnt care at least when he was eating the face of blondie he wasn't hassling her.

Now in the cold light of morning she realised she had most likely slept in, and would have to phone in and tell work she wasn't feeling well enough to come in.. which was partly true.. she felt really rough, the fall on the ground the night before had left her with an ache in her ribs and she had a helluva headache on top of that, she winced when she moved. she needed to go and get a drink of something her mouth felt like sandpaper.

She tentively made her way to the kitchen making sure she didn't step on any of the sleeping bodies on the floor
she managed to find a clean cup and took a drink of water, she caught site of her reflection on the chrome toaster and groaned she was a mess, her eyes were all black where the mascara had run and her hair was all over the place
"Gawd I am a sight" she muttered.

"You sure are" Bono's voice behind her made her almost jump out of her skin and she swung round to find him standing at the kitchen doorway smiling at her

"Do you always sneak up on people like that?" she demanded glaring at him

"I wasn't sneaking" Bono denied, just trying not to wake people up, my you are touchy in the mornings" he then drawled.
"I was never a morning person" Rosie replied and finished of the water in the cup, "If you will excuse me I think I will go to the bathroom and clean up" she moved to get passed him but his body blocked her exit.

"We are expecting a phone call from our manager this morning to further discuss our contract and record deal.. do you wanna hang around, and talk to him, you can find out what he thought of you.. just in case you didn't believe me the other night"

"There is no point" Rosie replied "Its not like I will be going with you", she wasn't in the mood to listen to him starting to run down Jason and Jinx and everything in her life.. to remind her of the chance she was throwing away yet again and rubbing it in... she wasn't going to please him, to let him know he was right.

"Talk about cutting of your nose to spite your face.. tell me do you really think Jason is really worth it" Bono enquired his blue eyes boring into hers questioningly

"Why don't you mind your own business and leave me alone and go back and find your blonde girlfriend where ever she is, I am sure she is missing you" she snapped back in defense avoiding his question

Bono just chuckled softly "If I didn't know better I would say you were jealous"

"Oh Pleeaze! Rosie exclaimed not believing how much he thought of himself, "Just get out of my way, I want to get to the bathroom and clean myself up and get out of here and not have to listen to this crap"

Bono stepped asideto let her by "Oh, there is just one more thing" he then spoke up

"I don't want to hear what you have to say" Rosie told him and just walked away

"If thats the way you want it" Bono shrugged, he stood for a moment watching her head for the bathroom a smirk on his face, then decided to follow behind her
He had the pleasure of witnessing the startled expression on her face when she opened the bathroom door and found a naked Edge snoring in the bath, she hurriedly closed the door again, to find Bono watching her in amusment

"I did try to warn you" was all he said before turning and heading back to the kitchen the smirk on his face widening

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