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dream out loud pt4

"Of course seeing you are singing with us, its going to have to be one of our songs.. we don't specialise in cover songs"
Bono grinned unable to resist the jibe. Rosie knew he was enjoying this, and she wanted to hit him with the mic, but just manage to restrain herself, "So what song of ours do you know the best?" he enquired

"I am not sure" she replied "I don't pay much attention toyour songs" she couldnt help getting back at him

"Touche'" Bono smiled "Guess it's going to be a cover song after all"

After some o discussion with the other band members they settled on a Boomtown rats song 'There's always someone looking at you'

It was a bit of a challenge for the band but it didn't stop Bono joining in with Rosie singing and the crowd went crazy, as much as he hated to admit it once she got into it Rosie was really enjoying herself. espicially when the crowd joined in the rousing chorus. she was breathless with the exhertion once the song finished, and as the crowd applauded her Bono embraced her in his arms giving her a hug "See how we are good together?... imagine playing to a packed out Wembley stadium, with thousands for an audience not just a couple of hundred.. all of it can be yours.. all you have to say is yes" he murmered in her ear.

A small shiver ran down her spine as she envisioned the picture Bono was enticing into her brain and she pulled away from him, his blue eyes stared at her with an intensity for a moment before grabbing her hand and lifting her arm up in the air along with his, "Give it up for Rosie!" he shouted, and once more the crowd started whistled stomped their feet and applauded.

Rosie bowed and thanked them, she was on an emotional high... but she didn't want Bono to see how much it had affected her
and she hurriedly made her escape of the stage again getting lost in the crowd feeling many hands patting her on the back telling her she done good. She smiled and thanked them and and made her way back to the bar where she ordered herself another drink.. she needed one.

She spent the next hour chatting with people she knew at the bar, squirming a little everytime people told her she singing along with U2 was great, this was not helping her resolve to stay loyal to Jinx and she was trying not to let it go to her head, so she hastily changed the subject onto something else.

All in all it was quite a night, and when it was time for the club to close and U2 finished of to a rousing crowd, Bono telling them all he would see them next year in the nearest stadium venue, and it would be free tickets for all, which went down well with a roar of approval.

"Gawd he is so damned cocky" Rosie muttered in annoyance, she finished of her drink, feeling quite tipsy by now, and knew it was time to go home she hoped her mother and Sean were snoring in their beds, she wasn't in the mood for them.

She stepped out into the cold night air.. it was still raining, she said goodnight to some of the crowd she was with as they parted company at the bottom of the street all going their own way home. It was as she was walking along on her own she felt in her pockets for her front door key, and suddenly realised she hadn't got it. and was more likely in the house.
She swore softly into herself, wondering what she was going to do, the thought of banging the door and waking up her mother or Sean was not something she cared for.

She swore aloud now in frustration at her prediciment not thinking there was anyone around to hear her but she was wrong, she heard Bono's familar drawl
"Hey what's up Rosie?" she turned to see him strolling down the street with Adam Edge and Larry and a few of their other friends, they had just come out of the club

"It's nothing" she hurriedly replied, about to walk on before they could catch up with her, only in her haste she didnt noticed the uneaen crack in the pavement and caught her foot, she quickly put her hands out to stop herself falling flat on her face, the contact with the ground knocked the wind out of her.

The next thing she knew Bono and the others were around her helping her up, she was a little dazed and felt so stupid in front of them all.
"Are you ok?" Adam asked with concern

"Y-yes I am fine.. just stupid" she chided herself in annoyance she kicked the cracked pavement "stupid bloody thing" she snarled then much to her dismay found tears were running down her cheeks.

"Hey C'mon, no need for the tears.. are you hurt?" Bono demanded.

"No, I don't think so, only my dumb pride" she sniffled, "This is just not my night, first I come home from work tired then I spend half the night searching for my mam and avoiding the lech of a boyfriend of hers from groping me. Now I find I haven't got my key to get in to the house and I am going to have to get them up which is hardly likely cos they are probably both in some drunken stupor and won't even hear me banging on the door and I will more likely spend the night sleeping in the doorway, then I crown it all by falling flat in my face and making an ass of myself in front of you" she babbled in an attempt to stop her from breaking down into dispairing sobs

"You have had a pissy day" Edge agreed sympathetically handing her a scruffy but clean hanky he had in his pocket, so she could blow her nose and dry her eyes.

Adam looked thoughtful for a moment, "Look we are heading back to Larry's flat to crash there for the night, why don't you come with us, I am sure he could find room for you on the sofa, we can't have you sleeping in the streets on a night like this"

She started to protest, but they persuaded her, to come along with them, Adam and Edge even offered her an arm each to support her as they walked, because she had scratched and bruised her knee in the fall and was limping slightly, If she had been more sober state of mind she would have not been so easily talked into going back to Larry's place, if Jason ever found out he and the others would take a fit, but their company was helping her take her mind of her misery, they started messing about and cracking jokes, making her laugh, and all thought of what her boyfriend would think went out of her head.

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Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!! this is good,i think i can see something is going to happen between her and Bono!! But then do ya blame her!!

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Yeah, keep it coming annj!
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