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dream out loud pt 25

( ONE YEAR ON.... sorry but had jump forward to create another little crisis in the band that almost might sound familiar to something that happened to them in rl, but not quite as I am using my own artistic licence to finish the last few chapters of.. baaad bad me *smacks herself*)


Rosie sat, in the trendy London nightclub gulping down some fancy cocktail the guy, who had just decided to chat her up had ordered, he recognised her of course, with the words "Hey aren't you Rosie, a member of that Band U2.. imagine meeting you here"

"Yeah imagine" Rosie who was already well on her way to being drunk drawled.

Then he had introduced himself as Jake and asked if he could buy her a drink and she had told him of course.

"I really like your music and stuff when will you be releasing another album.. its been a while" Jake commented

"Dunno" Rosie replied "I don't know nothing anymore" she knocked back the rest of the contents of her glass in one gulp.. say I like this cocktail, could you order me another one"

"Yeah sure thing" Jake replied grinning deciding he was onto a good thing

"So is it true then what the papers have been saying, that U2 have split up?" he then asked tentively

Rosie looked round at him frowning "Nah, not broke up, just on a break, y'know, because we are working on different projects... so I keep being told" but then she laughed, a loud raucious laugh at the private joke going on in her head, putting her hand on Jakes shoulder

"Did ya ever hear the like of it.. on a break, how long has it been now six months eight months.. Oh God I have lost count" she realised wiping her eyes and trying to pull herself together now because she noticed how Jake was smiling somewhat nervously at her uncontrollable behaviour, he probably thought she was crazy, and so she had been lately.

Bono and Edge where somewhere in America making a soundtrack for a film, it been his pet project he and Edge had been keeping on the backburner, and after the unsuccesful attempt to finish their album earlier in the year it suddenly became his main object to finish whilst Larry and Adam were in Europe trying out the experience of producing for another up and coming rock band.

Rosie wasn't sure what had went wrong. Suddenly the making of their album had become a big contention with them all they always ended up squabbling and fighting, unable to come to agreement in what way the direction the songs and the album should take, all had their own different ideas musically about how it should sound, none of them seemed workable together, in the end frustration and a lot of in fighting which had led them to the desicion that they should all go of to do their own thing to help cool of and come back in a few months time, and hopefully get it together again but the few months had turned into almost a year as they all seemed more interested in what they were doing apart than what they could do together.

Rosie had remained between London and Dublin feeling that someone had to stay around for when they all got back together again, refusing to take up any new project she just wanted them all back together, but it didn't seem to be happening anytime soon, they all seem to be drifting more apart, staying in contact with each other less.

The last time she had spoken with Bono over the phone was four months before, wanting to know when he was coming back he had seemed vague about the subject saying he was busy with the film soundtrack, he had suggested she could come over and join them.. but that was the last thing she wanted to do, she had no desire to make him stay any longer than he needed, they had argued heatedly over the phone about it, which had ended with Rosie slamming the phone down on him and swearing she would not talk to him again until he and Edge came back and started putting some effort back into the band. She was also miffed with Larry and Adam, who had told her to not get her knickers in a twist, they would all be together again sometime.

But as time went by and it was still not happening Rosie felt a deep depression settle on her, if the band never got back together she realised with some consternation there was nothing left for her, they where like her life her family she had this real fear that they were never going to get back together again.

To help lift her spirits some of her girlfriends had suggested she should forget about the band for a while and just go out and enjoy herself with them and have some fun, she had been reluctant at first, but finally agreed. It had been a while from she had touched alcohol, but then she decided to hell with it and accepted the drinks her friends bought her, and found it indeed help her forget about her problems and the band for a little while anyway so she had become a bit of a party animal, staying out clubbing till all hours and sleeping it of through the day.

She smiled at Jake "Lets not talk about U2.. the subject bores me now" she told him dismissvely "Lets talk about you, what do you do for a living?" she leaned her elbow on the table, resting her chin on her fist and staring at him questionly

Jake seemed openly flattered that she was showing this interest of him, "well nothing as exciting as what you do" he told her modestly "I work for a computer firm"

"Ohh really" Rosie's eyes widened as if she was fascinated by this information anything was better than thinking about the band, and she took another gulp of her cocktail, "Do tell me more"

As Rosie knew next to nothing about computers, her attempt to feign interest in all Jake was telling her soon started to wane and she was wanting another drink badly

"Say why don't we get up and dance" she suggested suddenly.

"Oh I am not such a great dancer" Jake confessed suddenly feeling shy at the thought of dancing with a celebrity and making a fool of himself

"Me neither, but why let that stop us" Rosie laughed grabbing his hand "C'mon, it will be fun" she pulled the reluctant Jake up onto the crowded dance floor.

Being drunk her usual inhibitions gone, she shimmied her body seductively up against Jake's, amused by the expression on his face, she got the feeling he was starting to enjoy himself, she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer, "so how you like dancing with me now?" she enquired

"I am liking it very much" he replied sliding his arm around her waist, thinking to himself she must be really hot for him now

"Good" she smiled "I am quite enjoying myself as well" she whispered huskily into his ear. Then she felt a light tap on her shoulder

"Excuse me I hate to bring this little cosy moment up, and spoil your fun.. but we need to talk," The a familar voice to Rosie's ears made her head jerk back and look around to find Bono standing looking at her expectantly with his blue eyes .. she blinked at first thinking she was imagining it or the drink affecting her brain.. but then realised he was really there standing as large as life. Jake gaped at him, a little stunned that he had met another U2 member unexpectantly in one night and pulled away from Rosie a little.

"Where the hell did you come from?" Rosie demanded, not sure if she was pleased or annoyed to see him.. though she was certainly shocked because it was the last person she expected

"Never mind that right now, like I said we need to talk, I am sure your.. uh friend won't mind" he looked at Jake questioningly who just shook his head and released his hold on Rosie

"Thanks" Bono shot him him a grateful smile and grabbing the dazed drunken Rosie's arm in a firm hold he pulled her away from the dance floor.....
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