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dream out loud pt 10

The sound of someone banging on a door and shouting her name made Rosie groan.. her head ached and she did not want to open her eyes, she realised the voice sounded like Larry.. she couldnt understand why he was banging on her bedroom door, then realisation dawned on her she was not in her own bedroom but a hotel.

She just wanted him to go away and leave her in the peaceful slumber she was having, but now his voice and the knocking grew more urgent, that she manage to open her eyes wincing at the pain in her head and the foul taste in her mouth, and realised she had definetly drunk more than she should have, the night before was just a blur in her mind.. it hurt too much to think that hard.

Wrapping herself in the bedsheet she crawled out of the bed to find out what Larry was in such a state, that kept him persisting on banging her door.
"What's going on?" she asked peering at him hazily through half opened eyes and realising Edge was also with him

Larry eyes widened at the at the sight of Rosie pasty faced and messed up hair squinting at him "You look like death warmed up" he remarked, "I try to tell you to take it easy with those vodka's last night"

"Don't remind me" Rosie croaked, feeling her stomach churn slightly

"Sorry for disturbing you.. but we wondered if you know where Bono is.. seems he is not in his room and as you where the last one with him last night.. you might know if he took himself of somewhere" Larry then said

"Bono?" Rosie looked vague but then frowned in concentration, somewhere in the back of her brain memories of the night before made her feel that there was something signifcant at the mention of his name and his whereabouts.. she was still trying to figure it out when Edge peered over her shoulder into the room.

"Ah.. isn't that Bono's shirt he had on last night, lying on the floor?" he enquired

Rosie swung around to look behind her, and sure enough the blue shirt was lying right next to her red dress along with other items of clothing.
Rosie suddenly recalled the memories of exactly what had happened the night before, she opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out and then Bono appeared from the bathroom his midsection discreetly covered with a white towel, his dark hair damp and slicked back he was obviously only out of the shower,

"Hi guys, I am here safe and sound" he grinned

"So we see" Larry replied trying hard to smother his own grin, "Well that ok then as long as we know where you are, sorry for disturbing you both, we will see you, both.. um later" with that he nudged Edge, who was looking form Rosie to Bono speculativly and smiling before walking away with Larry

Closing the door Rosie put her hands up to her face, as she turned to face Bono, then she shook her head and closed her eyes for a moment then adrenlin and alcohol were a bad combination she realised and she went over and threw herself on the bed burying her face in the pillow "Oh Gawd what did we do last night" her voice was muffled and filled with dismay, then she then suddenly looked up at Bono and realised he was enjoying every moment of it.

He came over and sat next to her, "Relax Rosie, we didn't do anything we knew would happen eventually"

"Am I suppose to find comfort in that?

"Don't start acting like you are regretting it already, I am not falling for that any more" Bono drawled, "espicially after last night" he finished meaningfully his fingers stroking her bare shoulder that was exposed from under the bed sheet she still had wrapped around her.

"At least let me regret, the fact that after we-" she broke of there her face heating up and she cleared her throat, "-Well afterwards, when I ended up spending most of the night in the bathroom with my head down the loo puking my guts up"

"Oh yeah that was not much fun" Bono agreed, "Guess its not a good way to remember our first time" he agreed ruefully
but then he smiled "Still we can make up for it" he added suggestively his hand continuing to caress her shoulder, causing a new found heat to spread through her body she made a feeble attempt to move away but it was hard when he smelt so fresh and good with the tang of soap and shampoo mixed with his own male scent.

"Bono, is that all you can think about?"

"Can you think of something better?" he returned

Despite trying to remain indignant Rosie couldn't help giggling, "Will you stop it.. my head aches, and I feel awful.. and I look awful too" she decided to look for sympathy

"I know Rosylee, I am just trying to make you feel better" Bono murmered and pulled her into his arms, she hadn't the energy or the inclination to pull away, after all resting her aching head against his muscular chest was helping to soothe her headache a lot more than she cared to admit.

It was much later that evening when Rosie was on her own in her apartment she started to contemplate and analyse what had happened in the last twentyfour hours.

Bono had been right in his assumption that it was going to happen between them at some point, and she had accepted that,
but what happened now that it had?

They already had a tempesteous relationship as friends, as lovers it could get really messy, which was another reason why she had avoided any involvment with him, they didnt need that kind of tension in the band

Another way Bono and her was alike was their ambitious streak, and neither would let something like a personal relationship get in the way of that, which was why neither of them got involved or committed themselves to a romantic relationship with anyone... and she didn't think they were ready for commitment to each other, as much as they were attracted to each other, but she could no longer deny or ignore there was something between them.. where it took them she did not know.. only the future would reveal that.

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This is really good annj!! Looking forward to part 11.
Well done
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