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dream out lod pt 3

I think you guys will like this one I had fun writing this chapter

The rain drizzled down cold and damp Rosie felt it chill her bones, but then that was hardly surprising she had only a skimpy jacket on she had hastily snatched in the hallway going out the door that evening, she had come home from work to find the place a mess, unwashed dishes lying in the living room and kitchen clothes newspapers magazines scatter around the house
and her mother was nowhere to be found, Rosie had started to clean up when Sean had come in, he had been drinking and it seemed he had an argument with her mother, and she had walked of and left him.. he had expected to find her in the house, but Rosie informed him she hadn't come back yet, and began to worry a little it was getting dark outside, if her mother was as drunk as she usually was God only knows where she would end up. Sean hadn't seemed so concerned, buttered something about her turning up when it suited her.

Rosie always felt uneasy being alone with Sean espicially lately the way he eyed her up.. once in the kitchen she had been cleaning the dishes he had come up behind her and groped her backside, and when she had turned on him glaring telling him to keeps his hands of her, he told her to relax it was just a joke, tonight he had tried it again, and had made some remark about how she was turning out to be a real pretty girl, thinking about it now made Rosie shudder, she had manage to push past him and grab her jacket and get out of the house... at first she went in search for her mother, in the local pub and asked if anyone had seen her.. seemed no one had.

Rosie had been walking the streets over an hour now, and decided to reluctantly return to the house and find if her mother had got home, as she neared the front door she could hear her mother screeching and Sean yelling and the sound of something getting broke, well at least she knew her mother was ok.. but she did not want to walk into the middle of another drunken brawl between her mother and Sean, so she turned and walked down the street huddling into her jacket as the rain came on heavier

She wasn't even sure where she planned on going at first Jason was away out with his mates, she glanced at her watch it was now 9.15 pm a bit late for calling on any of her girlfriends.. in the end she found herself standing outside O'Shaunessey's nightclub. This place had become a home away from home this past year, somewhere she could go and feel part of something, everyone knew her and visa versa, even though they didn't usually allow people in this late at night Rosie knew they would never refuse her.. she could spend a few hours or so drying out and getting warm and have some craic before having to return home hopefully her mother and Sean would be in bed asleep by then.

Banging hard on the solid wooden door, it was finally opened by Mick, the doorman who knew her well, and only too happily let her in, his sympathy went out to her because she looked like a drowned rat her clothes soaked through her hair dripping wet .
Rosie made her way to the ladies toilets to try herself of a bit, nearly everyone she met recognised her and said 'hi' and asked how she was, it helped pick up her dampened spirits a little.
When she went through the main doors of the main function room her ears were immediatly blasted by the familar sound of
what she recongnised as Edge's guitar, the place was packed to bursting point and the heat was almost sufficating with so many bodies squashed into one room, As Rosie squeezed through the crowd to make her way to the bar she could hear Bono singing.. she didn't realise they would be playing tonight, she couldn't see them to well in the smoke filled room and so many bodies jumping up and down to their music, they certainly had the place going.
Rosie manage to get to the bar and catch the attention of Marie the Barmaid whom she also knew well, after ordering a lager and telling Marie to put it on her tab she glanced around the crowded room "Its certainly lively in here tonight" she yelled above the noise

"Yeah" Marie grinned, "Big turn out cos the guys are doing their farewell gig tonight, seeing they will be of to London to fame and fortune at the weekend .. did you hear about them getting that recording contract?"

"Oh yeah" Rosie replied "Bono mentioned it" she took a gulp of her lager that Marie had sat on the counter in front of her, trying to drown the sense of dispair settle over her that she was getting left behind but it was her choice.

As she sipped her drink she listened to the band Bono was giving it all and playing up to the crowd because he knew it was a moment of glory.. he had them eating out of his hands, she would give him his due, that he knew how to work a crowd espicially the girls, she was aware he had his own little clan of groupies already that followed them about... what would they do now their beloved Bono was deserting them for bigger things she mused.

She watched them with a critcal eye thinking about what Jason had said about this new record deal turning into a washout, right now she found that hard to believe, they were good full of energy she felt herself get carried away with the music and the atmosphere, not feeling in the least guilty as they were suppose to be rivals.

Finishing her drink, her curiousity got the better of her, she wanted to watch them up closer, she pushed and squeezed her way through the crowd to get nearer to the stage, but hopefully not too close that Bono would see her, she was glad there was so many faces.. it would be hard for him to even know she was there.

But what she hadn't reckoned on was Bono getting carried away and jumping of the stage into the crowd and ending up quite near her.. she tried to hastily back away in the confusion to slip out of sight, but it was hard when the crowd around her were surging forward to get at Bono, and instead she found herself almost face to face with him, his blue eys caught sight of her and he grinned "well well what have we got here".. before she realised his intentions he had a firm graps of her arm and pulling her back up towards the stage with him, trying to get free from his grasp was harder because the crowd around them was cheering as they recongised her also and were pushing her forward along with him. He hauled her reluctant body onto the stage with him ignoring her protests, and reached for the mic.

"Hey Guys we got some good company here with us tonight.. you all know are own talented Rosie from Jinx yeah?" he shouted
There was a roar and cheers affirming this, Rosie managed to shoot them an embarrased grin sqirming as she stood next to Bono who still had a hold of her.

"Well seeing as this is most probably our last night here and we are moving onwards and upwards, I think I will bury the hatchet on our old rivalries" Bono then announced "and what better way than to have Rosie sing along with us"

There was more cheering and applause of approval while Rosie shook her head, not wanting to be put in this situation.. she was going to kill Bono for this. "I-I can't" she told him

"Aww c'mon Rose, no need to be shy, we are all friends here, one big family right? "he addressed the crowd again, they cheered once more in enthusatic agreement.

"So do ya all wanna hear Rosie sing with us?"he then demanded "Just one song.. what do you say?"

The crowd shouted and started stomping their feet chanting her name over and over again, Bono'e blue eyes turned on her questioningly

"You are not going to let your fans down now are you?"he drawled challengingly

"I am going to get you for this" Rosie said through gritted teeth as she reluctantly accepted the mic from him.
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