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critical acclaim! U2 can be Super

U2 can now put out a cheesy tribute album to all the heroes of Sept. 11 and not worry
about a negative write up from critics. With as much positive media attention that U2
has been getting lately the band can musically do no wrong. So what will be next for the band that is on top of the world? No more three year waits! please!
As Elevation winds down fans will turn to their cds, dvds, and yes the occasional U2
book! Keeping up on your Interference news, it's been reported that a U2 Encylopedia has hit book stores. Those Inteferers who feel they have a wide knowledge of the bands history are in for some of the grittiest details about Larry's grooming habits to Bono's line of shades and field glasses. Hmm, didn't Bill Flanigan cover that stuff in U2 At the End of the World?
I believe he did, and I'm glad the article on the U2 Encyclopedia said what it said: "...You can skip the book entirely."
Too many written works on the band are done in a lofty and overdone style.. The songs
cannot all be winners. Ok, for the individual fan the songs can all be hits, but when your writing a book one could make it a bit more interesting by criticizing some songs. I haven't seen the Encylopedia yet. I probably won't need to if "Party Girl" is going to be discussed in full detail.
On another note in regard to U2's Super Bowl appearance it seems fans are split on it's
appearance there. U2 have a long history of turning down mass media events like the
Super Bowl....not anymore. It is more relaxed, comfortable, and honored to be asked to play for a crowd, especially at a venue that will be seen by millions.
If you caught U2 on the Tonight Show Thanksgiving special you could see how
comfortable the band has become with performing outside of the U2 cirlce of friends.
WIth that in mind and in wake of the terrosist attacks, U2's next album may move from "saving rock and roll" to more ambitiously "saving the world". 20 years and no sign of slow down yet.


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you're just jealous of bono the sexy mofo!
and that voice!
oh maaaaaaaaaan help!
you asked for that one soul! *wink

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This is really random......but on Monday night on VH1 they had last year's My VH1 music awards with the pop-up things, and I caught most of U2's performance until my brother made me change it so he could watch rassling....

all the women were SHREIKING like tea kettles when Bono was coming down the aisle. Then they had this close up of him and the pop-up thing said "rose-colored glasses" (he had pink/reddish shades) which I thought was sssssssooooooooooooo cuuuuuuute. Anyway....*U2 fuzzies*

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