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Craving for love - chapter 3

DISCLAIMER: All my fantasy - not for money!
PG for themes, I'd say...
Hope someone likes this one...

Craving for love - Chapter 3

Morning came and a ray of light entered the window and fell on Melissa’s face. She was asleep in Adam’s arms and she lay with her head on his chest, his head reclined over her shoulder.

Adam woke up and at first did not realize why he was not under his duvet but sitting on the bed with a girl in his arms, but as soon as he saw Melissa’s face enlightened by the sun, he remembered about the evening and he felt something strange inside him. He did not understand why he cared so much for this girl, but surely he did feel differently with respect to the other girls he had held.

Melissa woke up a few minutes after he did, and she was as surprised as him at finding herself having slept in his arms. One thing that she knew for sure was that the night she just spent with him was the first one of good sleep in a month.

They looked at each other and broke eye contact immediately, embarrassed. He thought of something to say, but nothing came out of his mouth. She, on her side, was playing with the bed sheet in her hands, her face flushing red.
“Thank you very much for your… company, last night. It really felt good.” She said eventually.

“You’re welcome… I’m happy I was a good company or you.” Adam answered, smiling.

Suddenly, the door was opened and Larry came in. “Hey you it’s quite late… we’ve got rehearsals to do don’t you… oh, ehm… sorry…I…” he stopped when he saw Melissa was still there.

“No, it’s OK, we were… uhm… getting up, I suppose…” Adam was quite embarrassed.

“Oh yes I was just going to go back to my hotel…” Melissa added, quite embarrassed aswell.

“Bono was looking for you before, he was asking everybody if they knew where you were staying and such things… probably you should look for him. He’s in the room just down the corridor.” Larry was smiling to her, and she felt very much cared for among those people.

“All right, I’ll be right there to him. See you… Adam…” she said, looking back at him, hoping for a positive answer.

“Well, of course… I… why don’t…we…” damn, how should I ask for his mobile number without looking too much interested…

Larry was really amused at the scene, and he was very sorry that Bono had not been there to watch this show… they would have mocked Adam for months after seeing him like this. However, he was ready to run at his friend’s rescue.
He handed Melissa a piece of paper and a pen he found on the hotel desk.
“Would you write down your number please? Bono will ask that from you, but he’ll lose it somewhere of course, and then he’ll be driving us mad about how to call you… It’s better I have a copy as well.” He said.

Adam looked at him suspiciously, but was a lot relieved.

“Thank you love. Now, here’s my own number. And this is Adam’s. Call US whenever you want.” Larry added, glancing at his friend.

“Thank you…” Melissa said, holding the precious piece of paper in her hands, and looking at it as still thinking it all was unbelievable.

“Now go to Bono’s room and talk to him so that we can go and do our job, love” Larry said.

She waved goodbye to Adam, and went away.

“Here’s her number. But I hope next time you’ll be able to ask for it by yourself, will you?” Larry said, laughing. He did not remember another occasion in which Adam had been so embarrassed. He usually managed to come out of every situation in his own cool style.

“It is not such an issue, really. I would have asked the next time I saw her. However, I’ll take it thanks.” He said, and grabbed the sheet very fast, before Larry could change his mind.
Larry was laughing even more and Edge entered the room with a questioning look on his face.

“So, was it the girl Bono brought in yesterday the one leaving your room right now?” He asked Adam. “What’s been going on here, uh? You should sleep at nights when we have a show the day after…” he added, teasing him.

“Stop it don’t even try to go on with this bullshit Edge! Nothing has happened here tonight. Just spent the evening together and then got asleep.” Adam was trying to conceal his feelings for the girl.

“Uh-uh. Yeah, right. How’s that you are so much taken by it, my friend? Not your usual cool self today…” Edge enjoyed seeing his friend face turn red. “However, we all know that you are gifted at keeping girls in at night…”

“Let’s go and stop it come on. You two are just like schoolchildren. Your own sons and daughters would do better than you do.” Adam managed to say eventually, and escaped into the bathroom, slamming the door.
Edge and Larry burst into a sound laughter and went out of the room.

Melissa knocked at Bono’s suite door. Ali opened, and seemed a lot happy to see her. “Oh good you’re here… my husband was going mad at looking for you… come, come in. Don’t pay attention to the chaos you’ll see around. It’s the children…”
Indeed, the room was a bit trashed, not in a rock star way, but obviously some partying had gone on there. Presents had been opened; pieces of coloured paper were everywhere they could be and toys hanged around.
She smiled at such a mess, and a little boy ran towards her, happy to have someone else to whom show his new radio commanded car.
“This is Melissa, and a she’s a friend of mum and dad. Be nice to her” Ali said to the little one. “And this is our John, Melissa”.
Melissa kneeled and started to play with the child. She used to baby-sit as a student and she loved children. She herself was not very girly as a kid, and she loved to play with model cars, so she had a point in the eyes of the ones she cared after, and was very much requested. John was no exception to it, and liked her at first sight.

“Hey, here you are then! I was worried I had lost you, lovely eyes…” Bono said, relief on his face. He liked her even more, seeing how she was playing with the child just like she was a child as well. He did play like this with his sons.

“I… stayed over here tonight… with Adam…I got asleep…” she said, looking to the toys not to show her embarrassment.

“Uh? You were here all night?” He was quite surprised and probably alarmed, but nonetheless he liked how the thing was developing. “Erm, ok. Probably we can arrange for a room for you where we go… You might stay with us for a few days, would you like that? Tonight we’re going to have a show and our families are staying as well… You might watch it with them. I see John would not mind keeping this new friend of his with him…”

“Oh, it would be fantastic… but, I would not like to seem too much demanding... You have already been so kind…” she said, touched.

“Don’t mention it. It’s OK. I will have a talk to our people there. Just wait for me in here.” Bono went out of the room and turned to Adam’s one.

Adam was sitting on his bed trying to recollect his thoughts. It had been quite a tough time for him lately. His girlfriend had gone, leaving him without explanations. A few days later, she was selling interviews to magazines about their romance, his private life, the band, obviously with some bullshit lies in it.
When she had gained some popularity, she started to make it to parties and to be photographed with different men.
Adam could not believe his eyes. He had been in the public eye a lot in the past for his behaviour, but this was just too much for him. He had not done anything wrong this time… just went out with a girl, had some holidays with her, live with her… what would one do, live alone all his life?
Of course, he did not miss having a family while he was on tour, except when the others brought their wives around; but again, their children were still young and they could not be travelling all the time, at least not all of them and at the same time. There was always someone who was free and willing to spend time with him.
But when they were at home, and the other three went back to their life of husbands and dads – that was the worst moment for him. He felt so alone.
That girl had seemed a right company to him, young and beautiful, and full of life. Yet, maybe she was too much willing to appear in public. He should have guessed.
When this all happened, he was devastated. He thought he would not want to share his life with anyone else and it was better for him to stay alone.
He thought he would be alone for the rest of his life.
He had lost some of his coolness and went back to drinking. Light drinking, it’s true – not that he passed out in pubs or anything – but still not so good for someone with his past experiences. And he felt he was losing control on it little by little.

Bono had understood that his friend was struggling, and he got very attentive on his behaviours. He checked on him when he went out, he spent time at his place, and tried to make him understand he was there to help out when needed. He was afraid that Adam would turn on drugs, after going back to alcohol, and he could not even think of such a nasty event.
As usual, he embraced the cause of helping out someone very heartedly, and, as usual again, he tended to exaggerate in his fears.
While walking towards Adam’s room he was considering how things would turn out. He had decided to help out Melissa, he could not stand to see someone with such sad eyes – but still, he did not know her. Could he trust her to stay by the side of one of his best friends, and a very fragile friend at the moment? He felt that something was going to happen between them, and was not able to detect whether it would do harm or good to Adam. He wondered whom of them would be the most powerful on the other at the moment, and he feared she might be walking away from him when feeling better. I don’t want it to be my fault if he suffers again… I brought her in. On the other side, he’s still not himself. He might hurt her as well. I can’t think of who is to protect, and from whom.

He knocked at Adam’s room and entered without waiting for an answer.
“Hello… hey, you’re looking great today!” Bono said, looking carefully at Adam’s face and not seeing the signs of alcohol on it.

“Er… yeah. Slept quite early yesterday. Melissa… did get asleep and I got asleep with her.”

“So she did sleep here with you, didn’t she? What happened? Did you… have a good time?” the singer asked suspiciously.

“We just talked and slept. We DID have a good time. But if you were insinuating anything else with your ‘good time’, well you’ll be disillusioned, I fear.” Adam was smiling knowingly at his friend “I’m not a teen, Bono… come on”

Bono laughed. “All right, all right. My question was a bit pretentious. However I saw her and she was quite smiling so I must assume you both enjoyed spending time together. Well, I’m going to ask someone to take care that she settles in the hotel with us. I would like to make her stay for some days… It might help her. What do you think about it? I ask you, because as Ali and the children will stay a few days more I will not have much time and it might be that you will need to spend some more evenings with her..” he waited for his friend’s reaction.

“Well, perfectly right for me. She will be fine with me don’t worry. I will take care of her on your behalf.” He said trying to talk casually and while doing something else. But Bono said he was very happy knowing he would have time to spend with Melissa again.
I can’t know what it will be like tomorrow, but for today he’s safe if he’s with her, and she’s happy with him. He thought it was worth trying, and prepared to be watching over them without being noticed too much.

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I love this story!! I want an update!!

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Ohh this is soo cute!!! I wish I could wake up with Adam Damn that would be nice! Bono is such a caring friend, what a wonderful story
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That's REALLY sweet!!! I trully want Adam to get better as well as Melissa!!!

Such a wonderful man Bono!!!

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