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Craving for love - chapter 2

Disclaimer: not making money, all fiction nothing real

chapter 2

“Here he is… so how many cigarettes have you been smoking?” Adam asked as he entered the room.

“No cigarettes mate…” It was true, he did not have the time to think about smoking, and he had dropped his cigarette as soon as he had lighted it.

“Oh well, he decided wet is better than cigarettes for his voice” Edge said jokingly.

“Stop teasing. Here, I have to introduce a new friend of mine.” He pulled Melissa in front of them. “She’s Melissa and she’ll stay with us, for… well, as long as she likes, I guess.”

The other men looked at him like he was going out mad… a married man, coming in with a very pretty girl and telling them she was his new friend going to stay with them… However, they all shook hands with Melissa and Larry offered her a mug of coffee he had just prepared.

He then called Bono in the little kitchen in the studios with the excuses of making some more warm drink.
“Well, maybe someone here does not remember his own wife and children are to come here tonight?” Larry asked, quite amused. Bono never gave too much confidence to girls if not on stage.

“It’s not like this. What did you think? I’m surprised you could EVER think that of me! That girl was out there crying in the rain. I had seen her in the past days and she was crying then as well. That’s why I asked her what was her problem. She’s lost her parents in a car crash a month ago.” Bono said in a low voice.

“Oh God how bad… sorry Bono I did not imagine… but really, I should have thought there was a reason behind it all.”

Bono gave a brief account of the story to Larry, and told him how he promised her they would have talked to her.

“I thought you would have liked to help out as well.” he said to a quite saddened Larry.

“Yes of course I will”.

In the meantime, Edge and Adam had been told by Melissa herself about her troubles and were already trying to cheer her up. Adam in particular was very interested in the girl, and did not manage to hide it, bringing her a jumper of his to change her wet clothes, asking how she was every five minutes, trying to sit beside her.

“You two… I did not bring her in to be chatted up by two old men like you…” Bono said returning into the room with Larry and coffee for everybody.

Melissa spent a couple of hours in the studio with them all and she felt at least relieved that she would not have to take another lonely evening.
Bono kept his eyes on her and talked to her a lot, and he realized that he had much in common with that girl, she seemed like a female copy of himself.
He really liked her soul and wished she would find some rest and peace in any way.
“Ali, Morleigh and Ann are coming down with the children for dinner tonight. I’m sorry I will not be able to have a good talk to you tonight…” Bono said to her at the end of the rehearsals.

“No problem, she’ll stay with me. I have nothing to do, and even if I did I gave it away very willingly.” Adam said.

Bono gave a meaningful look to him. He had been quite out of control lately, after having been dumped by his latest girlfriend. He had resumed some heavy drinking, and they were quite worried he would get worse.
The singer was wondering whether it was a good thing leaving that girl in his hands, but after a few minutes, shouting in the corridor was heard and a bunch of running kids and teens entered the room to greet their fathers.
It was all like a big family party. Melissa was a bit saddened at first but after a while she thought that after all she was lucky not to stay alone again, and was introduced to the wives and children.
Ali was told the whole story by Bono and took the girl in great sympathy, promising company for the following days.
When they all went away, Melissa turned to the window and sighed looking at the rain.

“Ok, baby. What should we do? We can watch a film in my room if you like. I don’t think it would be such a good idea to go out with this weather… they have taken all the cars and I don’t like the idea of having to get a cab” Adam said putting a hand over her shoulder.

“The film will be ok…” Melissa said, shivering at the touch. She liked the idea of being with him. He made her feel secure. He had been so kind all the time…

They settled on Adam’s bed and he picked up a dvd. Adam sat beside Melissa and could not but watch her pretty looks with attention. She was not tall like a model, but she was nice to see and quite thin, with light blond hair and the large green eyes which Bono admired so much.
They watched the film in silence for a while. The phone rang and Adam answered it but forgot to stop the dvd, so when he finished talking he wanted to go back to the previous scene.

“There’s no need to. I can tell you all the words to this one…”

“Really? Is it one of your favourites?”

“Well, maybe Bono did not tell you… I translate films for living… There’s just a few I do not know by heart” Melissa said, smiling shyly.

He was quite surprised at how beautiful she looked with a smile on her face. “Oh, wow… you should have told me” Adam answered, passing a hand on his hair in embarrassment. “It must be quite boring for you to watch dvds then…”

Ice was broken.
They started talking about her job and got taken into the conversation, moving to different subjects, to what they liked and disliked, to their attitudes and their lives, to themselves in the deepest – they both felt as they were talking to their best friend. There was no misunderstanding, Melissa felt like Adam had known her for ages, and Adam felt like he was talking to Bono, Melissa being so similar to him in her reactions, that he well understood what to do with her.
They did not realize that time was passing by, and they were chatting and playing music so loud that they did not hear the knocking at the door.

Bono and Larry entered the room without waiting for an answer, and they were really surprised at the scene they found.
Adam sat on his bed and Melissa was in his arms and he was teaching her how to play some notes on his bass. He guided her hands on the corde while she was looking at him and he smiled sweetly to her.
Adam’s eyes were sparkling, and Bono noticed it as soon as he looked at him, a sparkle that he had not seen for some time and that he feared his friend had lost like in the old days.
“So, how did our Adam behave, lovely eyes?” Bono asked, glancing at Larry, who was quite amused at the scene.
“Oh, he’s been great, really. I never ever had a good time like tonight…” Melissa answered, his face totally different from when they had left.
“Nah, it her that’s making me seem a good company, boys.” Adam added, his cheeks blushing.
Bono stared at them, suddenly silent.
“Well, Bono, it’s better we let Adam get on with his… uhm… lesson. We have other things to do, besides.” Larry pulled Bono outside of the room and closed the door.
“I never thought I would have seen Adam like that… Oh God, that look on his face when he saw us… just priceless…” the drummer was now laughing and trying not to make too much noise. “However, he was shining our Adam… he did look really OK. What do you think about that?” he asked eventually, regaining his composure.

“Well, he was sober and seemed happy… and she seemed alright. Maybe it will be good for both, if something comes out from tonight…” Bono muttered, mindful.

“Are you jealous, Paul Hewson? Oh yes you are! I can see it in your face. But who are you jealous of? Adam, or the pretty lady? Tell me, tell me…” Larry said to him jokingly, seeing he had become quite thoughtful.

“Stop it, boy. Why should I be jealous? I have got my own lady, I don’t need any other…”

“So it’s Adam you’re jealous of… well, I hope that the pretty girl will let you hang on him at concerts and will not be jealous herself…” Larry continued teasing him. “Come on, don’t worry about them. You have done what you had the possibility to for both of them. Everything that happens now will not be your fault.”

“Larry, I feel that I have to…”

“Stop it Bono, I know what you are going to say. Adam is old enough to think about what to do by himself. He will not harm himself or anyone else, I know for sure. I know you are worried but it’s not like in Sydney. Try to ease your mind, and just take a look at what happens. She seems a good girl. You cannot be responsible for the whole world…” Larry put a hand on his friend’s shoulder and smiled at him.
They went back to their rooms.

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good start, i'm interested to see what happens

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nice posts...
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Ooooh! Adam's in luuuurve!
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ok...then not a Larry I've thought...but it's still REALLY GOOD!!!!

Want an update!!!

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yay! an adam fic!
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This is great! Looking forward to the next chapter.
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I will build a shrine in THY name!!!! I have been waiting for a Adam fan fic!!!My prayers have been answered!!! Thank you. Keep it comming!!
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Thanks for taking the time to read my stuff and for the appreciation... well, I'm working on the new chapter, it will be up soon!!!!
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I've never read a Adam ff, but this is too good to miss

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