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Craving for love - chapter 1

New fic... while I decide how to go on the other one, I had this idea... hope you like it. Thanks for reading!
DISCLAIMER: all invention nothing real don't know U2 (sigh!) and I'm not making money of it...

Chapter 1

It was quite a rainy day. The rehearsals were going well and Bono was longing for a cigarette. His voice was good and nobody would complain, he thought.

“I’ll go out for a while until you finish this rhythm section meeting over there” he shouted at his band members who were arguing on who was out of time in the last song they played.

Will this “I’m on rhythm – no you’re not” thing ever stop? 29 years and still they do fight like children… Good for me I don’t play anything important…

Bono went out of the studio and lighted up his cigarette. There was a nice park around the studio and he decided to go for a short walk. He took his umbrella with him but did not use it, glad to feel the light rain on his face.

The fans standing outside the studio had disappeared, tired of waiting in the rain. Just one girl remained there, sitting on a fence nearby.
Bono had seen her often in the last weeks, waiting outside the venues where concerts were held. He remembered her very clearly because she was always in the back and did not ask for his signature, just shook hands with them and smiled slightly. She had large green eyes, and they were very sad eyes.
Bono had more than once wished he could stop and ask her what was going on with her, but it was not possible for obvious reasons.
She seemed taken in her own thoughts, not caring about the rain but also not lifting his face to look when he had come outside from the door.

He opened the umbrella and sat next to her.
“Well, as an Irishman I should like this weather but I don’t think getting soaked in rain is a good option” he said.

The girl turned and stared at him. “Oh God but you are…” she said, quite shocked.

Bono looked at her and he saw she had been crying heavily.
He was quite concerned for this girl, he did not know why, but he felt like he had to care for her.
“Yes, I’m Bono, nice to meet you” he said, smiling. “Why didn’t you go home? It is quite cold and you’re going to get ill… you should not wait for us to come out in such weather. We’re not worth a pneumonia…”

“I did not notice it was raining actually… I think I must look so stupid out here in this rain…” she said, looking down at her feet.

“Why are you always so sad? I saw you in the last two weeks almost every day and each time you were red eyed…” Bono decided to go for the direct way. He needed to know.

“Do you want the truth? It’s a long story. Not joking.” she answered

“Yes of course, they will have to do for quite a long time inside there I guess” he answered.

“I don’t really know why I came here, in the first place… Last month I lost my family in a car crash. I did not really know what I would do. I still do not know. I haven’t got anyone left at home, just relatives with whom I have never got on. I moved town and country often because of my father’s job and I haven’t got real friends anywhere now. I’m 26, I’m grown up and I can take care of myself. I’ve got a good job, I work as a film translator and I do it mainly at home. But it was just too hard to get on alone. There’s nobody who knows me well around at the moment, and that’s scary. So, you know, I thought about the place I would have liked to be in. And I just could think of a U2 show. I bought a plane ticket to and here I am. I started going around and during the day I spend my time outside the venues, and I quite enjoy the company of all the people. I like to stay there and watch you pass by… just that. I don’t want to ask for your signature every day, don’t worry… I’ve never been such a fan, really, although I love your music since I was a child. Just have been to one of your shows and liked it so much. It was a feeling I never had before. I wanted to try and feel so good again.” She had told all of this without taking breath, tears falling on his cheeks.

Bono did not expect anything of this sort. He was sincerely sorry for the girl, and just let the umbrella slip from his hands to hug her.
“I’m so sorry… I would have never imagined…” he said.

She was astonished at Bono’s heartfelt embrace, and stared at him.

“What’s your name, lovely eyes?” the man asked.


“Ok, Melissa… Let’s get inside… we’ll get you something warm to drink and you can have a talk with Larry and me later, when the rehearsals will be finished. You fancy Larry don’t you? Yes, I can see it… you blushed when I said his name… you’re too pretty to fancy me, however. Well, we can understand how you feel and we will be very happy to help. You can’t stay here all alone…”

“Really? You really want to bring me in? But what will the other people say?”

“There’s no one out here…”

She looked around and saw that everybody had gone home “I did not realize I was alone”

“It’s dark, and it’s not good for a pretty girl like you to go around in these places all alone…”, Bono stated, as he started walking towards the studios holding Melissa’s hand.

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A new Larry fic....YEAH!!!


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OOhh! I like
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oooh another good fan fic
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