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Old 03-25-2002, 08:20 AM   #1
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Converting the Masses!!

I love U2 with every bone in my body. I love their music, their personalities, their friendship, and their goodwill towards others. I find it frustrating sometime's not understanding why other's don't appreciate them like we do!!

Elizabeth and I were talking on IM about ways to make other's join the U2 cult!! Let's share ideas and work on getting the whole world converted...

Drag your friends to U2 concerts.

Leave pictures of topless Larry on your sisters bed just because she said that he was cute.

Play U2 at 'intimate moments' with your significant other so that they have happy memories when they hear U2.

Invite your waitress at a bar to join a U2 fan club because she was singing along.

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Ha, that's really funny, cuz in chat last night we were boggled at the fact that some people can only like them "a little."

However, I do my share of converting, whenever I'm driving with someone, I always play my cds. My friends have gotten used to it, and hopefully they will eventually convert.

Every once in a while I sneak in a U2 cd at work too




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Old 03-25-2002, 08:33 AM   #3
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Buy U2 CD's as presents for people, even if they are not fans. Also if you ever borrow any Cd's off friends, when you return them accidentally put a U2 cd in instead.
Always have a U2 video on in the background whenever anyone comes round.
Play U2 in the car at all times, especially when giving anyone else a lift.
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Old 03-25-2002, 09:42 AM   #4
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a few months ago a coworker told me With Or Without You was "sappy" .... last week he borrowed from me Boy, The Joshua Tree, and Rattle And Hum.

I move in mysterious ways bebbies! He is one of many!

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i converted my best friend to U2ism. he has all the albums, all the b-sides. now i just need to get him to a concert and there will be noooo turning back!!!


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Old 03-25-2002, 10:17 AM   #6
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Some things that slyly work people into liking U2:

1) While making Christmas presents (like CD mixes) slip in a couple of U2 songs

2) Constantly quote U2 lyrics. The lyrics are always so profound that people will go "Where is that from?" giving you leave to tell them ALL about the greatest band in the world!

3) Play U2 CDs in the car (already mentioned but worth it again I think)

4) Make U2 Valentine's/ Other event cards...I made U2 Valentines reminding people to watch the Grammys, and so many of my friends were like "I'm so glad you reminded me, and U2 completely rocked!" (YAY! )

5) Get your roomie involved in U2 love and make your room a complete U2 zone (Yes, I have done this to my roomie!)

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Originally posted by hippyactress:

4) Make U2 Valentine's/ Other event cards...I made U2 Valentines reminding people to watch the Grammys, and so many of my friends were like "I'm so glad you reminded me, and U2 completely rocked!" (YAY! )
Now this is interesting. I had never thought to send out ads. My converting abilities are sad... Even though my mom has seen them twice, she's not BIG.

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And love.

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Old 03-25-2002, 11:43 AM   #8
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I'm not good in converting people either.

I gave my best friend ATYCLB for her birthday and she really likes it and she thinks Larry is hot. LOL
I also dragged my ex boyfriend to Stockholm, a six hours drive, to see them, all by himself. He likes them more now but will never be a really fan, he just hasn't that personality to be obssessed. He does think that Bono should get the Nobel peace prize though.

Some times I think my friends will leave me because I talk about U2 all the time and make them listen to them when they are visiting me. I'm afraid I will scare them away from U2 instead of start liking them.
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Old 03-25-2002, 01:22 PM   #9
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I brought my mom to a u2 concert in 97. She really enjoyed it but it was the Popmart spectacle. I don't think she got the true "emotion" of a u2 concert, that being her introduction to them.

Altho, after this year : my multiple concerts, the Grammy appearance, and Tonight show, and Superbowl, I think she likes them now.She even watches the DVD with me. She bought sunglasses like Bono but claims she didn't realize what she was doing. Pretty funny!

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I've found the best way (if they're a girl) is to get them thinking that one of the boys is really hot. THen just show them videos until they're hooked for life.
I'm working on that with my friend Mel (she thinks Edgie's hot)... I just wrote a story in daisy's random thread, she told me she's been listening to U2 all day and playing with Dress Up Adam.

"It never ceases to amaze me. Here, we have a man who claims professes to enjoy flower arranging, has no qualms over donning a skirt at any given time and, now we learn, prefers to use the ladies' restroom. And yet somehow he manages to embody all that is masculine and sexy. I don't know how he does it. " ~Hallelujah Here She Comes, about Adam

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