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Caught By The Heel chapter 10!

Four o'clock in the morning and Miranda and Bono were still at it. Discussing God, that is. They were leaning with their sides against the elegant headboard, crosslegged with a Bible between them. Miranda was exhausted from being torn between finding out about God and listening to Bono teach and read and pray and tell stories. He didn't once make fun of her glasses.

Only after they put away the Bible and curled up did she realised she'd shown just how vulnerable she was. Her anger was a retaliation against depression which only worked around other people, and Bono had managed to hew through all her defenses and grasp her heart in his hand. Instead of ripping it out like she would expect of anyone, he simply held it, breathing warmth into it. She felt like a different person.

Bono turned off the light before wrapping himself around her back. Kissing his hand, she murmured a small but heartfelt thank you.

Sounding tired but not out of steam quite yet, he squeezed her. "I'm so glad."

She sighed in response. "When are you going home?"

"Tuesday. The time's gone by so fast."

"I'm going to miss this."

"Yeah. This place is twice as fancy as my house, and it even has an elevator."

Miranda snorted. "I meant that I was going to miss you. Being happy. Having someone to lean on."

Bono paused in a moment of realisation. Miranda was an orphan. "Oh, no, you don't!"

"What? Going to tell me it's wrong to feel lonely when I've got so many people around me?" Even though she was half asleep, there was a mocking bite to her question as if she expected it.

The memory of juniper would never be the same, Bono thought as he laughed into her hair. "Marry me?"

"Sure." Pause. "WHAT?"

Bono laughed again. "What else are you going to do?"

"That's not the point. You've seen my family, you know how fucked up I am."

"I'm fucked up too, love. We'll carry each other."

Miranda sighed sadly. "One is not a happy song."

"As soon as I saw you, I loved you, Miranda. You can't have been blasting a song as cliche as With Or Without You and NOT have a sign on your back saying 'hey, fate! Kick me!'"

Miranda was now the one radiating joy. "Love is a myth, Bono; the only thing I've ever disagreed with you about. But I'll marry you if you really want me to."

"I'll prove to you that it's not, but only if you want to be saddled with a hyperactive, egomaniac schitzophrenic spoiled rock star."

"I've wanted it for years, actually, but I never thought it was possible."

"Well- Tadaa!"

Miranda backed closer into Bono's embrace, her grin almost audible. "Awesome."


Miranda woke up bright and early that morning, trying to remember when she'd ever been so happy. She was lying against warm, warm and solid and Bono and the epitome of everything she'd ever wanted. She couldn't NOT attack Bono's mouth.

Bono reacted, taking no time at all to wake up, kissing her back passionately. It was their first real kiss and STILL Bono hadn't been awake for the entire thing. She moved on top of him but he put his hands on her hips and moved her gently off.

Their tongues untangled and they commented about each other's morning breath and Miranda moved forward again, but Bono pulled her away with his eyes twinkling.

"You're going to remain unswayed by my charms, remember?"

"Well fuck that. We're engaged."

Bono laughed. "No, no, no, princess. Not close enough."


"Remember what we read last night? Sexual immorality..."

"I don't think being a Christian is much fun if I can't kiss you." Miranda gave him her best pout.

Bono grinned and pulled her in for one more kiss. "Never said that, baby, but it's not getting me into your pants."

Miranda gave him the evil eye despite trying not to smile. "You are so going to get it."

"Looking forward to it. But today I think we need to go shopping."


Miranda emerged from the changing room of Victoria's Secret with an improved bust and an unimpressed expression. "Well?"

Gwen grinned and clapped her hands. "That looks great! Was that the white one?"

"Yeah. But are you kidding me? I look like Pamela Anderson!"

"Trust me. You look hot."

Miranda sighed. "Can you get Bono to come over here?"

She sniffed at the various perfumes while Gwen found Bono at the store next to them. He arrived not exactly looking at her face.

Miranda sighed. "Gwen thinks I should get this bra I'm wearing under the shirt. It's crazy. Underwire! Padded! Push-up! Lace on the front! Blah de blah de blah!"

Bono tore his eyes from her chest. "Uh. It looks fine, baby, whatever you want to go with." With that he escaped.

Miranda scowled at Gwen. "I'm not buying this. I'd have to get bigger shirts and everything."

Gwen laughed and finally agreed to let her buy both a modest bra and the amped-up bra as Miranda called it, and after a lot of arguing, some perfume. They escaped into a normal clothing store where Bono was waiting with a black dress in his hands.

Miranda retreated to try it on, asked over the door for Bono to get her another size up, decided that she liked it a lot, and returned in her own clothing. Bono bought her both that dress and the same one in red.

"You know I don't wear neon signs like that," she scolded as they walked out of the store. All this trying on clothes had been making her more irritable than she might have been otherwise.

Bono grinned at her. "You do now?"

Miranda glared at him, unamused, before smiling. "Well, I'll wear it, but only because I've had a huge crush on you since I was six years old."

Bono laughed at this. "Thanks, babychild."

She couldn't help smiling at this. Even when he bought her a peach-coloured blouse and Gwen convinced her to get a floaty white peasant shirt, buying a whole new wardrobe wasn't as bad as she thought it would be.


"Let's have a wedding so big we'll have to get a stadium to have it in. Wouldn't that be great? We'll invite everyone we know and if there's still room we'll fill it up with fans."

Miranda smiled around her general tso's chicken. "That sounds like way too much hassle. Why not have it in your house or something?"

"You're way too much like Larry," Bono grinned, patting her hand. "We can get people to take care of everything for us. How would you like to be married in a huge arena?"

"That does sound cool, I guess, but it'd take three hours to walk down the isle," Miranda chuckled.

Gwen waved the end of her lo mein-laden fork at them. "But where would you have the reception?"

Miranda laughed. "Order 10,000 pizzas and pass them around?"

Bono laughed. "That's harder than you'd think. I dunno. Let's rent an airport again and spread picnic blankets all over the runway."

Miranda just stared at him balefully.

"Er... fancy picnic blankets?"

Miranda finally began laughing. "You mean you're going to rent a stadium, and probably a florist to hang several hundred dollar bouquets every few feet, and then close an airport and set up camp on the field? How many millions would that cost? Not to mention food to feed several thousand people?"

"I bet we could pull it off. I could get the others to chip in, and everything. Your eyes are sparkling, Miranda, I know you're excited."

"Well, still, but... we're talking about, like, the event of a lifetime, in the history of the world..."

Bono picked up her hand and kissed it gently. "That it is."


Larry pulled at his collar one more time as he approached Bono. "The bride requires your presence in Dressing Room Number One."

"Thanks." Bono put down his comb and thanked him, going to knock on Miranda's door. "Hey, love, you know this is against tradition for the groom to see-"

The door opened and Miranda appeared in a strapless white vision. "Fuck tradition. I need you in here."

Bono found himself pulled into the room and noticed that Miranda's hair was in an elegant french twist. She rested her hands on Bono's arms.

"There are a thousand billion people out there!"

"Isn't it great? Wow, just look at you."

"Bono! look at me! I'm a snowbeast!"

"You look gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous."

She suddenly pulled him into her arms. "I don't want to go out there. Do you know what it is like to have thousands of eyes on you at once and they're watching your every move?"

Bono smiled as he hugged her. "Yeah, kinda."

"Were you wearing a dress?"

"Em, got me there."

"This is so incredibly scary."

"I understand, child, and I'm right here. Hey... last kiss as an unmarried couple?"

Miranda stood on tiptoe to press her lips against his eagerly. The sweet kiss calmed her down enough to smile and whisper, "You know what?"

Bono rested his forehead against hers. "What?"

"That seemed like more of a second to last kiss as an unmarried couple."

Bono laughed and sought out her mouth again, welcoming her tongue as it sidled into his mouth, and chasing it happily when it retreated back into her own mouth. They pressed even closer and his hands traveled up her smooth back; he broke away panting just before his hands threatened to bury themselves in her hair.

"Oh, no, you'll have to get the person in here again," he breathed.

"I'm a big girl, Bono, I do know how to apply lipstick."

Bono smiled and picked a camera off the table as she searched for her lipstick. From behind her snapped a picture as she was putting it on, making her laugh and bat at him. "You know, you're going to have a lot of pictures taken of you today."

"Oh fine. Go ahead."

Putting the camera down, instead Bono picked up her bouquet of white and red flowers. She looked at him askance as he picked little white flowers out of it.

"Terrorising the flowers already?"

"Of course." He took the flowers he'd plucked out and began lacing them into her hair. "Beautiful."

Miranda smiled and capped her lipstick. "That IS cute."

"YOU are cute."

"Thanks. You're mad sexy in that suit, by the way. Now is it just me or is our AUDIENCE chanting for us to get out there?"

Bono's hands went to his tie again. "Shall we make it a grand entrance, then?"

"I guess so." She reached for his hand and they ran out to the stage causing everyone in the arena to scream their excitement. He held her hand until they reached the beanie-clad preacher at center stage.

Edge beamed at them as he opened his Bible. This was going to be the best show ever.

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Ooh! Lucky Miranda, marrying the sexiest man alive! She must be blessed.

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Tough that one was funny...a wedding in an arena...not sure that B would do that...and Edge opening the Bible...LMAO!!!

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can't wait for the next chapter!!! I really like this story
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aw! i'm so glad for the update! can't wait for the next one!
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