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cant live with or without you part4

okay heres the next part!!!!

Bono drove me over to the Clarence for the night, he had already sent someone for my things at the old motel I was at. This was ten times better than anything I had ever stayed in before and I kept thanking Bono over again for letting me stay here.

“Quit thanking me, you saved me from loneliness at the Grammies, remember? Its up on the second floor, follow me.”

I fell into step beside him and followed him to my room. It was fantastic and I accidentally thanked him again.

“Oops, sorry, I mean sorry for saying sorry, oh never mind.” He laughed and showed me everything, then he gave me his phone number in case I needed anything between now and tomorrow morning.

“I’m sure I can manage one night alone. You on the other hand I’m not so sure about!” He really looked like he didnt want to leave me there and kept hanging around.

“I’ll just wait until you’ve gotten into bed and then I will go. I promise.” he looked so sweet when he said it that I had to let him stay even though it was a little awkward. He stayed in the main room while I changed in the bathroom into my pajamas(which didnt consist of much. Just a little tank top and some underwear) and came back out to find him sitting eagerly waiting for me. As soon as he saw that I was in my underwear he turned a little red, but he calmed down when he realized that I didnt mind wearing them in front of him.

“I’ll tuck you in if you want?? Then I swear I will get out of your hair.”

“Thats fine with me, its nice to have somebody that likes to look after me to tell you the truth.”
I climbed into bed and he put the covers over me. There was so much love in his eyes at that moment that I didnt know what he would do next. Leaning down he hovered close to my lips for a moment making me nervous and excited at the same time. Something flickered in his eyes and he gently kissed my forehead instead. I didnt know how I felt, I just know that I think I would have liked it too much if he had kissed my lips. Fear had overcome me, of being hurt, abandoned, fear of commitment, and most of all fear of hurting him. That was the last thing I wanted to do so I was really trying to keep it together for his sake. All I knew was that more than anything I really wanted to be with him anyway.

The next morning Adam was knocking at my door to pick me up. We drove a few miles to the restaurant and chatted along the way.

“So how are you enjoying your stay in Dublin? Are you pleased with everything you have done so far?”
“Well considering I have managed to get into a nice hotel for free and meet the guys I have been in love with all my life I think things are going pretty well so far! I’m just worried that I will overstay my welcome with you guys.”
“I don’t think you will have to worry about that much. Bono seems to be quite taken with you. I havent ever seen him get as nervous around a woman as I saw him with you, and Its quite a surprise actually. I didnt expect him to be so open to these feelings so soon after Amanda screwed with him. None of us liked her to begin with”
“Bono told me that”
“yeah well, once he gets something in his head theres no stopping that man. So if you think you are going to shake him off your trail you have another thing coming my friend.”
“You really think he is interested in me?’

“Were all sure of it. We could tell he was interested even when he was reading your letters. It was obvious that he had stolen all of them, we knew he was full of shite when he said he’s lost them.”

“Not that I havent thought about him too in that sense, but I just thought that he was flirty with everybody and I was just another girl”

“Hes definately a flirt, I’ll admit to that but theres something else in him when he looks at you. Its like hes looking at something in the store window that he really wants but is afraid to touch because he doesnt want to break it.”
I really didnt know what to say. We sat in silence until he changed the subject.

“So do you want to see my spoon collection??” he had a big goofy upside down smile on his face that made me laugh.

“Of course, that was my main goal in coming here actually. I figure I can die peacefully once I’ve seen it.”
He cast me a sarcastic look.
“Yeah I figured”
“no really I actually do want to see it, and I would like to see more of the art you have in your house if thats cool with you.”

“Yeah! I could have you over for some wine and I could show you everything. That is unless Bono kills me.”
We exchanged glances.
“Yeah no kidding”

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Awesome, I definitely want to read the rest when it comes!

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i'll have the next part when i can get my computer to open the file i wrote it on! for some reason word perfect isnt working but i have the next part all ready for you guys! there is a big surprise too just wait
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