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cant live with or without you part three

heres the next part, please give me feedback!!!!!!

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oops i guess i could have put it on here too

I guess he picked up that I was getting uncomfortable so he stood up and pulled my chair out for me like a total gentleman. I was trying really really hard not to start falling for him completely but every time I looked into those eyes, or glanced at his mouth I started thinking dirty thoughts and had to look away.
We headed back to the house to catch up with the guys only to find that they had ditched us. This was the perfect opportunity for us to go get that dress so he asked me if I was up to doing it.
Little did I know he wanted to go shopping in France! Before I knew it he had whisked me off on a private jet to go there.

“You really didnt have to do this for me you know. We could have just found someplace in Dublin to go looking.”

“Well I want you to have the best on when we go to the Grammies, and besides I wanted to show this big hunk of flying power off to you, and the plane of course” he gave me a devilish smile that made me have to look away again.
Then it hit me-

“Uh you never said it was the GRAMMIES- you cant take me there, im not famous and besides- I would never fit in im just a person I-you-we-ahhh!”

“Calm down! Everything will be fine. People take non-famous people as dates all the time, and besides you said you would do anything so now you are. You cant stand me up.” Sticking his lip out at me he made a pouty face and faked a tear. He was so cute when he did that.

“The only reason I am doing this is because one- I said I would and two- I have nothing better to do. That and I cant say no to you when I look in your eyes. Youre like a hypnotist of something, knock it off.”
He edged closer to me and opened his eyes really wide.
“Gooooo with meee to the grrrrammies pleeeease.....”
Smelling his body so close to me was torture, I wondered what he wore or if he just smelled like that all the time. I put my hand on his leg and then started to regain my senses.
“Fiiiiine, I’ll gooooo. Now back off before I do something you probably don’t want me to do”

“And what would that be?” he looked a little curious and hopeful at the same time.

“Nothing! What were you hoping for??” I winked at him and smiled.

“Oh you know a little smooch, and little dance, the usual treatment I get from all my adoring fans.”

“So thats how it is, you lure me into your jet and then have your way with me..” trailing off a little bit I imagined what it would be like, but pretended like it sounded terrible.

“Thanks but no, hun. I’m not a groupie.”

“And that’s one of the things I like about you, you don’t just throw yourself at me. Most of the time I have to lock my doors when I drive because girls will jump in the car and start ripping my clothes off. Not to say thats not almost pleasurable....but I would like to get to know a girl first before letting her take off with my two hundred dollar shirt.”

“Yeah I would never throw myself at you B....never...” I gave him a sly grin and got all crouched down.... then I pounced. Totally throwing him from his seat we landed on the floor and I started pretending to rip his clothes off.
“Oh Bono! I want to have your children!! Oh baby!”
He got me in his grip and flipped me over so he could control me, and pinned me down by the arms.
“Oh sure darling, let me help you with that zipper of yours.”
I screamed and burst into laughter, all the while squirming violently to get up. He had me down too well, and I started to slow down and relax. Sexual tension started to build when we looked at each other in a different way that we had when we were playing around. Hy heart started to pound fast for a different reason and my hands were enjoying touching him.
He gently touched my face while he was still holding himself up with the other hand. We were wrapped together, his legs straddling my waist and my arms around his neck, catching our breath and staring at each other. Everything in me said to let myself go and do all the things I had dreamed about doing with him for so long. My brain was starting to talk to me too. Telling me that he could never want to keep me, I was just a fling, flavour of the week. Telling me that he would be just like all the other guys and just use me. Not knowing what to do I just laid there and looked at his face, rubbing the back of his neck with my thumb.
“ I’m sorry if I’ve been too rough with you, love, I hope I havent hurt you.”

“No, no I’m fine. I grew up with mainly guys so I learned to be tough.”
Seeing him glance at my bruises I knew he was thinking about Nick beating on me. Thats when I realized why he was being so worried about hurting me.

“Bono, I know you would never hurt me like Nick did. Please don’t feel sorry for me...please.”
Tears began welling up in my eyes as memories flooded back to me, and I wondered if he could ever hurt me emotionally like Nick had. Bono got up and gathered me into his arms. We lay there leaning against his plane seat in a hug for a while until I had recomposed. He didnt say anything to me, he just held me close with love and ran his hand along my face and neck to soothe me.

“Thank you for being so understanding about this. I don’t normally cry about stupid things like this, I just don’t know what came over me. Youve been so kind to me ever since I showed up on your driveway, I don’t know how I could ever thank you.”

“You don’t have to do a thing, love.”
His warm soft lips planted a kiss on my forehead and traveled to my cheek with so much gentleness that I had never felt before. There was no turning back, I could not resist against this man holding me so close. Burrowing my face into his neck I just lay there with him until the pilot told us we were there.

The streets of Paris were every bit as wonderful as I thought they would be. We stopped in five shops before I found something I wanted. Knowing what I wanted wasnt hard, it was finding it. Stepping out of the dressing room I knew I had chosen then right thing by the look in his eyes.

“Do you like it? Does it make my butt look fat?”

“Um, no, uh, you look.....”
Yeah this was the one. Black velvet with small straps, six inches above my knees and just small criss crossed straps for the back.

“Oh my it seems I havent shaved these legs in quite some time!!”
I laughed as I looked at them. I didnt really have to shave them very often anyway but after a few weeks you could actually see it. I blushed a little and stepped away embarrased.

“Its perfect, I couldnt find anything better to put on you . All eyes will be on you tomorrow...mmm.”

“I only want to look good for you, so if you like it then I guess thats it. I chose it because you told me the name of the song you wrote. If you wear that velvet dress. Maybe I wanted to find out what will happen.” Casting him a devilish look I checked the tag for a price.

“Holy crap, this cant be the price! Its got to be the item number or something!”

“Don’t worry about prices, I’ll take care of it, as well as the shoes and accessories you will need to finish the outfit. And don’t argue with me because I am stubborn and theres no way around this!”
He looked adamant. I didnt argue. It was kinda cute seeing him go off like that.

After our big day in Paris we flew back to Dublin to try and find the boys. I still hadnt gotten to meet adam and I was anxious to see him too.

“Can we go see if Adam is back in town yet? I cant wait to meet him too!”
Bono got a slightly jealous look on his face and pouted for a second.

“Well if my company isnt enough for you today then I guess...” *small smile*

“Oh sod off.”

“Yes we can go there, it will only take about 15 minutes if youre in such a bloody rush.”

“Thank you” I grinned at him.

Adam greeted us at the door with a surprised look.
“Tara! Is that really you! Wow, you look older than in the picture. Come on in guys, I can show you the new pieces I got at the show.”
“Don’t mind Bono here, he’s a little pissy from the ride over” I joked “hes jealous that I want to hang out with you and not just him!”
Bono glared at me. I smiled sweetly. He softened up and brushed my hand softly.
He whispered to me
“its just that Adam is such a ladies man, I don’t want him taking advantage of you. Thats all!”

“I can still hear you talking about me even if you whisper B, and I am not a ladies man. Women are oddly attracted to me, I cant help if they prefer me to you. Maybe they turn to me when they see your small feet, eh there king B??”
I couldnt help but laugh about it but Bono didnt seem to be amused.

“You know how sensitive I am about my feet. You wanker. Besides, at least I know how to work it right.”

“Boys, you can get out the measuring sticks later. Quit fighting and show me around like gentlemen. Please??”

“Were sorry” they said in unison. How adorable.

We made plans to meet for breakfast in the morning and Adam would pick me up since Bono would have enough trouble getting to breakfast on time without having to make another stop. Adam was entirely charming with wonderful taste in artwork, and I left his house receiving a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Oh and a jealous look from Bono. Such is life!

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Originally posted by u2bonogirl
That and I cant say no to you when I look in your eyes. Youre like a hypnotist of something, knock it off.”
Hehe, she's noticed that hypnotist thing, too, eh?

Originally posted by u2bonogirl
He edged closer to me and opened his eyes really wide.
“Gooooo with meee to the grrrrammies pleeeease.....”
...I had a total image in my head of Bono doing that...that's adorable. writers just love making me envy the girls in these stories, don't you? . This one looks pretty cute so far. Looking forward to the next part. .

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Great! Bono, can I shop with you in France? I do think that Adam is kind of a ladies man!
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