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Brings back great memories

All you people probably have no idea who this is but I can't believe I dug this picture up of Bono and the lead singer from a group called The Alarm. They were awesome and it was an awesome time....

....oh I can't help myself


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OK I'm the only one feeling nostalgic today so I'll continue to dream...


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LOVE those pics! And I liked The Alarm too, though never as much as U2!
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Originally posted by icelady:

It looks like Bono's hair is bigger than his head! LOL!!!
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This pic was BEFORE I worked there, but that's GEORGE GIMARC, on the left, Legendary Music Know-it-all and author, he's semi-celebrity here in Dallas, TX, with BONO and Mike...??? of the Alarm! Aaaahhh!!!!

I remember this now....I recall George saying that Bono's lyrics were somewhat "extemporaneous when he performs" because I had to go look up that word in the dictionary!!!

In the mid/late 80s/early 90s, George hosted this amazing radio show called "The Rock and Roll Alternative", which was crammed FULL of awesome alternative style you could ONLY hear on HIS show in the United States (can't remember if he played any Virgin Prunes, but I bet he did!) I still have tapes that I made from my boombox of the show from 1985 and 1987 that I treat with kid gloves when I want to listen to them....

Does anyone know how to go from cassette tape to CD???? would love to put these on CD before the tapes disintegrate!

WOW...THANKS so much for the memories, *HUGS* I had completely forgotten about this moment in history!!!!!!!!

Disco in Dallas

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Wow.... I'm looking at Bono and can't help but notice his hair is bigger than his head.

Em... Disco, I can ask my boyfriend to show me how to burn tapes to CDs... he has the capabilities, but I think he lent the burner he was using to his brother (it's a shared gift from their parents). He needed one to put all his Ethel Merman records on CD. He told me that tapes can be made into CDs too. I have several tapes I want made into CDs, so I'll ask him.

Wow... those 80's hairdos... I was a victim of Big Hair, too.


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Originally posted by icelady:

aaaaaaaa whatta cutie pie!

Interesting how Bono has no hair under his arms...just everywhere else

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