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Babyface pt 11 - conclusion

*Disclaimer: Although obviously inspired in part by people who exist in real life, this story is in no way meant to represent reality, past, present or future. The author has no personal experience or contact with the band or their friends and family. There are facts within this story which may be contrary to real life either because they were changed for artistic purposes or simply because the author had no knowledge of the truth on a particular subject; i.e.: dates and times. No offense is intended to anyone who inspired this work of fiction. It’s just a wandering thought found trapped in the maze of someone’s imagination.

Babyface pt 11

“Growing up, I didn’t listen to a lot of the same music as my friends did. One of the things I didn’t care for in popular music was the unrealistic sentiment in supposed love songs. My father and my aunt, who helped raise me after my mother died, instilled in me from an early age, the belief that love was not easy. There is one traditional song, which I think captures the essence of love more than any of the newer music you tend to hear. Although this one has been recorded by several popular artists, and some of you may have sung it in school as well, most people only hear the first verse and never really listen to the other verses.” The young Janet said, introducing the next song she would perform.

Larry and Adam had stayed to watch, and were impressed with the simple beauty of her performance. It was obviously difficult for Larry to look at her, but Adam was fascinated. Had Larry’s Janet been so beautiful? Why had he not remembered that about her?

“The Water is wide, I cannot cross o’er. Nor have I the wings to fly! Give me a boat that can carry two, and both shall row, my love and I!” She sang, her voice ringing out strong and clear. “Nice, right?” she asked with a smile. The audience murmured it’s agreement. “Now here’s where some other views of love come into play.” She told them with a wink, returning her attention to the guitar on her lap.

“Oh love is handsome and love is kind. Shines like a jewel when first it’s new! But love grows old, and waxes cold and fades away, like the mornin’ dew.” She sang, the melancholy of the words multiplied by the emotion in her voice. “I leaned my back up against an oak, thinking it was the strongest tree! First it bent and then it broke, and that’s the way love treated me!”

As she finished the song, the audience applause filled the darkening air and she accepted it graciously.

“Thank you.” She said into the microphone. “Now there’s a song I’d better do tonight since my aunt is in the audience. Even though she used to make me play this one over and over again for her, she never seems to get tired of it. This is ‘I still miss someone’ as written by the late great Johnny Cash.

“Round my door the leaves are falling A cold wild wind will come Sweethearts walk by together And I still miss someone No I never got over those blue eyes I see them everywhere I miss those arms that held me When all the love was there I wonder if he's sorry For leaving what we'd begun There's someone for me somewhere But I still miss someone No I never got over those blue eyes I see them everywhere I miss those arms that held me When all the love was there…”

Larry had begun to pace, several of the people who had been here for the beginning of the concert were leaving, and Adam was not sure he could keep Larry there much longer. The songs this woman sang seemed to be aimed directly at him tonight.

“Tonight I’d like to close with an original song. This is called ‘because I love you’ and it’s by my aunt, the woman I was named after, the original Janet Vale.” Larry’s head snapped up, his eyes searching the crowd in disbelief. Adam’s mouth drooped open as he stared in shock at the young woman on stage. They had assumed she was Janet’s daughter, it had never occurred to them that she might be the brother’s daughter.

“Love is kind to some, elusive to many, and sometimes love is cruel. But I would not trade anything in the world for the love that I once knew..." She sang, her eyes focusing on someone not far from the stage, someone who was obscured from Adam and Larry’s line of vision by a large maple tree.

“He came in out of the rain and I wanted to hold him in my arms at night, I wanted to wrap myself around him and tell him it would be all right…” Larry pushed past Adam and through what remained of the crowd. He had to know if it really was his Janet, if she was alive and well and just a few yards away.

Adam was right behind him.

Larry rounded the other side of the tree to see her sitting on a bench, her head tilted to the side and a wistful smile on her lips as she listened intently to her niece.

“Janet?” Larry said, his voice coming out raspy, as if her name had caught in his throat. She turned to look at him, her green eyes widening and her lips parting in surprise. Time itself seemed to stop as they stared at one another in shock. She still wore her hair long, though in some places the blonde was fading. There were lines around her eyes, and her figure was more generous than it had been all those years ago, but it was Janet. His Janet.

“Babyface!” she whispered, too shocked to think of how strange it might seem to some to hear him called this. Larry dropped down onto his knees in front of her, his hands reaching out to cup her face as he stared. Without a single word of warning, one hand slipped into her hair as his other arm wrapped firmly around her waist, pulling her against him. His mouth was on hers with an intensity that overwhelmed even those who were near by.

“I thought you were dead.” He told her on a breath between kisses, his mouth to eager to find hers again to allow her time to answer. He kissed her again and again until the laughter bubbled up out of her and she let her head fall back against her shoulders. She kept her arms wrapped around his neck, though, as if afraid to let go. He stared at her, bewildered by her very presence.

“You haven’t changed a bit.” She told him, leaning forward to bump his nose with her own tenderly. Her hands slid up into his hair as she stared into the silvery eyes which had haunted her heart for so long. “I’ve missed you.” She whispered, her lips brushing his ear and the tear that spilled out of her eye streaking down her cheek and onto his where they touched.

After the initial shock of seeing one another wore off, and as the concert came to an end, it was quickly decided that they needed to find someplace warm and cozy where they could talk. Within the hour they were seated around a table in a small restaurant which agreed to serve them despite the fact that they were supposed to be closing.

“So you thought Aunt Janet was my mother?” Young Janet asked as the waiter hurried away with their orders. She held her coffee mug between both hands, soaking in the warmth gratefully.

“Well…” Adam said, letting his voice trail off as he looked at the reunited couple. He smiled and shrugged, not knowing exactly how to explain the situation to her. As it turned out, Janet had never married. She had not only helped her brother through his return to ‘normal life’ after being a POW, but after he married and had a daughter she stayed nearby to help raise the little girl. Her mother had died within her first year, and Janet had filled in the void. She had followed their career, of course, watching with pride when they first appeared in the American eye and watching as they moved from simple fame to near infamy over the years.

“What ever happened to Sean?” Larry wondered as they discussed their time together over dinner.

“Well as it turns out,” Adam said, smacking his lips as he did when he had something he found particularly interesting to say. “The reason Sean traveled back and forth to the states so much was that he was running guns for the IRA.” He informed his friend, who was obviously surprised. “And shortly after Janet went home he was arrested as a result of an anonymous tip.”

Their meal passed quickly, though Larry and Janet hardly ate for the fact that they didn’t want to let go of one another. It was quickly established that he was not about to let her out of his sight any time soon. So much so that when she excused herself to take a cell phone call, he followed her out of the restaurant.

“So, Adam…” Young Janet said, smiling sweetly across the table at him. “How much longer do I have to bat my eyes at you and how many more times should I touch your hand before you ask me out?”
Adam glanced up from his tea, his blue eyes round with shock as he felt her stockinged toe slide up along the inside of his calve flirtatiously.

“Uhh…” he muttered, wiping his mouth with his napkin to hide his smile. “Well, I can’t say I expected that.” He admitted, his eyes falling to watch her use the tip of her finger to trace the length of his fingers one at a time. “So, would you like to go to dinner sometime?” He asked, and young Janet smiled wickedly.

“I thought you’d never ask.” She teased.

“I think we’ve taken advantage of the kindness of these people long enough.” Larry said as he and Janet returned to the dining room hand in hand. Adam agreed, dropping a generous tip on the table as he watched Young Janet stand and walk toward the door. Larry noticed a familiar gleam in his friends eye and scowled at him.

“What?” Adam asked, feigning innocence. “At least she’s not your daughter.” He added with a wink as he hurried to catch up to her and hold the door open.

“Some things will never change.” Larry sighed.

“No. Some things never do.” Janet agreed, wrapping her arms around him and holding him close. She wasn’t about to let go of him anytime soon.

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Lovely ending SG
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Great ending
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What a great ending to a wonderful story!!
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Great ending!
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I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT *wheeze* No, I really did. awwwwwwwww I love this story. We do get sent an "extended" epilogue, don't we?
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great story SG!!

unlike Elsie, I didn't see that coming..
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unlike Elsie...I never saw this coming...
I was like: SHE CAN'T BE DEAD!!!!Poor Larry!!!

But after that, it ended pretty well: they'll never let the other one go away...That's SO sweet!!!
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Wonderful Ending!!
Thanks so much SG
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OMG... i love your stories so much

this was a great ending to a wonderful sto

keep it up!
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lovely ending!thank you for this story SG, I enjoyed it!
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You write such beautiful stories, keep up the great work!!!

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