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At The Poolside - something random

This little story came out of nowhere in my head. And for some reason, I decided to put it in second person, which is really strange, as I'd never written in second person before.

At The Poolside

It's early afternoon, but the area surrounding the swimming pool is deserted. It's unseasonably cool for this part of the country, and thus no one seems willing to spend much time at the pool.

You, however, are from the north, and are used to cooler temperatures. The peace and quiet is just the sort of thing you were looking for today, and so you've carried a towel and a book out to the poolside to spend the afternoon.

You pick a plastic pool chaise in a sunny corner and lie down. You know that your pale skin will never tan, and yet you attempt it every summer anyway. After a while, the warm sun beating down on you begins to make you drowsy, and you doze off.

You awake, startled, and at first unsure of where you are. You quickly get your bearings and try to ascertain how long you've slept. It can't have been long, as the sun hasn't moved very far in the sky.

Looking around, you notice that you're no longer alone here at the pool. There are potted palms and other plants arranged between the various chairs, tables, and chaises littering the pool area. Beyond a rather bushy plant, you can clearly see that a man is lounging on one of the chaises about five down from yours. However, the plant is blocking your view, and you can only see him from the hips down.

His legs are stocky, paler than your own, and covered with greying hair. He's barefoot, and wearing dark blue swimming trunks. A pair of thick-soled sandals lie on the ground near the end of the chaise. That's all you can see, but it suddenly occurs to you that perhaps he can see you looking at him. You look away, embarrassed.

Your curiousity has always been known to get the better of you though, and so you start hatching plans to get a better look at your mysterious poolside companion. When you came out here, you hadn't originally planned on getting into the pool, after all, it's not that hot out here. But now, getting into the pool and swimming across it to the other end seems like the perfect way to get a good look at the man currently hidden by a bush.

You stand and approach the deep end of the pool, which is nearest you. Grabbing hold of the ladder, you step into the water and onto the rungs. The water is much colder than you imagined, causing you to gasp and shiver. You take another step down.

As you step down again, your foot slips from the rung, and you fall, your hands sliding down the rails of the ladder. Your hands hit the next rung painfully, and instinct forces you to let go. You fall backwards into the water.

You've gone under, the chlorine stings your eyes and the water fills your mouth. You flail helplessly in an attempt to surface. You never were that great of a swimmer, and now find what skills you have to be totally useless.

Your face breaks the surface of the water briefly, and you manage to take in a lungfull of air, but stupidly waste it all by letting out a brief scream. You can't keep afloat, and you go under again.

The next thing you know, there's someone in the water with you. A pair if hands grabs you by the arms and pulls you up. You break the surface in quite an unattractive manner, sputtering, gasping, blinking, and coughing.

You look up into the face of your rescuer, and realize that this is the man who'd been lying by the pool. He has blue eyes and dark hair which is hanging wildly around his face and sticking to his skin.

Still holding onto your arm with his left hand, he uses his right to push his hair out of his face. He asks if you're alright. He has an Irish accent, and is rather handsome now that you've finally gotten a good look at him. You cough again, and assure him that you are.

He keeps a firm grip on your arm and leads you with him, through the deep water, back to the ladder. He waits in the water until you're safely out of the pool, and then follows you.
You move quickly back to your chaise and sitting on the end of it, wrap your oversized towel around yourself. The man moves past you to his own chaise, picks up a couple of things, and moves back to you.

He sits down across from you, on the end of the next chaise, his own black towel wrapped around himself, and slips on a pair of red-coloured shades.

You suddenly recognize him, and before you can wonder whether or not he wants to be recognized, he's extending his hand and introducing himself. You smile, shake his hand and introduce yourself as well. You're in complete awe of what's just happened. Bono just saved your life.

No sooner are introductions made, than a young man approaches. Bono smiles familiarly at the man and invites him to have a seat. The man shakes his head and informs Bono that his presence is needed upstairs.

Bono nods, but looks slightly put off. He apologizes to you for having to leave so soon and says goodbye, while the young man gathers up Bono's sandals, and other things and brings them over.

A moment longer, and they're both gone. If you weren't sitting here so cold and wet, with chlorine still stinging in your throat, you'd think you'd dreamt the whole thing.

Suddenly, your mobile phone rings, startling you. But you smile and pick it up, suddenly eager to share your story with whoever happens to be on the other end.

"You won't believe what just happened to me..."

The End.

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Very good! I love these short stories that people seem to be writing a lot now. Please write another episode, with maybe another band member.....*ahem Larry*.....

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Hmm, that could be interesting...

It could be a four part series called "Close Encounters of the U2 Kind"
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very nice short story...
if that'd happen, I think Id die...
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