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Old 03-14-2002, 10:25 PM   #1
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ARGH! Will they *ever* get it right???

Bono was on our local news tonight (YAY!) talking about the $5B that the U.S. is giving for the drop the debt campaign...

So a local DOOF of a newscaster, younger than ME said, "Rock star BONE-oh met with President Bush today..." GAH!

*a few moments later*

He just did a verbal retraction, but still didn't get it right. "My apologies to U2 fans, I pronounced Bone-oh Bah-no..." then he looks over at someone in the studio and goes "I still don't have it right? Well, what do I know, I listen to country."


yet a few more moments later....

"One more time. BAH-no."

Sheesh. The biggest rock band in the world, and they still can't even say the guy's name right...

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lmao! what a goof


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LOL Disco... I am willing to bet that right off stage there was a PLEBAn (or should be PLEBAn) tapping her foot and fuming at this poor guy.

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Old 03-14-2002, 11:48 PM   #4
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Originally posted by daisybean:
LOL Disco... I am willing to bet that right off stage there was a PLEBAn (or should be PLEBAn) tapping her foot and fuming at this poor guy.

Woman: Repeat after me "Bah-no"
Newscaster: "Bone-oh"
Woman: Bah
Newscaster: Bah
Woman: No!
Newscaster: No!
Woman: Bah-no!
Newscaster: Bone-oh?

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LOL!!!!!! Some of my friends call him Bone-o intentionally to annoy me.....and to rub it in that he can't stop having children.


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Yeah, my father says it wrong just to annoy me. Though today we did have an educated conversaton about 3rd world debt.

Je-sus, I'm like the local spokesperson for Drop the Debt.

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I saw a news caster this morning calling him BONE-KNOW.

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