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Another Time ,Another Place...Part 9

It was about 3:30 pm when Adam got back to the house.He was a lil bit tired ,and angry but he knew that he had to calm down before seeing Sam. He had gotten the things she had asked for and got some take -out. As he walked into the house ,he could feel the cold air that escaped from the A.C ,which made him feel like if he was in Alaska. He pulled his coat closer to him ,while trying to hold the bags ,as he made his way into the kitchen. Sam was mixing the batter for the chocolate chip cookies when he spotted her.

"Hey Baby ...why is it so cold in here," *He asked as he placed the bags ontop of the counter*

"I was feeling a bit warm ,so I turned it on," *she answered as she picked some of the batter that was on the spoon and kissed him*

Adam :-

"Babe it's freezing and I don't think u should be taking in all this cold, as well as that heat from the oven ,ur not even wearing enough clothes ,mind if I turn it down a lil,"?

Sam replied :-

"Sure ,just not to low ....I was feeling a bit dizzy and nauseous earlier," *she smiled at him ,then began looking in the bags he bought home*

*Adam went into the living room ,turned down the A.C ,then went back into the kitchen*

"Those r the things u wanted?" *he asked her as he sat on the stool*

Sam looked up at him :-

"Yea thanks sweetie , I'm already down with the chocolate chips , all I need to do know is make the Macademia cookies ,those r my fav," *she smiled at him*

Adam smiled back at her :-

"A lot of cookies there hon,"

"I know , but u know they r for when I get my cravings... and I'm gonna give some to Ali when she comes over later for the kids," *Sam replied back as she began placing the batter on the cookie sheet carefully*

*Adam kept his eyes fixed on her ,as she did her thing*

"Oh.... I bought some take out so we don't have to worry about cooking,"

Sam :-

"Oh ,alright...... so how was the meeting today?"

*Adam passed his hand behind his head*

"Oh ,it was alright .....talked mostly about our finances and stuff...." *he began remembering the conversation that he had earlier with Kylie*

*Sam looked at him ,as she noticed the tone in his voice*

"Doesnt sound too exciting....*she replied as she walked over to the oven with the cookie sheet*

*Adam replied ,trying not to think about what happened before he got home*

"Yea.... yea ... it's kinda boring actually , nearly fell asleep during the meeting," *he laughed*

*Sam wiped her hands in the kitchen cloth as she walked over to him*

"Awwww ,well maths is boring ,also not my fav subject... *she smiled as she gently touched him on his face*

*Adam looked at her as he wrapped his arms around her*

"So....... how r u....... how r u feeling"?

"Good actually , u know first pregnancies r the ones u gotta becareful with, I actually read one of the books that u bought," *Sam replied as she looked into his twinkling eyes*

*Adam smiled as he pulled her closer to him to give her a kiss ,then placed his hand on her stomach*

"And it is my duty to make sure that we're careful that's why I don't want u on ur feet to much ,and doing those strenuous things,"

*Sam smiled back at him*

"Babe......baking cookies isnt strenuous ...compared to what we do in the bedroom," *she kissed him ,this time passionately*

*Adam smiled at the thoughts of taking her upstairs ,and the kiss he just got*

"Hmmmmm why don't u continue making those cookies later," *he got this evil looking grin on his face*

*Sam laughed heartedly as she kissed him*

"See I knew I could clear whatever was on that mind of urs.... I love that thought thou , how about we wait until those cookies r done,"

*Adam shaked his head as he agreed ,then asked her what she meant*

"What did u mean just now,?"

*Sam sat on his lap*

"Well I knew something was wrong as soon as u walked in , but hey..... u don't have to talk about it , if u don't want too,"

*Adam looked at her as he ran his fingers throu her hair*

"Ur a mind reader too?" *he laughed then continued*...... I .... I acutally ran into someone I was hoping not too......

*Sam looked at him *


Adam continued :-

"Remember that girl that we saw....,"

Sam replied :-

"Yea.... the half dressed girl ,"

*Adam laughed*

"Yea...... well just wanna let u know ,she wasnt half dressed when I saw her ,but she wanted me to believe that she had actually changed ,when I knew it was all a lie,"

"So...... u guys were together ?"

Adam looked at Sam :-

"No...... we... werent like that , she was ummmmm ....we had....... a love making relationship a couple times and I broke it off with her when I met Suzie, she wasnt too happy about that ,she began callin me names, throwing things etc,"

*Sam sat there listening*
"So anyways...... she went and did her thing and I did mine, long story short, she thought that I could accept her apology for what she did yesterday,"

*Sam continued*

"Did u?"

Adam replied :-

"Sam , I didnt even wanna look at her , she's the type of girl who believes she can get what she wants when she wants ,and to come with that bull crap about how she was drunk and couldnt handle her self was all lies , and I didnt like the way she disrespected u either,"

Sam asked him :-

"How did she disrespect me?"

"By acting the way she did.......,"

Sam smiled at him :-

"Well....... at first I thought she was a fan or something , babe u said what u felt was right u shouldnt feel guilty ,

Adam continued :-

"U know what was the funniest thing out of all this?" *he laughed*

*Sam looked at him inquisitively*

"She wanted to hang out with u and go baby shopping.... like I would let u go with her,"

Sam looked at him :-

"Adam I could defend myself..... I don't need u to always step in for me , but I appreciate it because there are few men that would do that.....that would do most of what u do for me , just stand clear from her ..,"

Adam replied :-

"That's what I plan to do.... *he looked at her* ty for listening.....

Sam replied back at him ;-

"Thanks for opening up to me....., I'm gonna check the cookies ,they should be done by now,"

*She got up , just in time for Adam to grab her*

Adam :-

"No more baking....... I want u upstairs *he smiled evilly*

*Sam laughed at him as she placed the sheets on the rack to cool*

"Alright but we have to be quick ....before Ali comes,"

*Adam grabbed her and they hurried upstairs*

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I luv sam and adam together

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yay... cookies and adam... lovely combo
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how cute!
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