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Another Time ,Another Place.....Part 8...

The guys were hanging out in the board room where they met for the meeting earlier in the morning. Adam was telling them about the lamase class that he and Sam had went to and began describing the video tape that the instructor had shown them about parent hood and how they got lil baby dolls to take home as a practice exercise. He had enjoyed the class and couldnt wait for the other one.While conversing with them ,his cell rang and looking at the no he saw it was Sam. He quickly answered it as he walked out to the lobby, where they could talk.Sam had asked him to bring home some stuff she needed for the cookies she was going to make, and eventhough Adam told her to wait until he got home because he didnt want her doing anything to strenuous ,she convinced him that she could manage on her own. So Adam agreed and they ended with the usual "I love you,".Meanwhile ,Kylie was coming out of her office, going throu some papers ,while looking up occasionally to see if anyone was coming when she saw Adam. He had this huge smile on, that made his face brighten up.

"Wow ,look at that huge smile on ur face," *Kylie commented*

*Adam looked at her ,as he checked his phone one more time before putting it away*

"Was talking to Sam,"

*Kylie smiled as she looked at him*

"Oh????? how is she???? I heard u are expecting that's wonderful,"

*Adam knew she was up to something as she always is*

"Yea ,my first child with the woman I adore , didnt know u were interested ,"

Kylie :-

"Listen , Adam I'm really sorry about the other day I was stupid and drunk I didnt mean to cause anything between u and her,"

*Adam stood there listening to her*

"Really????? why does it feel like ur lying to me ? It sound really real to me when u tried to intimidate her,"

*Kylie started laughing*

"I never knew I was like that , I know that u and her r together and I don't want to mess that up for u,I'm really happy. It's been a long time since I've seen u this happy Adam ....*she looked at him* since....ur relationship with Suzie,"

Adam replied as he stared at her :-

"Is this really u standing infront of me or ur twin????,"

*Kylie laughed again*

"Adam ,wake up..... I was a terrible bitch back then and I learnt from the huge mistakes I made in my life, I don't wanna live that way anymore, I guess in a way u taught me how to change,"

*Adam laughed and then began questioning her *

"How so,"

"Well *she said as she smiled *u made me realise that's there more to life than just drinking and having a good time in bed ,I have a great career and u know how knows ,maybe I'd fall in love like u and have a child some day,"

*Adam grabbed her and pulled her into a corner, as he saw some ppl walking towards them*

"Look Kylie ,I wanna believe that u've changed , I mean u and I had a really good thing going on , and when I ended it ,u just went absolutely nuts..... how could I trust u now?"

*Kylie stood there looking at him*

"U can trust me Adam , I wish I had u but I don't and I cant..........Sam seems like a really nice girl and she looks like she more than loves u ...I'll prove it to u, lemme hang out with Sam and get to know her , we could go shopping for baby clothes ,I'll even treat her to a day of pampering ,that's my way of saying sorry."

*Adam stared at her inquisitively*

"U'd do that ????? I wouldnt have to get a call from 911 saying that u did something to her???,"?

"Like what?????? Adam.......I wouldnt even harm a fly," *Kylie answered back*

*Adam stepped away from her ,rubbing his forehead with his fingers*

"I dunno Kylie , and I don't think she'll allow it either ,I mean after how u approached her ....I don't think she;ll believe u ,"

*Kylie finding it useless in trying to persuade Adam that she'd change*

"That day when I saw u , I wasnt thinking straight ,I had a fight with my brother earlier and just drank the anger off, and I must admit I said some pretty mean things about her when u went into the café , but when I went home and sobbered up ,I realize that I did what I said I would never do again, and my friends who I taught would see where I was ending up and help me , didnt so I had no way of escaping,"

Adam replied :-

"So u escaped on her, tell me Kylie what exactly did u say about her ," *he waited for an ans*

*Kylie panicked as Adam queried her*

"I......*she looked at him as she ran her fingers throu her hair* I said that she needed to hit the gym but I didnt know that she was pregnant at the time,"

*Adam looked at her feeling the anger race throu his body for the first time since talking to her*

"Well , for once I believe u Kylie , because those r the same exact low blows u'd give to anyone ,secondly....... that what u just told me is disrespectful ,not only to me but to her ,and whether or not u didnt know she was pregnant ,didnt give u the reason to say those things, u know I don't even wanna talk to u anymore ,just move....... that....just put me off. *He look at her* I would never ever have anyone talking about her like that ,u don't know her, u don't know how many times she helped me get throu the pain,I nearly gave up on everything ,but she stepped in. That my angel ,she gives the reasons for getting out of bed. There is noone else that I know that would be willing to give up her life to be with me and I'm gonna make sure and keep her away from ppl like u, she doesnt deserve being trashed." *He began walking away*

"Adam.......... *she shouted as he stopped*..... I'm sorry........

*Adam slowly turned around and looked at her*

"No....... I'm sorry for u......... trying to prove so hard to others that ur something ur not..... do me a fav ..... don't try so hard ,because ur gonna fall ....and fall real hard.... oh and the next thing......if u ever thought about us becoming friends , ur wrong.....from here on out it's pure business.....u say nothing else to me..... u lost ur chance Kylie from that day I saw u....u lost ur chance, I....I gotta go... *he looked at her ,then left*

*Adam went back into the board room ,while Kylie stood there looking at him*

Alright ladies , I made some minor adjustments ......which makes my plans much better ,so enjoy and leave comments!

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more please
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