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Another Time ,Another Place....Part 6

Adam and Sam had been the most happiest couple ever since receiving the news of them expecting. Both their families were informed and their friends. Bono, Edge and Larry were really happy and couldnt wait to be uncles. Adam began providing the best care in the world for Sam. He made sure she was off her feet, while he did the shopping ,cooking which was from some health foodbooks by the way ,and well the laundry wasnt made for Adam to do.......some of the clothes shrinked and the whites were in various colors.Being that it was a nice warm day,Adam had convinced Sam that they should take a nice walk in the park. He had bought alot of expecting baby books and read that nice quiet walks in the parks made pregnancies more easier.Sam agreed that she would go under one condition ,that she atleast had one vanilla malt. She was beginning to get fed up with all the vegetables and fish that Adam fed her. He wasnt to happy about it, but okied it. They had spend two hrs there , with Adam whispering to the baby lil stories that his father had once read. After that ,they had decided to go for the malt and then go back to the house. Kylie was already there ,when she saw Adam approaching ,she quickly jumped up and raced over to him :-

"Adam ,*she shouted as she hugged him tightly*

Adam stood there shocked ,unable to move :-

"Kylie ,what..what r u doing here?"

*She replied as she stood there ,as she began flirting with him*

"Just hanging out with a couple of friends.......and u ?"

Adam looked at kylie ,then turned to Sam :-

"Hanging out with my girl ,"

*Kylie looked at Sam ,not very well pleased at seeing Sam there*

"Ohhh so ur the ,my never thought I'd see Adam settle down,"

*Sam looked back at the half dressed brunette ,not liking her attitude very much*

"Yes....well he is now,"

*Kylie looked at her up and down then continued*

"Well ,before he met u ,he was quite a bad boy ....*Adam interrupted Kylie knowing what her mouth was like*

"Well Kylie it was nice meeting u ....we're gonna head on inside ,*he grabbed Sam's hand *

Kylie looked back at Adam :-

"I hope we do luv........*she gently kissed him which made Sam furious*"

"Nice meeting u Sam.... hope we meet again,"

Sam looked back at her :-

"Ofcourse.......we will ,all the time, Adam I'm really craving that malt can we go now,?"

Adam looked at her :-

"Sure babe...... *he looked at Kylie* cya around*

*Kylie stood there as the couple made their way into the Cafe, then walked back to her table*


"Was that Adam Clayton?" *Kylie's friend questioned her*

"Indeed it was.......," *she replied smiling*

Karen {Kylie's second friend} -:

"And who was that with him?"

Kylie replied in disgust as she sipped her drink :-

"His girlfriend????"

"Well judging from ur remarks Kylie ,u and Adam had a thing going on ?" *Mac asked as she looked at her friend*

Kylie sat back as she made sure her boobs could be seen by the men that passed by :-

"Yea we did.....he was real good in bed........ to bad he's stuck with that bitch, did u see what she was wearing ,she looked like she's an old woman in that dress," *she began laughing*

*Her friends joined in*

Mac :-

"I thought he was interested in models......that girl he;s with needs to hit the gym," *Karen joined in*

"If I was a bass player in a famous rock band....I would never want to be seen with someone like her,"

Karen turned to Kylie :-

"So that means no more bed ramping huh Kylie?"

Kylie replied :-

"Please I got him then ,I could get him now and there's nothing that ..that Sam could do about it ,for all we know Adam's prolly screwing around on her , proly cant even stand to be seen with her,' *she laughed*She prolly stopped him from coming to my brother's party......why be with that ,when he could be with me????"

Karen laughed as she responded :-

"Maybe he needs to change his lens.......... ,"

Kylie looked at her as she tossed to that :-

"Well........ if she knows what's good for her ,she better not be around him again.......

The three friends sat there as they drank , soon accompanied by 2 guys that had their eyes on them the entire time.

Alright girls........sorry but...this is what makes a story interesting. I had to re write the story over because this stupid computer shut down on me ,and I couldnt remember everything......lemme know what u think!!!!!!!!

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sits on Kylie and flattens her
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