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Another Time ,Another Place.....Part 5

Alright girls goes the check up!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the Lobster I tell ya!!!!!!!!

Sam and Adam were at the doctor's office , waiting for him to call them in next. Adam kept pacing up and down ,quarelling to himself that the doctor was to slow... and that he needed to hurry up.Meanwhile ,Sam sat there looking at him as if he was going mad ,as she read a Woman's Health magazine.The receptionist was getting a lil annoyed ,being that he had asked her every five mins what was going on.He grabbed a cup of coffee then sat down next to her :

"What is he doing in there?????? Look how long that last couple has been in there *he looked at the time*

Sam looked up from her magazine :-

"Honey would u calm down...... I'm sure they'll be out soon,"

Adam looked at her as he held his cup carefully :-

"Calm down??? Calm down????? Do u know how long we've been here??"

"Ummmmm *she looked at her watch* for about an half an hr now?"

*Adam slapped his hand down on his leg, *:


Sam looked at him ,as she shaked his head :-

"Adam......ur being way to paranoid , ur acting like u don't know what the doc is gonna tell u, *she leaned in closer to him* that I'm fine and healthy..."

Adam looked at her :-

"Really luv????? does throwing up and not eating ,feeling dizzy classify as being healthy?"

"Alright......Alright...... would u lower ur voice down..... *she looked at him* it could be food poisoning for all we know,"

Adam put his hand behind her :-

"Well once I hear it from the doctor himself that it is ,I'm not gonna stop worrying about this,"

*The couple comes out and goes to the receptionist desk*

The receptionist looks at Adam and Sam :-

"The doctor would see u know.......,"

*Adam grabs Sam's hand and leads her in*


*Doctor Edwards was already waiting for them :-

"Good Morning ,how are u doing today,"?

Sam looked at him as she shaked his hand :-

"I'm good...."

Doctor Edwards then looks at Adam :-

"And u Sir,"

Adam shaked his hand :-

"I'm fine...."

Dr Edwards :-

"Please have a seat......*he looked at the couple* Ms. McCall.....what seems to be the problem,"?

Sam replied :-

"Well.....I've been throwing up a lot lately ,ummmm experiencing tiredness,dizziness.... *Adam interrupted her*

"Not eating,"

Dr Edwards looked at Adam then back at Sam :-

"Hmmmmmm sounds common........have u eaten anything lately that could have possibly brought on these symptoms,"?

"Well..... only a couple of nites we ate out we had a lot of sea food......but other than that we eat at home ,"

Dr Edwards began writing down information on his paper :-

"When did u start experiencing these symptoms and did u have cramping , headaches?"

Sam answered him back :-
"About a couple days ago, and I havent had any cramps or headaches,"

*Dr Edwards got up and led them into the exam room*

"I'm gonna exam u, normal routine so don't be frightened *he smiled* and take some blood and urine samples... just for safe precautions , I'm gonna let u change and check back to see if ur ready , alright *he smiled at Sam and Adam, then left*

* Sam changes her clothes, and sits on the exam table, while the doc gets prepared *

"Can Adam stay with me doc????? not really the patient type *she smiled*

Dr Edwards laughed at her comment :-

"Yes he can......I'm sure he wants to know things r well with u,"

*Adam sits on the stool as he watches the doctor begin his process.*

Dr Edwards :-

"Alright missy.......first I'm gonna listen to ur heart beat ,so I want big ,deep breaths," *he gently places the stethiscope on Sam's chest*, then checks her pupils, then moves on to taking her pressure ,and continues by checking on more important stuff*

*He smiles as he writes his responses down on his chart*

"Well u do seem like a healthy young woman....... *he looked at Adam*......u better becareful then lad........u know how strong healthy women can be

Adam laughed as he looked at Sam :-

"Oh yea..... so what's the verdict doctor????? Is it food poisoning or something else?????,"

Dr Edwards replied :-

"Well .....from what I've seen I'd say....that it could be... but I want the blood samples and urine samples to make sure......but u both ease down on the doesnt seem to be serious.The nurse will come and take ur blood as soon as ur done...... with ur urine alright??,"

Adam stood up as he walked closer to where Sam was :-

"So...when would we get the results???????"

Dr Edwards looked at him :-

"Well I'm sending it as soon as she's done so by tomrrow I'll get the results, but I'll call u first.... dont worry.....worrying makes things worse..... *he smiled at them*I'll leave u to do ur stuff and I'll see u tomrrow.....

Sam looked at Adam :-

"I hate this........this waiting....,"

Adam looked at her :-

"I know.........*he handed her the cup* he said it's nothing serious....

Sam looked at him and took the cup :-

"I hope so... *she kissed him then went to urinate*

*Few mins after the nurse came in and took the blood samples, *

Sam looked at him ;-

"Well I better get dress..... do u think we could prolly grab something to eat....... that blood sampling has me hungry ,"

Adam looked at her and laughed :-

"Sure babe ....*he kissed her* I'll be outside.......

Man I cant wait for the results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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unlike adam ....waits patiently for the results

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Gee, I just don't know what could be wrong with Sam LOL
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