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Another Time ,Another Place ....Part 3....

It was about 12pm when Adam had walked into the studio. He had dropped Sam off at work earlier ,then went back to the house to do some tidying up.As he made his way up the stairs, he could hear Bono talking and laughter from other ppl. He gently opened the door and closed it back :

"Afternoon," Adam said as he walked into the room smelling of freshly baked pastries.

*All answer*

Adam took his coat off ,while looking around the room :-

"I walked in on something good ,didnt I?"

Bono replied :-

"Always do.....,"

Adam looked at Bono and laughed at his comment then decided to help himself to the pastries:-

"Who bought these???? they look delicious.....,"

"I did.......,"

Adam turned around and looked at the lady before him :-

Kylie looked at Adam ....her eyes glistened as she walked closer to him :-

"No hellos????? No how r u doing ," *she hugged him and kissed him on the cheek*

Adam looked at her words rushing to his mind ,but unable to speak :-

Edge looked over at him and laughed loudly :-

"Poor Adam......could never find the right words to say whenever there was a woman in the room,"

"Unlike u who never seem to shut up," *Adam replied as he kept his attention on Kylie*

Kylie smiled at him then went to sit down on a chair nearby Bono :-

"Edge , come on......leave him alone u know he's shy,"

Larry sipped his beverage then replied to Kylie's comments :-
"Shy?????? Shy???? please ...he isnt shy when he's around Sam,"

Kylie looked at him :-


Adam quickly answered :-

"Yes.....Sam my girlfriend ......we met in NYC , fell in love , just dropped her off to work ,"

*Kylie looked at him as if he was going mad then continued*

"Oh yes... I heard there was a new Miss's in ur life, she's nice ,managed to see a pic of her ,"

Adam bit one of his goods on his plate :-

"Yea *he started smiling uncontrollably* she what r u doing here,"? *he asked her*

"Oh I'm here visiting my brother and I thought I'd swing by to see what u guys were up too,and to invite u all to his birthday party this Saturday," *Kylie replied smiling*

Bono jumped up :-

"Party?????? Saturday?????? what time,"?

Kylie burst out laughing :-

"It's starting at 7:00 , until early morning, bring Ali I would love to see her again *she turned to the other guys* u all can bring ur ladies too,"

Edge replied liking the idea of hanging out on a Saturday :-

"Sure I'm there, Moreliegh could do with a nite out,"

Larry looked at Edge and Bono :-

"Party freaks........ I'll discuss it with Anne,"

Kylie turned to Adam waiting for his answer :-

"Ur coming right????? Come on..Adam u know how we would party , it wouldnt be good without u......,"

Adam looked at her not knowing what was the correct ans :-

"I dunno......I mean Sam hasnt been feeling well ...and I don't wanna drag her out specially with the weather like this,"

Kylie looked at him :-

"Ur passing this......... I remember u would never miss a good hang out back then ,specially when I was around *she looked at him making a sad puppy face* but being that ur in a relationship now....I guess u have certain restraints,"

Adam looked back at Kylie :-

"No one put's a time limit on me or allow me only to go certain places......not because I have someone in my life means that I cant live.....infact I'd be more than happy to come to ur brother's birthday party ,but as I said my girl isnt feeling well......and I'm not leaving her alone," *he stared at her *

"Oooooohhh Back off their tiger, u don't have to get so serious ,then again u were always sexy when ur serious *she grinned at him*

Adam smiled at her :-

"And ur still as charming as u always were....... if she's feeling 100 % by Saturday we'll be there......if not I'll send ur brother a birthday card and a box of chocolates *he laughed*

*Kylie looked at Adam ,then looked at the time*

"I really should be heading out , gotta start making plans .....*she got up* so I guess we'll stay in touch until Saturday .....*she hugged each fella then walked closer to Adam* surprise me *she kissed him softly on his cheek,then waved one more time and walked out*

Edge looked at his friend who still had the lipstick print of Kylie's lips on his cheek:-

"Damn do u do it?????? u always have some gorgeous girl all over u?"

Bono laughed :-

"It's the power of the bass ,"

Larry intervined :-

"Which one????"*then laughed*

Adam looked at his friends :-

"She's always been like that...........wearing those short sexy dresses.......flirting......looking real good ......* Bono interrupts him*

"Adam......I have one word for ya....... S-A-M......come back to reality .....u have a girl , don't do anything stupid and wipe off that mark on ur cheek.......,"

Adam looked back at Bono :-

"Thanks for looking out for me......but I love Sam and Kylie has to recognize that I'm not single and looking to have a good time anymore.......nothing happened btw us and nothing ever will..."

Bono replied back to his friend :-

"Good.........look man Kylie is a friend......but ur apart of my family and there's nothing more that I want for u guys but to be happy......Edge is happy ,Larry is happy ,I'm happy and for the first time in ur life ur happy, and that's all I ever wanted and I'll be like a tick in ur ass if u ever get distracted and mess up......u have a good woman at home.........cherish that ..... *he looked at Adam strictly *

*Bono looked at Adam........*

"Alright guys.......let's start working it's already getting late,"

The four began working on their materials .

Leave comments ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!! *winks*

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Nooooooo!! The chapter is good, and I know all good stories must have angst, but nooooooo!!

I'll be quiet now. Cliff hangers are tough on a girl!

Can't wait for you to update!!

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Great! can't wait for the next part
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Re: Another Time ,Another Place ....Part 3....

Larry sipped his beverage then replied to Kylie's comments :-
"Shy?????? Shy???? please ...he isnt shy when he's around Sam,"

Kylie looked at him :-


Adam quickly answered :-

"Yes.....Sam my girlfriend ......we met in NYC , fell in love , just dropped her off to work ,"

*Kylie looked at him as if he was going mad then continued*
I don't like this Kylie character already... don't make me come over there and beat you up, lmao, just kidding! Can't wait for the next installment... as always, good job
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I agree with irish mofo, but I guess it does make things interesting can't wait till Kylie and sam meet sees fireworks go of in all directions
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