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Another Time ,Another Place.... Part 14

Damn it my computer is giving me so much problems!!!!Anyways here goes :

As Dr. Cleopias made his way to Sam's room , he noticed a bunch of ppl coming towards him. As they got nearer he could make out that it was Adam ,along with Bono ,Edge and Larry, along with their wives.He quickly smiled as he greeted the bunch.

"Well Good Afternoon , huge crowd this evening," *he smiled as he shaked Adam's hand*

*Adam forever smiling*

" Yea well it;s a great afternoon ,the sun is shining ,the flowers r blooming, in two days Sam and my baby would be home, we all thought that it would be a nice day to visit her,"

*Dr. Cleopias smiled as he looked at Adam*

"Ur excited , I can tell,"

"Ofcourse! *Adam answered quickly* anybod y would be as excited to have their loved one home,"

Dr. Cleopias :-

"True ,True ... well I have prescribed some medication , as well as vitamans for her to take and I am putting her on bed rest for a few days, that means no work, and I want u to call me if anything goes wrong ,if fever comes back ,or if any pains reoccur . C ephalixine , is a low antibotic that would kill off any germs that would try to enter her body, and MMC is a vitamin that she MUST take everyday, especially with her condition." *he looked at Adam* Ur with me?

*Adam looked up from the book that he was writing in*

"Yes.....*he read throu the list allowed to make sure he didnt miss anything, *

*Dr. Cleopias laughed *

"Good , oh there's one more thing that I wanted to discuss with u, well with u and Sam,"

*Adam looked at him*

"What is it?"

"Well *the doctor began* Dr. Edwards and I were discussing Sam's recovery and her pregnancy and being that it s already five mths since her carrying ,well we were thinking that maybe u both would like to know the sex of the baby,"

*Adam looked at the doctor with great amazement *

U.....U mean......we could find out if we're having a boy or a girl?" *Dr Cleopias smiled at him**

"Yes we could ,"

*Bono jumped in smiling *

"That's great Adam it it so I could start spoiling lil Bono junior or lil Paulita I already have the cutiest lil stuffed animals picked out for her,"

*Adam looked at Bono as if he was going mad*

"Ok ...Bono ....I know ur my mate and everything and we go way back *he looked at him* way ,way ,way back I don't think I'll name my child Paulita and I don't think the world is ready for two Bono's.... we already have to deal with one," *he laughed*

*Bono looked at him *

"What u mean???????? *he turned to Ali* Baby what does he mean?"

*Ali looked at him as she rolled his eyes*

"Nothing baby ....*she gently patted his back* nothing,"

* Edge laughed* then continued :-


*Bono turned around to look as Edge as he pretended to clear his throat*

"Damn I must be getting the flu,"

Bono :-

"It better be,"

Dr. Cleopias stood there watching the four guys argue with each other*

Ali :-

"Alright .... *she looked at the doctor * It's always like this,"

Dr. Cleopias :- "I see....," *Ali raised her voice a lil higher this time*

"Would the four of u shut ur bloody mouths..... this is a hospital for crying out loud ,ppl r trying to rest,"

*All four looked at Ali*

"Sorry Ma'am,"

*Dr Cle0pias laughed along with Moreleigh and Anne then looked at his watch*

"Oh my ... I have a board meeting in a bout an hr and I have to check up on Sam and another patient before so Adam r u gonna come in with me so that I could discuss it with Sam?"

*Adam looked at the doctor*

"Uh yea sure"

* Dr .Cleopias looked at the others*

"As soon as I'm done u all can go hang out with her, alright?"

*The others agreed*

*Sam was already up ,reading a magazine when the two men entered*

"Hey baby..... *Adam greeted Sam as he walked over to her bed and kissed her on her forehead*

*Sam smiled as she saw him*

"Hey..... took u long enough to get here," *she hugged him*

"Hello Dr.. Cleopias," *she then greeted the doctor*

"Hello Sam ,*he ansed back as he checked her temperature and heart rate* doing good ,doing good ...*he smiled as he wrote his thoughts down on his chart*

*Sam smiled at him happily*

"Well in about 2 days I'll be home and no offense doctor this place was driving me crazy," *she laughed*

*Adam laughed back *

"See doc ,she's even got her sense of humor back ,hey babe which reminds me the gang r here , but there's something that the doctor what's to talk to us about,"

*Sam looked at Adam confusingly*

"What???? dont tell me something's wrong...still,"

Adam walked over to where she was and kissed her :-

"No it's nothing like that ,it's better.......the doc was telling me that we could find out if the baby is a boy or girl,"

*Sam turned to look at the doctor smiling happily*

"Really??? we can???? today?????"

Dr. Cleopias ans smiling :-

"Yes u being that it has been 5 mths since Tuesday I dont see why not,"

*Sam face getting red*

"K..... then yes....I'd love to find out," *She looked at Adam *

Dr. Cleopias :-

"Is 5 :30 pm ok with u both?"

*Both Ans*


Dr. Cleopias :-

"Alright then.... I'll see u both at 5:30pm...... I'm really excited for u both," *he looked at the couple then walked out the room*

*Adam looked at Sam beaming with happiness*

"Man I cant wait to find out ..," *he kissed her then went outside to call the others in*

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adam Bono and Edge arguing over the baby,s name that is soooo funny actually I could just picture that too clearly

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Paulita and Bono jr. I cant wait to see what the babys sex is
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