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Another Time.....Another Place ....Part 12

Adam sat patiently in the waiting room ,while the doctors attended to Sam.He had called Bono ,Edge and Larry to let them know what was going on. His eyes were red ,tired with sleep, his body ached from sitting up all morning ,he drank 3 cups of coffee before ,to calm him down.Each time he would go to the nurses desk to find out if she was ok ,but they would tell him to sit and wait for the doctor ,which got him mad because noone was telling him anything.As he made his way to the coffee machine for another cup , he could hear a bunch of ppl approaching the waiting room ,as he turned around he saw his friends ,which made his feel a lot better.

"Adam ," *Bono called out* r u ok? U hear anything yet?"

*Adam looked at his friend exhausted*

"Nah man.......they keep telling me to wait ,the doctors r still examining her, *he looked at the nurse* what the f**** r they doing in there ?"*he yelled out*

*Bono tried to calm him down*

"Adam..... it's alright Sam is in the best hands and the baby.....u know how strong she is ,they r prolly gonna come tell u that it's just the flu or something,"

*Edge looked at him *

"U look tired man .......,"

*Adam sipped his coffee as he looked at Edge*

"I am....but I cant sleep...not until I have them both back home , *he touched his face* I....I thought that I was gonna lose her ,the fever was so high ....she kept passing out ,what if something goes wrong with both her and the baby ...* for the first time his friends actually seeing him cry* I.... I cant lose them ...I just cant ,I wouldnt live,"

*Larry looked at his friend and placed his arm on his shoulder*

"Hey....don't think like that , u'll see Sam would be back on her feet in no time ,bossing u around..... and in a few months ur gonna be holding ur baby ....u gotta be strong Adam ...u gotta be strong for them both,"

*Adam looked at him*

"Everybody keep telling me to be strong can I when the love of my life is prolly in there fighting for her life ....and that tiny lil baby who's still too small to take on anything major could be in jeopardy,"

*Bono looked at Adam who tried to fight the tears*

"U cant keep thinking the worse mate ,u gotta think of the better things, *soon after Bono's cell rang , it was Ali calling* It's Ali, I'm gonna go talk to her I'll be right back," *Adam shaked his head as he watched Bono walk away*


" Look ,have u eaten anything since last nite, *he asked Adam calmly*


"No..I cant eat........ right now all I need is some more coffee," *he got up and walked over to the table*

*Larry stood up to block him from going*

"Don't think u should have anymore lad , come ...come with me ,I'd treat u to breakfast ...hey it would be even as I always let u buy," *he made a sad puppy face as to cheer Adam up a bit* come on mate ,what u say???? u gonna let me eat a lone????

*Adam looked at Larry and managed to smile*

"I do need some energy..... need to be prepared for when I see Sam ...., what if the doctors come out?"

Edge :-

"Maybe we should wait....... we don't wanna miss them,"

*Bono walked back to where his friends were*

"Hey ...Ali said that she's sorry she couldnt come , but she'll be here tomrrow with the other girls ,she said not to worry that Sam would be fine,"

*Adam looked at Bono*

"Oh I understand...... ty for being here guys, I really appreciate it,"

*Edge replied*

"No problem man ,remember we're always gonna be here... did u call her family to let them know what was going on?"


"I want too.....but it's best I get some more information from the doctors first so I could atleast have something to tell them u know instead of just calling and saying that she;s in the hospital and I havent heard anything,"

Larry looked at Adam :-

"Yea...that is best ...... *meanwhile Dr. Cleopias came out with another Dr."

Dr. Cleopias :-

"Hey Adam.....*he looked at the other guys* Hello..... this is Dr. Andrews he's also in charge of treating Sam,"

*All the guys greeted him*

Adam looked at the doctors:-

"So u have some news for me right??????Can I see her???? Is she and the baby alright?"

Dr. Andrews replied :-

"Well ...I ran some blood tests on her ,and ran a few examinations as well on both her and the baby, it came out to be what Dr. Cleopias had diagnosed..... she developed an infection that spread around the baby nearly seeping into the baby's tubes,"

Adam looked at him ,trying not to pass out :-

"Is she and the baby gonna be ok,"?

Dr. Edwards:-

"Well right now we've put her on antibotics drips , that would help clear the infection out ,and also bring the fever down ....we've managed to lower her heart rate ,but she's very weak I want her to get as much rest as possible ...if this infection should increase again .... she could go into high shock ,resulting in us either doing a C- section or her losing the baby, now if that happenes.....and we do the C- section ....the baby would be premature and we would have to keep it in an incubator for sometime...for it to recover ,and bring it to full term,"

Dr. Cleopias :-

"Adam..... she's gonna be alright and the baby would be fine....we just need to keep her here so that we could watch her...... u could visit her in about an hr and a half , but not for long,"

Adam looking at the men that stood before him:-

"Alright.......ty a lot I know she's in the best care,"

Dr. Edwards :-

"Will I gotta check back with her then make some rounds , I'll keep u posted," *He looked at Adam and the doctors left*

Edge :-

"She's a fighter Adam......u'll see that infection would be sorry it ever made her sick,"

Adam looked at his friend:-

"Well it could have been worse...... u know and I'm feeling a lot better knowing what's wrong , I should get something on my stomach before I see her....*he looked at larry* u still buying right?"

Larry looked back at him :-

"Now that I'm seeing u smile.........order anything u want....,"

Adam :-

"Oh I gotta call her family......I'll do that right now.....I'll meet u guys there,"

*Adam looked at his friends as they walked away ,then began dialing the no to Sam's family*

Alright I suck at pregnancy complications so don't laugh at what I've written ,I just used my imagination *winks* Leave Comments!!!!!!!!

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Whew!! There is hope yet that the baby will be saved.

Keep up the good work!
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