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Another Time ,Another Place.....Part 11...

Alright ladies...... nothing else was coming to mind before I could have this part I decided to do this instead , hope u enjoy......!!!!!!

Over the past few weeks Sam had been experiencing slight on and off pains. At first she thought that it was just the baby moving around, but more than once meant that something was definately wrong.She had informed her doctor about ,and althou running numerous tests on her ,he couldnt figure out why she got them. He had placed her on bed rest , thinking that it was the constant being on her feet. Adam had taken some time off from the studio to take care of her.He was beginning to worry about it ,and hoped and prayed that there werent any complications.They had both fallen asleep around 10 ....Adam's hands wrapped around her ,making sure she was warm and comfortable ,when she jumped up from her sleep :-

*Sam sat up on the bed ,trying to figure out the sharp pain that she had gotten*

*Adam looked at her worryingly :-

"Sam....... what is it?"

*She looked at him*

"I dunno......... Adam something's wrong...... *she held her stomach as she tried to ease the pain that continued to move around her stomach*

*Adam looked at her*

"What????? is it the pains that u've been having before,"? *his heart starting to beat a lil faster, knowing that something was the way she acted*

"Yea...... *she looked at him *..... I ...need to get up....... I cant sit down.......,"

*Adam quickly got out of bed ,and walked to the other side where Sam sat*

"Sam......maybe u should sit....... *he stooped infront of her as he held her hand*

*She quickly grabbed his hand and squeezed it as another came along*

"Sam......Sam look at me , what do the pains feel like ? ,"

*Sam trying to stay focus *

"Like labor pains ....... but it's not I know it;s's not time yet ,"

"Shhhhh *Adam replied trying to comfort her* it's gonna be alright.....*he looked at his watch* it's 1:15 now........ I need u to tell me when the next pain is gonna come *he looked at her ok baby.....I need u to breathe ......take slow..... deep breathes..........,"

*Sam followed Adam's she felt the pains ease*

*She looked at him ,trying not to make any sudden movements ,as she thought they might come back*

Adam :-

"How do u feel........ *he looked at her as he gently brushed her hair away from her face*

Sam replied back :-

"Not so good....... I'm scared....... *tears started trickling down her cheeks* Adam I don't wanna lose this baby....I cant...... I...I just cant,"

Adam looked at her :-

"Look at me....... *he held her chin up* hey.......we're not gonna lose this baby ,ur strong and this baby is strong...... we'll fight this, *he gently wiped her cheeks, do u think u can lay down? I'm gonna try calling Dr. Cleopias,"

*Sam looked at him , shaking her head*

"I'll try.......can u come lay down with me when ur done?"

*Adam looked at her as he helped her lay down ,pulling the covers over her*

"I'm not leaving u alone........I'm gonna be right with u all the way baby," *he smiled as he kissed her on her forehead* try to get some rest,"*he looked at her one more time then took the phone with him into the other bed room*

*Sam tried sleeping but she couldnt.....all she could think about was her baby and what if she was right??? What if she lost her baby?How would she and Adam cope with the lost of their child? She could hear talking in the other room ,but she couldnt understand as she felt a fever coming felt as her body was set on fire.......she started sweating as the heat burned throu her skin.... meanwhile Adam was on the phone telling the doctor what had just happened ,not knowing that something else was going on with Sam, after he hung up with Dr.Cleopias he hurried back into the bedroom to check up on her.

"Sam......sweetie?????? r u asleep? The doctor said he's gonna come by to check up on u ,everything will be ok.....see I told u *he smiled*

*Sam slowly turned around to Adam's direction ,"


*Adam looked at her*

"Sam....omg..... *he raced over to her,*

"Sam ...ur burning up *he felt her forehead......*he looked at her* Sam......can u hear me?????

*Sam looked up at him ,as she tossed and turned ,her body now fully covered in sweat*

*Adam stared with fright not knowing what to do or how to move,*

"Baby......I'll be right back.....I need u to stay awake...... I'm gonna go get some water and a rag to try to keep the fever down," *he ran into the bathroom , filled a basin of water ,grabbed a towel and ran back into the bed room*

Adam :-

*He gently wiped her face with the cool rag*...Sam say something to me ,please baby.....please......don't scare me like this.....don't get sick on me ....... ," *he continued wiping her body with the cool rag*

*Sam slowly began talking*

"Adam .....I need to go to the hospital....... *she held his hand*.......don't leave me ,please don't leave me......," *she looked at him*

*Adam looked back at her scared*

"I wont......I promise........just don't leave me,"

*Few minutes after the door bell rang....... *he quickly ran down stairs to ans it ,seeing it was the doctor he grew a sigh of relief*

Adam :-

"Doctor she's gotten worse....she has a high fever , I tried cooling her down with some water.....I dunno what;'s happening please help her ,please make her better," *he pleaded with him*

Dr Cleopias :-

"Where is she????"

*He quickly followed Adam up the stairs and into the bedroom*

Dr Cleopias :-

"She doesnt look good at all....... *he started taking her heart beat and checking her pupils.... how long has she been with the fever?"

Adam :-

"About half an hr, what;s wrong????? is she gonna be ok?"

*Dr. Cleopias took his cell phone out and started dialing a no*

Adam looking at him :-

"Who r u calling????

*Dr. Cleopias looked up at him*

"An Ambulance...... if we dont get her to the hospital now she'll go into shock. I'm also gonna run some tests to see what's causing this....mostly likely it could be an infection"

Adam looked at him confused :-

"Most likely?"an infection?"

Dr Cleopias :-

"I had a case like this already .... *he looked at him* Adam .....u have to be strong for her ,dont panic now .....once we get her to the hospital and get her heart rate down she will be fine , "

*Adam felt as if the world was ending before him all this medical terms he couldnt understand which made him more furious*

Dr .Cleopias :-

"The Ambulance should be here soon ,could u look out for them ,while I give her some antibotics?"

*Adam not wanting to leave ,shook his head and ran down stairs*

Oh the Drama!!!!!!!! Leave Comments

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is scared for poor sam and adam

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This is so sad.
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Gee Eve, why do you have to give these two such a hard time? and now it's maternal fever?
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