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Another Time ,Another Place....Part 10.....

Four months had passed since Sam being pregnant and she was beginning to show.It was beginning to get a lil uncomfortable for her and for Adam too. He was up mostly at nites with her when she couldnt sleep, rubbing her back when it ached and massaging her feet when they were swollen and in pain.Her mother had taken a week off last month to come visit them.All the doctors appointments that they had so far were good and up to speed,and they were beginning to learn a lot from the lamase classes. Sam had also been spending a lot of time with the wives of the other band members getting motherly advice. They had done some baby shopping earlier that day ,and then decided to hit one of the restaurants. They grabbed the first table they saw , made their orders for drinks ,then began carrying on their conversations they were having before ....

"Not a bad day at all," *Ali said as she sipped her water*

"Yea ,it was kinda fun being away from the men for a while ," *Anne replied laughing*

Sam :-

"I hate to say it ,but thanks for planning this day ,Adam has been driving me nuts, he's made all these rules which I gotta follow ,and once he's home .... I gotta be in bed ,"

*All three ladies starts laughing*

"Well u gotta expect that ,I mean this is his first baby he's gonna drive u mad until after u give birth ,after that even," *Morliegh said as she looked at her menu*

"And..... *Anne added* don't be surprised if he starts talking about having another one ,after this one is born,"

*Sam looked at her, while she tried making herself more comfortable on her seat*

"No way am I gonna have another baby , maybe when this one is 15 or 16 ...*she laughed* being pregnant is a happy time ,but also very difficult,"

Ali :-

"Sam , take this from me ,after u give birth to that baby , Adam will get real frisky if u know what I mean ....I mean look at me and Bono ......three nites after , he was "real hyper," *she laughed *

*Sam laughed as she sipped her drink*

"We can see that , four kids Ali ," *She winked*

"Look who talking ," *Morliegh replied* everytime Edge calls Adam...... *she quoted with her fingers* "he's always busy", and when I ask Edge what he means , or what's he doing ,he says hon , both him and Sam r home what u think they r doing,"?

*Sam jumped in feeling a lil embarassed*

"It.s not that....u have the wrong impressions we do have other things to do u know,"

*All three *

"Yea right......sure Sam......other things,"

*Anne looked at her*

"So when ru gonna find out the sex of the baby,"?

*Sam replied as she picked on one of the bread sticks that was on the table*

"On our next appointment.... *she smiled* I'm really excited.....Adam is too and we made a bet,"

*Ali looked at her *

"A bet?"

*Sam answered*

"Yea.....I told him if's it's a boy that he'll name him and if it turns out to be a girl ,that I would name him,"

"Awww, *Ali exclaimed* that's so cute........if I had asked Bono to name the kids....they wouldnt leave the house,"*she laughed*

"Well *Sam continued* Adam got this baby name book ,and from the first time he saw Luke he fell inlove with it ,the second runner up is Mathew,"

Anne :-

"Those r nice.......could u imagine Adam holding his baby for the first time ," *she laughed*it would be kinda unusal,"

Morliegh :-

"Yea it would , I mean...... Adam was never the kind to talk about having a baby u know and he is amazing with our kids ,he'd make an outstanding father..... I mean he has baby books already and Edge told me he was looking for cribs the other day,"

*Sam looking at the three ladies*

"He's really prepared for this , he's already talking about teaching his lil daughter or son to play the bass and taking him or her on picnic trips and to school,"

Ali :-

"He loves u so much ......I'm really happy he's settle down ,to me he's been happier than how he was before, I mean at one time he talked about how he'd have a wife and he'd have a whole bunch of children ,and a big house , and honestly as the yrs passed I thought that these dreams of his would never come true because he couldnt find the right woman , but know he has,"

*Sam blushing*

"Awwww well I think us meeting and being together was meant to be," *suddenly she had stopped and placed her hand on her stomach*

*Anne noticed that she had this unusall look on her face*

‘Sam..... r u ok?"

*Ali and Morliegh waiting to hear an ans*

Sam :-

"I think this lil pumpkin is demanding some food ....either that or wants us to know he or she is listening,"* she laughed hoping that she doesnt feel that pain again* I can tell this baby would be very powerful,"

Anne asked :-

"How so??"

"The kick I just got....althou it felt like something sticking me,'"

*Ali looked at her*

"Hmmm do u wanna go home.....maybe all this is too much?"

*Sam looked at her*

"No it's fine..... I'm just hungry *she looked at the girls* I'm fine........ women go throu these all the time ,don't they,"?

*Ali answered back*

"Yea pain is common ,but when u get them u gotta let the doctor know ,just for safety,"

Sam :-

"I'll make sure and let him know ,*she took up the menu* now can we eat ,before this baby acts up again?????/ *she smiled*

*The ladies agreed and began to order*

Enjoy and leave comments!!!!!!!!!

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aww... adam teaching his child to play the bass

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Pain?? Not a good sign.
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Re: Another Time ,Another Place....Part 10.....

Ali :-

"Sam , take this from me ,after u give birth to that baby , Adam will get real frisky if u know what I mean ....I mean look at me and Bono ......three nites after , he was "real hyper," *she laughed.
Haha Bono being "real hyper"... that made me laugh
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