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Another Time , Another Place..... Part 1

It had been four months since Sam had moved to Ireland with Adam.She had grown to love the place, eventhou at first she was quite uncomfortable. Adam would drag her to every place that he thought she would love and give her a grand tour of Dublin. The scenery was beautiful and every morning around 6 she would take long walks along the shore and sniff the salty water that filled the air around her and allowed her hair to playfully move around in the wind.Things between Adam and Sam were getting more than great and the more and more they were around each other ,the more they would fall inlove,and ever since being spotted with him at an Award show last month, she had been the apple of every tabloid's eye.Adam didnt want to complicate things between them, so he would often keep the cameras away from her, as at times it seemed quite frustrating eventhou she told him millions of times that she didnt mind. Besides being the girlfriend of a famous bass player , Sam began her career in Web Designing.For Sam...this was the beginning of a new life for her in another place. It had been raining for the past two days in Dublin which kinda annoyed her, but she decided that if she had a choice she would take rain over snow any day as it was less work. As she made her way down stairs to the kitchen, she had already spotted Adam busing himself with breakfast. The story begins:

"Good Morning Gorgeous," Adam said as tended to the bacon that was beginning to fry

" Good Morning sweetie," Sam replied as she walked close by him and kissed him.

*Adam whistling as he tossed the bacon around with the spatula*

"And how r u this gloomy Wednesday morning,"?

*Sam sat at one of the stools that was neatly stacked by the table*

"Not so good...... and very tired," *she smiled at him*

*Adam looked toward her direction, smiling foolishly*

"U should be....... *he winked which caused Sam to give a lite chuckle*

"Well I did tell u that I could never turn u down didnt I," *she smiled at him as she tasted one of the strawberries that was in a near by bowl*

Adam laughed :

"Well by the way u were tossing and turning last nite, I know that things were pretty smooth,"

Sam looked at him as she continued eating the strawberries :-

"Very much so bass player....," *she looked at him as he made his way over to her*

"U know if u keep eating those straw berries u wont have room for my Sam -special," *he gently kissed her on her forehead*

"I know....... but these r pretty good , here taste one *she popped one into his mouth*

Adam smiled as he gently chewed the strawberry :-

"They do taste good........ *he leaned in closer and kissed her* they taste even better with a lil touch of ur lips,"

He looked at her :-

"Is everything ok?"

Sam looked up at him :-

"Yes.....everything is fine, why do u ask ...."?

*He gently moved away some strands of hair from her face*

"U look kinda pale ....not like the way u normally look with ur rosy cheeks and ur beaming smile, and ur eyes look really tired, maybe u should stay home today,"

Sam smiled at him :-

"U know I love it when ur so worried about me ,makes u more sexy but I'm fine and I cant stay home ...I just started this job.....cant take sick days now,"

Adam looked at her as he held her hands in his :-

"Hey u listen to me.....I'm not gonna be sending u to work when ur not feeling well ,especially not in this nasty weather, and what would ur mother say if u got sick???? U know she would take the first plane to Dublin and give me the length of her tongue,"

*Sam leaned in closer to him and kissed him*

" I know...... but I'm's prolly the weather, I didnt even feel like getting out of bed, and it's not like I'm travelling to work, I have direct transport to and from, so if I did get sick I would be with u... my private sexy doctor," *she smiled at him*

She smiled at him causing Adam to laugh:-

"U do know how to get out of things don't u........ ,"

Sam placed her hands over him ,looking into his eyes:-

"Yea..... that's one of my tricks,"

"Alright," *Adam replied* Here's the thing - I'm still not to happy about sending u to work, but being that u still have ur sense of humor and ur being way to sexy in doing it, I'll let u go on one condition," *he looked at her*

Sam smiled at him :-

"What's that?"

Adam replied :-

"That u dress warm, and have an umbrella with u, and u have to eat something and drink lots of orange juice, and call me the second u feel like something's coming on,"

Sam laughed at his rules :-

"Is that all Major?" *she teased*

Adam looked at her:-

"Sam.....come on this is serious..... this weather is pretty dangerous and if u get;s not gonna be pretty...I know from experiences,"

Sam looked at him as she gently kissed him over and over :-

"I long as u promise to do the same,"

"I promise," *Adam said as he hugged her*

Adam kissed her and made his way to one of the cupboards to get some plates :-

"Alright first let me make sure and feed u, hope ur hungry," *he smiled as he began dishing out the food*

Sam smiled as she looked on:-

"I am,"

The two made their way to the dining room and began to eat the diff type of foods that surrounded them.

The romancing continues!!!!!!!!! Hello Ladies....... I'm back for the 2nd part to this sweet story and in this sequel u wont believe what goes on!!!!!!!! Enjoy and leave comments

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lol, we all know what's up when the girl gets sick, lol

Great job on the story Eve, keep it coming!

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Originally posted by Adams_Girl97
lol, we all know what's up when the girl gets sick
good one Adams_Girl
yay! sequel!
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What happens when the girl gets sick???????
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