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another story pt 2

next bit to the story. im trying to get this all started on wild thoughts so when the sorta smut stuff comes up (probably next post) i wont offend the mods! for some reason the path to getting a fic on the website confused me, but i think i got it all squared away.....i think. thanks to anyone who reads!

They were supplied with a first aid kit to torture Ria with and quickly ushered upstairs. Adam watched his rescuer closely, tuning in on what she was thinking and feeling. And how the hell did she get the guts to nab that bastard anyway?

She could hardly believe it when she heard drumming and a guitar being tuned from down the hall. Shaking on the inside, she managed to maintain composure knowing it was the best day of her life about to happen.
And then they were there. The door, opening, adam introducing her as his hero.
“What you done? Gone an hit ‘er Ads? And people say youre the gentleman!” Larry snorted sarcastically and laid his sticks on the hi hat. He looked at her.
“Nice to meet you Ria the hero. Whats happened to you there?”
“Um, nothing. Just a scratch.” She licked her lip and glanced at her hand, bleeding from the knuckles.
“Nonsense! She saved my bloody pants is what she did. Bass players get the weirdest fans, that’s what it is. That wanker that claimed we were old pals. He got me pinned on the feckin wall down there. Was telling me we had to talk about some shite an then she swooped in and saved the day. Got him down in one swift move and not a scratch on him, would ya believe it? Then she said something to him which she wont tell me, and he apologized. But not before head butting her pretty face and mangling her hand. He was scared shitless I tell ya.” Adam beamed, noticing Ria was blushing terribly.
“Well miss, it seems you managed to impress the posh mister Clayton here. Lets see about that hand of yours.”
Edge gently held her hand out on his. He told her to move this and wiggle that, all of which hurt like hell but she wouldn’t say it of course.
“Don’t think theres any major damage, but I think youre bruised up pretty bad and the scratches need some disinfecting. Oooh . And the lip. Ouch.
“Oh right, I’ll take care of all that. Im the reason it all happened so it’s the least I can do.” Adam looked triumphant.
“Y’know guys, I think I can do it on my own. Thanks adam anyway.” She looked at him sheepishly.
“Fine but you better do it right.”
In her mind she was thinking more along the lines of I really want you to help me but I don’t want to look like a baby.
“Ouch! Fuck that hurts!” Hydrogen peroxide continued fizzling on her knuckle as she cursed the liquid.
“Such large language from such a little lady” Larry smirked at her, receiving the look of death in return.
She held out the bottle to Adam reluctantly.
“At least if you do it I can blame you for the pain”
“Great, maybe youll kick my arse too then.”
“Will not, and I didn’t hurt him if you need reminding. If I had then I wouldn’t be needing your help now, so start putting this on me.
Discarding the magazine he was glancing at he poshly walked over to her and said he was glad to feel needed.

She was amazed at how gentle and loving he was with her wounds. It was better by far than her pokes and smears. Alcohol was dabbed on her welts with tissue.
“Where the bloody hells bono?” Larry said with more than a little annoyance in his voice. Things had been strained lately in the studio, nobody knowing what to do with Bono anymore. Edge shrugged “probably still in bed knowing him these days.”
“I bet hes gorging on fresh morning pastries” Ria offered, getting embarrassed at the sudden dialoge from her own mouth. She stammered “I mean, that’s what I would be doing if I just had a breakup.”

Like magic Bono burst through the door with a large cream cheese Danish and a scowl. His hair wasn’t touched since bed, and a razor hadn’t been thought of in a while from the looks of him.
“Feckin traffic, people don’t know how to bleedin drive. Theyre all pissed. And the lady at the bakers, askin where Emma is. Like everybody don’t know already, I just need it rubbed a bit more that’s all!”

“Bono! Would ya shut it for a minute, weve got company.” Adam hissed at Bono who noticed the girl next to him for the first time. His scowl softened under the gentleness of rias eyes.
“Oh dear, I didn’t know Im sorry love. Just havin a bad morning I guess.” He looked miserable again, shoulders slumped, another bite taken from the pastry.

“Don’t worry about it. My dad was in the military, ive heard everything there is to hear.
Adams eyes lit up “so that’s where you learned to attack like that!’
Bono looked puzzled as to why a girl who looked to have been in some accident was in the studio. Was there an accident?
Larry explained the situation to Bono, twirling his drum sticks the whole time. Somehow that irritated bono enormously while he listened to larry tell him that ria had been involved in an incident involving adam and a fan.

“So she saved you from the one who was in love with you huh?” he looked away from larry before he got angry at the sticks.

“Ah, sod off. You wanna hear the story or not?” he looked at Bono questioningly and proceeded anyway. Bono had more of a smile than hed had in along time as he imagined the story happening in real life. His heart went out to her for respecting the band enough to help Adam and not hurt anybody.

Walking wordlessly closer her got a better look at her lip, noticing how red and full they looked….good enough to kiss actually….
An image of a red faced Emma popped into his head and he came back to his senses with a blink.

Ria seemed to be noticing Bono too. His black slacks and grey sweater clinging to his upper body forced Ria’s eyes to dwell over him too long for
comfort. Knowing Bono was off limits, she dismissed the fantasies. Fantasies that reached back farther into her past than just that day. Fantasies that made romance novels seem like child’ play.

“Hey space-traveler! Welcome to Earth.”
Emerging from her thoughts she noticed Adam apparently trying to ask her something.

“Oh sorry, I was- um- thinking of something.” She laughed nervously, glancing at Bono quickly.

“Obviously by the way you were staring at him you were most definitely thinking of SOMETHING.”

Once again Ria turned a deep red, the freckles on her cheeks standing out. Twenty two and still got her stupid freckles and babyface. Meanwhile everyone but Bono laughed at her contorted face, looking horrified.

“Well the girl knows a fine body when she sees one ya wankers. You shouldn’t torture the poor thing, shes just done Adam a great favor.” He squinted his eyes as all of them and looked gently at the girl.
“Don’t worry sweetheart, look all you want. Theyre just jealous.” A wink from him sent her cheeks into high flame again.

‘At least somebody wants to look at me anyway’ he thought.

Bono’s eyes turned dark, he stood there like a rejected child- shoulders slumped, the remainder of his Danish hanging loosely from his fingers.

Feeling grateful to Bono for bailing her out Ria asked Adam what it was he wanted.

“Just if you want me to help you clean your lip for you or if you want to do it yourself. Or maybe you want Bono- em- nevermind. Sorry B. No smart ass remarks from me.”

Bono looked only mildly pleased.

“Oh well you were so great with the rest of my body you might as well do my lip too.”
Despite the embarrassment over that blunder of a sentence she joined the others in a snigger.

“Youre not the first woman to ever say that to me, mark my words.”

With an air of annoyance Bono shuffled off to an adjoining room with a big window in the wall. Probably for vocals, Ria thought, watching him with interest as he plunked down in a chair and propped his head on a hand, a bit of dark hair falling over his tired eyes. Edge asked what his problem was and went back to tuning and chatting with the drummer. Adam gently finished cleaning the lip in question and started talking business with the others.

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This is a great story so far. Looking forward to reading more!!
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