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An amazing fan story!!!

i had heard this story before from various people, but someone just sent me a link to her website. Her name is Elodie, and she is a french fan who was invited by the band to attend the Beautiful Day video shoot. she doesn't discuss this on her website, but from what i heard she was hanging out at their hotel and was the only fan there, and they just invited her to come along!! can you imagine???

anyway, on her website, Elodie tells the story of hanging out on the set and her encounters with the band. i just want to make it clear that this is NOT MY STORY- i only wish it was! but i thought that you would enjoy hearing her very cool experience- there are pictures as well (click on the link below). enjoy!!

here is Elodie's amazing story, in her own words:

"Shooting the Beautiful Day Video in Paris

I was present at the filming of the video for Beautiful Day and I saw it performed live seven times.
The filming took two days and I was present inside Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris for the Sunday evening session, which lasted nine hours.
During this time, I managed to meet the four members of the group, their manager Paul McGuinness and many other members of the team. I felt particularly privileged because I was one of only two fans allowed to watch, and everybody was friendly and charming to me.
As soon as I arrived I headed straight with the group for the airport runway where some shots were quickly taken for the video (including the shot of the four band members walking towards the camera with their bags while a vehicle moves behind them). Then they filmed a sequence where Bono pretended to be guiding a plane in, but rather unconvincingly. The film crew, however, had a good laugh enjoying the spectacle of Bono having fun and acting the clown.

While waiting for the stage to be set up for the evening’s live performance, we waited in the waiting room – where else? The group gave interviews and I made my début on MTV. I had taken the opportunity to talk to The Edge, Bono and Paul McGuinnness who were sitting next to each other. I sat on the ground in front of Bono and as he spoke to me I became increasingly conscious of the presence of MTV cameras. "See how your voice and mannerisms change in front of the cameras," Bono remarked. Still we had a good chat and I asked him loads of questions, including one about his sunglasses. Then Bono almost gave me a heart attack when he removed his shades and moved closer to reveal his blue eyes!
Paul McGuinness and I also teached to him what was on the official U2 website and the fact that it contained a few short extracts from their latest tracks.

Since the release of MDH, I always wondered if "The First Time" was written for Zooropa or specifically for the film. He replied that Wim Winders had taken him completely by surprise by setting the song track to the film. Then one day Wim Winders called Bono, showed him the result, and Bono was completely bowled over! Bono loves lovely surprises!

Following some advice from The Edge about my proposed trip to Dublin, it was back to serious work for all concerned as time was now running out.
At last I got to hear Beautiful Day in its entirety. It was a magical moment, all the more so since the group were performing right in front of me. After the first take, I was asked for my initial impressions. What could I say? Absolute magic (Wahhhh!)!
For the song, The Edge had used his impressive guitar of "BOY" fame. When I asked him about it, he gave me a comprehensive account of the guitar’s history, including the marks made on it by his belt and the fact that he had to have it glued back together following a crush at a concert.

Bono then suggested that I pose for photographs behind Larry’s white drum kit, holding his very own drum sticks. It was a dream come true, just like the entire evening. Meanwhile for the video, Adam went for the cool look, sporting a striped tracksuit and a Jimmy Hendrix T- Shirt.

After each take, they all watched the result on the monitors. As Bono at this stage was on his own, Dennis Sheehan suggested I have a chat with him. I tried on Bono’s sunglasses – much to his amusement as they were far too big for me – and he even gave me half of his "Pépito" (a cake). I made some suggestions to him about his movements on stage, even going so far as to suggest some improvements including removing his shades at times for the cameras. This advice he shared with Paul McGuinness and subsequently took on board during the next few takes, thinking of me as he did so, or so he said. Cute, isn’t it?

As the evening progressed the band got to ask me questions. Later they invited me to have a drink with them backstage.

It was a beautiful evening and one I will never forget. I will always remember Edge and Bono and the fact that they could not believe that I was a fan of "BOY", which was written in 1978 when I wasn’t yet born! Nor will I forget the charming Adam with his adorable smile or Larry... and those drum sticks!

I would like to thank the band for their great kindness and trust in me."

and click here for her amazing pictures with all 4 band members!

such a great story!!

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omg Ally you are PSYCHIC! I was just going to look for this website to find her pictures with the guys!! Literally *just* going!! and then I see this! O_O

I wanted to ask you, also, if you could post/email me that pic of you and Khelia and Ruth with Larry?? thanks!!! Hope everything with you is well!

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Holy CRAP!!! That's so friggin' COOOOL!!!!
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lol, olive!!! hahaha, i guess all great minds think alike! (or at least all U2 fans think alike!!)

no problem- i will post the pic of us with larry in the thread you started! i just have to find it first....

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Originally posted by Hallelujah Here She Comes:
Holy CRAP!!! That's so friggin' COOOOL!!!!
My thoughts exactly twin!

The whole wide world feels like a shrine to the worker bees, who stole it from God anyhow.
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what a wonderful story ally! love the website!

Is it getting hot in here or is it just ADAM??
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That is amazing. She was very lucky

"You must not look down on someone just 'cos they are 14 years old. When I was that age I listened to the music of John Lennon and it changed my way of seeing things, so I'm just glad that 14 year olds are coming to see U2 rather than group X." - Bono, 1988
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Adam has his gosh darn freaking arm around her!!!!!! Bloody hell....I see why she was the only fan allowed on set.....
Lucky girl..........
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oooooohhhh mmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Gawd!!!

He took of his sunglasses???

Imagine Bono, slowly taking off the shades, leaning closer to you, so you can look deep into his baby blues.

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I am so horribly jealous!!!!!!!!!!!

What an incredible story though! Lucky, lucky gal!!!!

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Wow I dream of meeting the boys for like 5 minutes but that is just amazing. Can you imagine. Wow I'm going to have to go and read that again.
Wow making suggestions to improve the video, being invited for a drink, photos, trying on the shades........... *thud*
She is one lucky girl.
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wow.. she is very lucky! im quite envious. I wonder how she scored that opportunity.
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Believe it or not, I had actually stumbled across this website when I was on google image search awhile back looking for U2 pictures. If I recall correctly, the story was in French and I had to run it through the Alta Vista translator. What an amazing story. If I were to choose a realistic U2 fantasy, I think this would be it.

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What a cool story !!!

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That is the most amazing story I have ever heard ... EVER! WOW!! Thanks for posting that...and all those pics, unbelievable!
I would have died ...
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Cool, thanks for posting!

I've seen his baby blue eyes in the freeze frame so many times I feel like I'm his very best friend~~~~
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Oh Thank You Ally! What a Beautiful thought and pictures to have in my head while heading for work today! Thanx, with special thanks to Elodie! Wow!
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If I could ever imagine me meeting the band, in the perfect setting, this would be it!
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I like her web sight, especially the Ahh...Sha La logo.

Lucky girl!
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HOLY COW!!!! What an awesome story. gah!!

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