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Originally Posted by hcbiggs2002 View Post
We have a saying here in Finland, "The poor can't afford to cheaply" which basically backs up what Last Unicorn said about cheap clothing. And even though the same may not necessairly be so for skin care products, but my point was that Ali's Nude is no more expensive, at least comparing them to the average prices of skin care products in Finland, than any of the high end products from Channel, Christian Dior and Juvena etc.
That was one of my points, really. I understand that a small company that uses organic materials and practices fair trade policies will necessarily have higher prices. I do think that Nude and Edun could be priced lower and still have a reasonable profit. Perhaps I have chosen the wrong words and portrayed Ali as elitist, which I did not really mean to do. I do think that both Nude and Edun target a high income clientele that would ordinarily purchase from some of the companies you mentioned--Chanel, Christian Dior and so forth.

I also didn't mean to come across as a whiny American who thinks that we have the highest cost of living in the entire world, because I know that isn't true. I've discovered how expensive things are in Europe. It's even worse for us American tourists because our dollar is practically worthless! Unfortunately Ireland is one of the most expensive countries that I personally have been to. When I was there last fall I just tried not to think about how much everything was costing me. Too painful.

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Originally Posted by andromeda View Post
Sorry but she has a few lines there. And as for her being Irish president - umm don't you need experience in politics first like being a minister or something. Being the wife of a rocker who campaigns doesn't really qualify. Shes a great role model and all that, and she could well be a good president ... but that article is exaggerating her experience and capabilities.
Ahh, but she is still stunning even with the few lines. The reason I think she would make a good president is actually because she has not been a minister or anything like that. I don't know how Ireland's political system works, but it seems to me that Ali would be a "people's president" - someone who represents the average Irish person more than a typical minister-turned-president would. I don't know, that's just my opinion. As for the products being expensive, I think, as Rosebud mentioned, she wanted to show that it was possible to run a business in a profitable but ethical way - that she wanted to set an example. I think it's probably easier to do this when you have an elite line - a lot of the more moderately priced clothes/skincare seem to be based off more expensive versions. Also, I guess you might expect products that have been produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly way to cost more than products that are produced in a way that is totally profit-focused. As long as the products are of high quality, in my opinion, it's fine that they're on the expensive side, even though I probably wouldn't be able to buy them on a regular basis either!

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That was a great read. Thanks so much for posting it
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Nude is really interesting from a marketing & PR point of view.

If you read the description of the product they say that there are all sorts of exotic ingredients in there - buriti oil and argan extract etc. it makes the product sound really different.

But when you go to look at what predominant ingredients are in the products you see that very generic and cheap ingredients make up most of the products base like vanilla oil and jojoba oil and apricot and wheatgerm oil. The exotic ingredients make up a small part of the product. The Body Shop and other organic skin care brands have products that have very very similar ingredients at a fraction of the price. So, I don't know why there has to be a big charge before the brand has had a chance to really build up a reputation.

Quite possibly there is a big charge in products to cover the PR companies/people who work for Edun. There always seems to be something promoting Edun (hence the article on how Ali is supposedly a good President candidate); this is very good PR bluff to make Edun/Nude sound more interesting and credible than it is.

Nude (and Edun) for that matter are charging a similar price for high end brands like Estee Lauder and Ralph Lauren. But I doubt that when Estee Lauder started up they charged an arm and a leg for the products. You need to build up brand awareness and then slowly as the brands gets more popular and more prestigious then the prices can creep up.

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ali hewson

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