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Ahhh, it's FINALLY back! The MacPhisto Society!!!

Larry: Bona!!
*Larry strides down the hallway to his bedroom, calling Bona's name along the way in an attempt to wake her. He enters the room and stops at the sight of her lying peacefully asleep on the bed, a strand of blonde curl falling softly onto her face. He smiles and sighs at the sight of her, part of him wishing he didn't have to wake her. He walks up to her and sits on the edge of the bed, brushing the strand of curl out of her face. He leans down and kisses her lips gently, and she moans and her eyes flutter open.*
Larry: *his face still inches from hers* Rise and shine, sleeping beauty.
Bona: *moans* Now?
Larry: Yes. *kiss* Now. We need to get to Mac's.
Bona: Lars, the wedding isn't for another 2 days...
Larry: You don't honestly expect *kiss* Mac and Bluey *kiss* to set everything up *kiss* themselves do you?
Bona: *kiss* You're right.
Larry: They're expecting us. *kiss* Let's go.
*Bona rises and dresses, gathering her things into a bag.*
Larry: Where's the dress?
Bona: At Mac's already. Bluey took it with her when we bought it Wednesday. I couldn't take the chance of you seeing it before the wedding.
Larry: I see. And the invitations?
Bona: Sending them out now.

*In the same manner as before, an invitation arrives on everyone's doorstep, pearly white engraved with gold lettering.*

"Come! Rejoice with us and witness the union of Bonaphisto and Lawrence Joseph Mullen Jr. in holy matrimony! The ceremony takes place at the ever so expansive mansion of the Mr. MacPhisto. Do hurry, the festivities begin immediately and may never end!!!"

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*The Fly woke up a split second before his alarm went off. He unplugged the source of the buzzing and turned over in bed, stretching, and tangling himself in his leapord print sheets. Today was the day.Well, he knew the wedding was probably not today, or even tommorow, but he couldn't wait any longer. He jumped out of bed, taking the sheets with him and almost skipped to the shower. All he could think about this long week was Bluephisto.*
The Fly: *Singing loudly in the shower* I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of? Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do doooo. *He had a weakness for belting out old pop tunes when he was happy, which he was today...He was no fool, he knew she had just spent a week with Macphisto at his gloomy mansion, but The Fly figured that anyone who had to spend a week straight with that bore must be ready for a little refreshment. The Fly jumped out of the shower.*
The Fly: Ahhh fuck! *He slipped, and caught himself on the towel rack, ripping the towel rack off the wall. Never liked that one anyway. *He tossed it into the corner and began to shave with glee, which resulted in more than a couple nick marks.* I'm just a DAMN! love machine, and I don't OWW! Goddamn sharp razor! work for nobody but you.... *He splashed some water on his face and examined his mug in the mirror. Satisfied, he ran into his bedroom and slid across the black floor, opening a closet that looked like an oil tank accident, row upon row of shiney black leather packed the small room. He tried on many almost identical suits, spinning in front of his mirror before ripping the suits off and throwing them on the floor. Finally, he settled on one particularly flattering combonation and he slid down the bannister of the long staircase to his kitchen which for all it's spaciousness and chrome, was basically a table with a coffee maker. The Fly downed several cups of very strong coffee and set out to his car when he stopped his frenetic morning routine and looked at the gold ring sitting on the table. He rubbed his cleft chin in contemplation for a moment and picked it up, remembering when she wore this not so long ago...maybe she would wear it again. He tucked it in his pocket.*
The Fly: Just in case... *He jumped in his black convertible and opened the glove box, several pairs of huge black shades tumbled onto the floor. He picked a pair up, swerving into on coming traffic and put them on, waving at the honking knot of drivers he left behind him. Macphisto's mansion was hours away, but the way The Fly drove, he's be there in about fourty-five minutes.*

*Bluephisto peered in the bedroom doorway at her sleeping fiance. Macphisto had really taken to his newfound ability to sleep, but Bluey didn't mind, she had her hands full helping Bona with the wedding arrangements. She considered crawling back into bed with him, but he looked so peaceful and she didn't want to disturb him.She had lost that luxury of slumber but she loved watching him like this, his black hair fell around his pale forehead in decadent waves, and the light fell gently across his perfect, glamourous face. Since he had become an angel, Macphisto looked younger and even more handsome than he had when he was a devil. She closed the door softly, wondering how much she had changed since she had become a devil herself. One thing was for certain, the world was a colder place now, she was always freezing and had taken to hovering near the many fireplaces in the mansion just to keep from shivering. The light from the fireplace she stood in front of now refracted in her ring, it was stunning. Macphisto had given her a ring bearing a sapphire of almost supernatural brilliance surrounded by several diamonds. She protested, saying she didn't need anything so ostentatious, but he insisted, saying he chose it to match her eyes. No one knew they were engaged yet, they wanted to keep it private until after Bona and Larry's wedding so that they didn't detract from the other couple's big day. Besides, there was something romantic about a secret engagement. She smiled to herself, admiring the ring when she heard a voice behind her.*
The Fly: Hey gorgeous, come here often?
*She turned, The Fly stood behind her grinning mischeviously from under his trademark shades. He wrapped her in a massive hug, lifting her off the ground and kissed her cheek*
The Fly: Aw, baby you have no idea how much I missed you! How are you sugar?
Bluephisto: Fine, fine, I'm doing just great. You?
The Fly: *Taking off his shades, revealing his surprising blue eyes* I'm much better now sweetness. *Looking her up and down* You look amazing...
Bluephisto: Thank you, you look good too.
The Fly: Baby, have you lost weight?
Bluephisto: I really don't know.
The Fly: *With a hand on his hip, mock outrage* I knew I shouldn't have left you here, I mean at least I would have fed you at my place, poor baby! Wanna go right now? *He takes her by the hand and starts to walk her out of the room* We can sit in my big t.v. room and order chinese takeout from this place that still gives it to you in these little white cartons and we'll have a floor picnic! *Bluephisto laughs and pulls back*
Bluephisto: Sorry Fly, I have so much to do here before the wedding...
The Fly: Well, I'm the man for you then, you're looking at the guy who once planned a whole wedding in one day! I'm a pro at this.
Bluephisto: *awkwardly* Yes, I remember... *They look at each other in silence for the first time since he arrived. A voice rings out from the other end of the room*
Macphisto: Well, I wasn't aware that we had guests. *The Fly puts his shades back on and Macphisto glides over to Bluey, sliding his arm around her and kissing her forehead gently*
Macphisto: Good morning dearest... *Bluey murmurs to him too softly for The Fly to hear, and Macphisto smiles, almost forgetting The Fly is there until the rock star clears his throat*
The Fly: AHEM...*Bluey and Macphisto look up* Oh sorry, I have something..uhh...in my throat. Nice to see you again Mac.
Macphisto: *dryly* Always a pleasure.
*There is a moment of tension between the two men, The Fly wishing he could shake the smirk from Macphisto's face, and Macphisto cursing The Fly's calculated early arrival. The unmistakable sound of a harley pulling up drifts through the windows and Bluephisto excuses herself to go meet the couple at the door. Mac and The Fly regard each other suspiciously. *
The Fly:*sarcastically* Gee, I missed you.
Macphisto:Yes, I was just thinking to myself that I haven't had a really good headache in about a week.
*Larry and Bona's voices can be heard in the hallway, and Macphisto brushes past The Fly*
Macphisto: Excuse me, I have some business to attend to.
The Fly: No problem sweetheart, you know I love it when you leave.
*Macphisto glares at him as he leaves*
Macphisto: I've just had a fantastic week Fly, not even your little quips can upset me.
*Macphisto grins slyly savouring the effect his words have on his rival and exits, shutting the door a little harder than he needs to*
The Fly: *Walking towards the door to greet Bona and Larry* Pompous son of a bitch...

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*Larry's Harley pulls up to the mansion with a roar and Bona is reluctant to let go of her future husband. She gives him a giant squeeze, and he climbs off the bike. She follows and he stops suddenly, turning to face her and wrapping his arms around her and planting a firm kiss on her lips and it comes again, again and again until finally, within the throws of a passionate makeout session, Bona pulls away.*
Bona: We need to go inside.
*Larry looks at her mischeviously and grins*
Bona: The MANSION, Larry. We need to go inside the mansion.
Larry: C'mon.
*Larry takes her hand and they go inside the mansion, venturing down a hallway and they chat about the decorations and plans as Bona explains what she and Bluey have discussed. Bluey soon comes rushing down the hallway and Bona drops Larry's hand and runs toward her. They embrace excitedly*
Bona: Bluey!! So good to see you!!
Bluey: You too!! How are you feeling with the baby and all?
Bona: I've been sick the past few days, but I'm feeling much better today.
Bluey: You'd better be!
*The Fly saunters up to Larry and the two men shake hands and The Fly wanders up to Bona, sqeezing her in a giant hug and he plants a kiss on her cheek. The four walk into the ballroom, where the ceremony will be held and find MacPhisto standing near the fireplace, smoking a cigar and as they enter he turns and walks elegantly toward Bona and Larry.*
MacPhisto: Hello, hello, fabulous to see you again!
The Fly: I thought you had "business" to take care of?
MacPhisto: It occured to me that greeting a happy couple right now is much more important, thank you.
The Fly: Alright then.
*MacPhisto wraps a pair of strong arms around Bona and plants a genuine kiss on her cheek, and gives Larry a handshake.*
Bluey: Let's settle your things, shall we?
Bona: Sure.
*Bluey and Bona head off to a room, while the guys stay behind. They enter the very same bedroom that Bona and Larry spent the majority of their time in not so long ago, and Bona stops upon entering, remembering what happened here and she shudders.*
Bluey: You okay, hon?
Bona: Yeah, I'm fine. Memories, that's all. When are Adam and Bono supposed to be here?
Bluey: I imagine soon. They wanted to help as much as they could. Besides, Adam's picking up the flowers and Bono's in charge of the rest of the decorations... we can't really do much until they get here.
*Bona has wandered over to the closet where she has stood admiring the dress she and Bluey picked out days before.*
Bona: I'm tempted to try it on, Bluey.
Bluey: Not now, Larry should be on his way over here.
*Bona places the dress in the closet and shuts the doors just as Larry walks in and sets his things down, the other two men directly behind him.*
Bona: Why don't you get settled while Bluey and I kind of run through the details in the other room?
Larry: Sure.
*Bluey and Bona walk out towards the ballroom and Bona turns to Bluey*
Bona: You know, I have to say that Mackie looks stunning lately! So much younger... and you look great, but I have to be honest, you look a bit worn out, no?
*Bluey seems a bit nervous and breathes deeply before answering*
Bluey: I suppose you could put it that way, yeah...
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*Echo and ScottPhisto sit on the floor of Echo's apartment, eating macaroni and cheese out of a big pan and watching "Mystery Science Theater 3000."*

SCOTTPHISTO: There must be more to life than eating macaroni and cheese out of a big pan and watching "Mystery Science Theater 3000."

ECHO: Oh God I hope not.

*There is a shuffling outside Echo's door.*

ECHO: Mail's here! *Jumps up and retrieves letters. Shuffles through them...* Check it out! This one's from MacPhisto!

SCOTTPHISTO: How can you tell?

ECHO: Well, the red paper is very distinctive....not to mention it smells like liquor, cologne, and cigar smoke. *Reads* Well what do you know about that. We've been invited to Bona and Larry's wedding! We'd better go get ready!

SCOTTPHISTO: But...*reads* it says the wedding's not for a couple days yet.


SCOTTPHISTO: Well aren't glamorous creatures supposed to arrive fashionably LATE?

ECHO: What are you, new? Oh, wait, you are. See, the thing about gatherings at MacPhisto's, they don't actually have a beginning or an ending...we just sort of pretend they do for civilility's sake. Now come help me pick out something to wear.

SCOTTPHISTO: Man...I guess I have a lot to learn.

ECHO: Don't think of it merely as a learning experience, darling....It's a musical journey...

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Originally posted by Bonavoix:
Bona: You know, I have to say that Mackie looks stunning lately! So much younger... and you look great, but I have to be honest, you look a bit worn out, no?
*Bluey seems a bit nervous and breathes deeply before answering*
Bluey: I suppose you could put it that way, yeah...
Bona: What do you mean dear?
Bluey: *Shaking her head as though she is trying to clear it* Oh just tired lately I guess. I'm not used to this devil thing.
Bona: *Bona notices that Bluephisto's shoulders are quite a bit thinner than when last she saw her* I hope you haven't worn yourself out over the wedding.
Bluey: *Absentmindedly while she yawns* Oh, no, no. We haven't even begun to plan it yet.*She walks closer to the fire, rubbing her hands together*
Bona: *Pausing and letting Bluey's words sink in* Wait a minute...*She impishly grabs Bluey's left hand and gasps at the astounding ring on her finger. She yells:* BLUEY!! OH MY GOD!
*There is an immediate and insistent knock at the door*
Macphisto: Is everything alright in there?
Bluephisto: *Making shushing motions at an excited Bona with one hand as she opens the door and extends her other hand to calm her protective fiance. After last week she can hardly blame him for his concern.* Yes darling, we're fine in here, Bona is crazy that's all.
Macphisto: *Relaxing* Oh that's all is it?
Bluephisto: *Laughing* Yes. We're just fine dear.*She kisses him and smiles as she shuts the door. Bona is hopping up and down and clapping her hands*
Bona: *Not yelling this time*Oh my God! When did this happen?
Bluephisto: After everyone left last week.
Bona: I can't believe it! *Like a schoolgirl, she pulls Bluey to a couch and leans in close* How did he ask you?
Bluephisto: He didn't.
Bona: He didn't?
Bluephisto: *smiling* No, after everyone left, I asked him to marry me.
Bona: No!!! Get out! That's great! No wonder he looks so happy, congratulations darling! Did you get down on one knee and everything?
Bluephisto: *smiling* Yes, I did.
Bona: *Nothing could make a giddy bride to be happier than seeing other people headed down the same path* Bluey! That's just, WOW! Why didn't you tell me?
Bluephisto: We don't want to impose on you and Larry and we kind of felt like keeping it secret for a while. It's nice to be quiet about something for a change.
Bona: You do seem quieter dear.
Bluephisto: Oh just worn out, you know. I'm sure I'll wake up when all the guests arrive. Are you cold Bona?
Bona: Oh no, not at all, in fact I was just going to say that it's rather warm in here.
Bluephisto: Oh. *She folds her arms across her chest* I just can't stay warm! I feel like crawling in the fireplace. I suppose devils are a little more sensitive to being cold, it's so warm down...there. *Bluey kind of stares at the fireplace for a second. Bona touches her shoulder and furrows her brow in concern*
Bona: Bluey, darling, you are a little warm yourself. Are you feeling alright?
Bluey: *Laughs* I'm standing next to a fire Bona, that could make anyone warm.
Bona: Right, well, I won't tell anyone about the engagement. Not even Larry. Really. And now I don't feel so bad about you doing all this work for me, I can just return the favour for you! We can go dress shopping again! I'm so happy for you two. That's just unbelieveable...
*The door opens and The Fly sticks his head in grinning*
The Fly: Hey gorgeous, *He notices Bona standing there too* and "friend of gorgeous"! Just wondering if you lovely ladies need a drink or anything? I am willing to be your cabana boy...I look great in a grass skirt.
Bona: I can't drink Fly, thanks.
Bluephisto: As long as you're getting something I'll have a glass of red wine. *Bona looks at Bluey in surprise, she's not used to her being able to drink yet*
The Fly: Sure thing beautiful. *He looks Bluey up and down and leans in the room even farther* Hey, Bluey baby, you look tense...I give a great massage! Would you like one? HEY! *The Fly is abruptly removed from the doorway by an unseen hand
and Macphisto returns to the room in a second with Bluey's wine. She brightens as soon as he enters the room.*

Bona: What happened to our waiter?
Macphisto: He has been... alternatively employed I'm afraid. *He hands the glass to Bluephisto, brushing his fingers against hers as he does so. He grins at her seductively and kisses her cheek, Bluephisto doesn't need to be an angel to read his thoughts and she smiles back.*
Bluephisto: Thank you.
Macphisto: My pleasure...*He kisses her again and wishes he were alone with her, but Bona is still in the room, so he composes himself and refrains from taking it any further* Adam and Bono are back, would you care to go and meet them? *He offers his arm to Bluephisto*
Bluephisto: Of course...*She slides her arm through his and leans against him gently as they walk out of the room. Bona follows, walking beside Bluephisto, astonished at the intensity of their short exchange.*

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*Bluey and MacPhisto enter the bedroom, Bona close behind and Adam sits on the bed, showing Larry a tux and Bono stands not far off, near the piano. Bona practically runs across the room and into Bono's arms. He lifts her up and spins her around and gives her a kiss on the lips, but holds her a bit longer than necessary. For a moment, she's caught in his eyes but comes to her senses quickly.*
Bona: How have you been?
Bono: Great. It's been a nice week off.
Adam: What, no hello for me?
*Bona walks up to a grinning Adam and embraces him excitedly.*
Bona: Ugh, that grin! No wonder you're an angel.
*Adam laughs and suddenly Bona's knees buckle. Adam's arm shoots out and catches her in mid-fall and she is totally reliant on him.*
Adam: Hmm, didn't think my smile could do that much damage.
Bona: No, no. It wasn't that, it was my... *she lurches forward in pain* ...my stomach.
Larry: *rushing over to her and taking her from Adam* What's wrong?
*She breaks quickly from Larry's embrace and runs toward the bathroom, rushing in and shutting the door, leaving the others in the room completely astonished. Only MacPhisto stands looking at the door, a look of deep anger coming over his face.*
Larry: She's been sick this week, but she hasn't gotten this sick in a few days now...
MacPhisto: Has she told you anything else about her symptoms?
Larry: No.
*MacPhisto suddenly rises and walks quickly into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. He turns to find Bona hunched over the toilet. When she finishes vomiting she moves over to the sink and washes her face, taking a long drink of water and rinsing her mouth. MacPhisto speaks softly, his silky voice giving way to an undertone of urgency.*
MacPhisto: You know what's wrong, don't you?
Bona: No, but I have a suspicion.
MacPhisto: *walks up to her and wraps an arm around her, she rests her head on his shoulder, weak.* Your symptoms are completely compliant with---
Bona: I know, Mackie. I know. The pain, it's... it's unlike anything I've experienced.
MacPhisto: Times like this I wish I was still a devil. Then I could help you... but I'm afraid there's nothing I can do.
Bona: My god, Mackie... *she sobs into his shoulder and he rests his head onto hers, kissing the top of her head protectively* Mackie, what did they do to my baby?
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*Macphisto looks up at Bluey and gently hands Bona over to a concerned Larry. He wraps an arm around his beloved's waist and guides her out to the other room.*
*Larry sits her down on the bed and sits beside her.*
Larry: Are you okay?
Bona: Larry... the baby...
Larry: What is it?
*Bona looks back toward the bathroom door and the three angels and Bluey. They speak softly, but Larry and Bona can still make out what they're saying.*
Bono: The baby isn't... right.
Bluey: Oh God... Screwtape.
Adam: We think it's a demon.
Bluey: [/b]*Loosing her temper*[/b] That BASTARD! That lying rat Bastard!!! I knew he'd try and weasel out of it. God damn it!
*Bluey rushes out of the room, leaving the three angels standing there. Larry is stock still, his face hard as stone. He turns back to Bona slowly and dives into her eyes with his.*
Larry: Why didn't you say anything?
Bona: I wasn't sure. I mean, I was pretty sure but I didn't want to concern you if I ended up being wrong. *choking up* As of right now there's nothing we can do...
*She leans on Larry's shoulder and he holds her tightly, protectively and he rubs her back. She wipes tears from her eyes as MacPhisto takes her hand and pulls her up off the bed. He takes her into his arms and speaks softly, his voice in a whisper like silken comfort in her ears.*
MacPhisto: We'll find a way... we'll figure out something and it'll all be right again I promise.
Bona: *through tears* Tell Bluey it's not her fault.
MacPhisto: I will. Be sure of it.
Bona: Thank you.
*He kisses her gently on the lips, something he hasn't done in a very long while. Larry tilts his head and his face becomes harder, giving MacPhisto a glare.*
MacPhisto: You'll be okay, love.
Adam: You should go to Bluey, Mac.
*MacPhisto nods and walks out the door. Bona sits back on the bed and Larry takes her in his arms again, whispering to her and wiping tears from her eyes. He plants kisses on her face and brushes hair out of her eyes. The other two angels have been standing across the room, watching and they talk with concern in whispers.*
Bono: Did you sense Mac's thoughts?
Adam: Yeah.
Bono: They weren't kidding when they told us Bona could bring a guy to his knees...
Adam: Well, he loves her, but not as much as he loves Bluey. For right now I think it'll be okay. Besides Bona's too lost in Larry... speaking of, I think they need some time alone.
*They look over at Bona and Larry, now in mid-kiss but it's obvious they're holding back because of the other two beings in the room.*
Bono: Let's go figure out what happened to Fly and then get Mac and Bluey to start with the wedding arrangements.
Adam: Excellent idea... The first guests could arrive as soon as tonight.
*The two angels exit the room, closing the door behind them and Bona and Larry lie back onto the bed, Larry showering kisses all over Bona's face and neck and she clutches him tightly...*
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*The Fly had been down in the wine cellar trying to make himself useful by restocking the bar. He carried all the bottles up one at a time refilling a glass with a little sample from each one that he called his "cabana boy tax". His task completed, or as near completed as his attention span would allow, he set out to find Bluey again and to try and catch up with her. He wandered the halls opening door after door onto immaculate empty rooms just waiting for the nearly arriving guests. He sang under his breath and paused to fix his black hair in every mirror he passed.*
The Fly: These boots are made for walkin' and that's just what they'll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over- *He stopped singing. It's hard to sing when you are choking on your own tounge. He opened a door to find Macphisto jacketless, and with his shirt unbuttoned, lying on top of Bluephisto on the floor.They were kissing passionately, and his hands were sliding the straps of her dress off her shoulders. Macphisto looked up at the sound and the light, The Fly stood in the doorway looking down at him with his mouth open.*
The Fly: *Uncharacteristically tounge tied and shy* Wow...umm, sorry I didn't know I was interrupting...*He shut the door and stood dazed in the hallway for a second before stumbling to the bar.*
*After the door shut Bluephisto raised herself up on her elbows and turned to look,*
Bluephisto: Was that Fly?
Macphisto: Yes, he never knocks does he?
Bluephisto: *She sighs and stands up, brushing the wrinkles from her dress* I should go talk to him.
Macphisto: What for?
Bluephisto: Well he has no idea that you and I are...together. I can't just let him go on like this.
Macphisto: I think he knows now. *He starts to kiss her shoulders and she shivers* Cold darling?
Bluephisto: A little. *Macphisto drapes his jacket over her shoulders and uses it to pull her to him. He kisses her hard on the mouth and she starts to take his shirt off, but she stops herself and breaks away flushed and laughing*
Bluephisto: You are terrible!
Macphisto: *Innocently, but running a hand down the front of her dress* I don't understand what you are talking about...
Bluephisto: I have to go talk to him.
Macphisto: *Kissing her long neck* You have to do that now? Right now?
Bluephisto: Mmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmm, yes now...before he does something stupid.
Macphisto: *Unbuttoning the back of her dress and kissing her roughly* He's always doing something stupid...there's no rush. *She throws her arms around him and pulls him back down to the floor*
Bluephisto: No, I don't suppose there is...

*The Fly sat at the bar staring at his scotch. All the clean glasses were packed away so he grabbed a tea cup from the kitchen and filled it to the brim. He was halfway done his third teacup when Bona came in. She looked exhausted as though she had been crying.*
Bona: Hey Fly...where have you been?
Fly: Oh you know, just...places.
Bona: I see...What's the matter?
Fly: Nothin'. Just feel like drinking scotch out of a tea cup. What's so wrong with that?
*Bona looked at The Fly, he was certainly a handsome man, ridiculous, but handsome.She waited for his usual torrent of words, but the silence stretched out between them like a desert.*
Bona: Fly...I know you too well for this. You've never been that concise.
Fly: So?
Bona: So...what's wrong?
Fly: *He cradles the gold teacup in his hand and swirls the remaining liquor against the sides of the cup.* I just ran into Mac and Bluey...*His speech drifts off and he finishes the cup in one gulp, reaching for the bottle to refill it*
Bona: *Thinking she knows what happened* Ohhhhh, so you know.
Fly: Yeah, I do. Bit of a shock. I mean I knew she stayed here and everything so I mean what do I expect? But at the same time it was like...bit of a shock.
Bona: I know, I'm happy for them.
Fly: You are?
Bona: Oh yeah, I mean I never thought Macky would get married!
Fly: *He freezes in mid gulp, the hot liquid slides down his frozen throat* Married? What do you mean married?
Bona: You know.
Fly: I do not fucking know!
Bona: Oh my God...*She covers her mouth* You didn't know. I'm so sorry, I'm not thinking straight right now with the baby and all.
Fly: *He drops the china cup to the floor, letting it crumble at his feet* Please tell me that you just made all that up to scare me right Bona? Baby? Right?
Bona: Sorry Fly...I think Bluey wanted to tell you.
*The Fly sits there in silence, looking at his teacup on the floor. Bona has never seen this happen before, she narrows her eyes and tries to touch him on the shoulder but he pulls back, still wordless.*
Bona: Fly? Fly...say something, you're scaring me.
*He gets up as if Bona weren't even there and runs back towards the drawing room he stumbled in on earlier. Macphisto walked out of the room, straightening his jacket. Macphisto smiled and leaned back in the door, obviously kissing her. Finally he walked down the hall towards his office with a contented smirk on his face that made the Fly want to break it. As soon as Macphisto was in the office, The Fly opened the door to the drawing room, and slammed it shut, locking it and throwing a chair in front of the door, jamming it under the knob. Bluephisto turned at the commotion, clutching her dress to her.*
Bluephisto: Fly, what are you....
Bluephisto: Oh God, who told you?
Fly: Are you? Are you going to marry HIM!?
Bluephisto: Just let me get dressed we can talk about this...*She motions for him to turn around but he steps towards her, ripping his shades off to reveal tortured blue eyes*
Fly: Why? Why are you doing this? Bluey... you're smarter than this.
Bluephisto: I'm marrying him because I love him Fly.
Fly: I know, yes you love him but Bluey..baby, you can't trust him. He's just gonna hurt you.
Bluey: No...Fly he's an angel now, he can't lie. I can trust him.
Fly: *He looks into her eyes desperately and seriously* Bluey, it doesn't matter who he works for he's the SAME GUY!!! I can't let you do this. I can't!
Bluey: Well I'm a big girl Fly...I can make my own decisions.
Fly: Come here, I need to show you something...*He quickly grabs her and plants his lips on hers. She pushes him away with one hand, keeping her dress between them with another. She slaps him hard across the face and backs up, breathing hard* See Bluey? You're a devil now. You're a temptress from Hell and you still resisted even kissing me because you know it's wrong....
Bluey: Your point is?
Fly: It doesn't matter...angel, human, devil, whatever! The point is you are the same sweet girl that you always were and you always will be...and he's going to be the same jerk that cheated on you. No matter who he works for. Don't you get it?
Bluey: *Starting to cry* Fly...don't do this. It's different now.
Fly: Honey, if you really knew that it really was, you wouldn't be crying right now.
Bluey: Leave me alone.
Fly: Baby, I just don't want you to be hurt again. Besides, I love you. I'm not just going to step aside here unless I knew you would be happier with him than you would with me.
Bluey: I love him!
Fly: You love me...
Bluey: Shut up.
Fly: *He takes her by the shoulders and forces her to look him in the eye* Baby, if you can look me in the eye right now and tell me that you do not love me at all, even a bit...I will leave you alone forever and you can do whatever the Hell you want. So go ahead.
*Bluey just stares at him. She wants to say it, but the words just won't leave her lips. The Fly starts to smile.*
Fly: I've been thinking about you all week. I missed you so much. You do whatever you want, but I'm not going anywhere.
*Bluey almost replies but starts to cough a little, the cough gets worse...and she leans on The Fly for support. The Fly begins to get concerned*
Fly: Bluey, honey...are you alright?
*She keeps coughing, deep, hacking coughs that come from her chest. She can't catch her breath and her eyes begin to water. The Fly picks her up and carries her to the couch, setting her on the cushions. He holds her hair out of her face and rubs her back until finally, the fit subsides. She lies back, exhausted and The Fly fetches her a drink of water*
Fly: Baby, what the Hell was that?
Bluey: Nothing.
Fly: That wasn't nothing. Are you alright?
Bluey: I'm fine, I just have a little cough, it will go away.
*There is a knock at the door*
Macphisto: Bluey, darling...is everything alright?
Bluey: Everything's fine... *She motions for The Fly to turn around and she throws her dress on*
Macphisto: Why is the door locked?
Bluephisto: Oh is it?
Macphisto: Yes...let me in.
*The Fly moves the chair out of the way and opens the door. Macphisto flinches at seeing him in the locked room with Bluey. He brushes past him to Bluey on the couch*
Macphisto: What's going on?
Bluey: We were just talking.
Macphisto: really?
Bluey: Yes, really.
*Macphisto can sense something is wrong but he doesn't know what...The Fly has now puthis glasses on again and leans against a chair*
Fly: Just catching up on old times...
*Macphisto glares at him, but turns to Bluey and takes her hand*
Macphisto:Bona wanted to see you dearest. Shall we?
Bluephisto: Of course. *She walks out with Macphisto who lets her hand go as soon as she is in the hall and circles back on The Fly*
Macphisto: What are you doing?
Fly: I don't know what you mean...
Macphisto: Look, it's obvious that something happened here. She's upset and she was fine when I left just a few minutes ago.
Fly: Mac, you're overreacting.
Macphisto: *With the calm of a hammer being drawn back on a gun* Allow me to make this perfectly clear. Stay away from her or I will take great pleasure in ensuring that you never see her again...if you ever see anything else at all. Understood?
Fly: *Trying to be nonchalant* Yeah, sure thing Mac. Whatever you say. *The Fly looks away and Macphisto steps back and walks out to rejoin Bluey*
Fly: Congratulations by the way...How'd you get her to say yes?
Macphisto: *He stops and turns only slightly as he gloats over his shoulder* Thank you, Fly...but she didn't say yes...I did. *Macphisto walks out*
*The Fly sits heavily in the chair beside him and is silent for some time*
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*Bona walks back to the room, where Larry still lies asleep after their lovemaking. Guilt sweeps over her like a great wind for what she let slip to The Fly, and she crawls under the covers and cuddles up next to Larry, burying her face into his neck and she sighs. Larry awakes and tightens his grip on her.*
Larry: You okay?
Bona: Yeah... I just promised Bluey I'd keep a secret and I let it slip that's all... I'm feeling incredibly guilty.
Larry: Well, you've had a rough day and all... your mind is a little out of whack right now.
Bona: But still... I should have been a little more careful. I probably caused a whole truck load of trouble.
*Larry laughs at the way she phrased this last comment, and he rises from the bed, throwing his pants on hastily. He sits back down again without his shirt and smiling, kisses her rather hard and after a few blissful seconds, he sits up again.*
Larry: Well there's gonna be a whole lot more trouble if we don't get started organizing this wedding we're having in a couple of days. C'mon.
*She rises from the bed and Larry, still shirtless, approaches her and wraps his arms around her. He kisses her and pulls her closer*
Larry: So how should I kiss you at the altar? Lightly, like this? *he demonstrates by placing a light brush across her lips and barely planting one on her. She laughs*
Bona: Hmm... that was nice, but I think you should kiss me a little harder...
Larry: Really? Like this? *He kisses her harder, parting her lips with his tounge.*
Bona: Mmm... *trying not to laugh* maybe without the tounge...
Larry: Ok... so like this... *his mouth comes down on hers with moderate pressure and he holds the kiss for a second, then slowly breaks it.*
Bona: *laughing through a moan* Mmmm, yeah that's the one...
*Larry comes down on her again, and MacPhisto walks in. The couple abruptly finishes their exchange*
MacPhisto: I'm sorry, I don't mean to interrupt...
Bona: No, no Mackie. You weren't.
MacPhisto: I wanted to check on you...
*Bona's slip comes flooding back to her and again the guilt comes back to her. She drops onto the bed and swallows tears.*
MacPhisto: What's wrong?
Bona: I need to talk to Bluey... could you have her come see me?
MacPhisto: Sure. Are you sure you're okay?
Bona: Yeah... I just broke a promise.
*She looks up at MacPhisto with guilt, and he reads her thoughts. He smiles a little, no trace of anger in his face.*
MacPhisto: I'll go get Bluey.
*He exits and Larry speaks up after a moment.*
Larry: Let's go into the ballroom and start planning, okay?
Bona: Sure.
*They rise and head into the ballroom, and sit for several minutes discussing placement of the altar, who will perform the ceremony and other small details. MacPhisto soon walks into the room with Bluey on his arm. She seems to almost be totally relying on his support to stay standing.*
Bona: Bluey, are you alright?
Bluey: Fine, fine. You wanted to talk?
Bona: Yeah... Bluey, I...
Bluey: What is it, Bona?
Bona: I'm sorry...
Bluey: *suddenly realizing what she's referring to* It was you?
Bona: *nodding and trying to hold back tears* Yes. It just slipped. I came in here to find something to eat and Fly was stocking the bar. We were talking and it just slipped.
*Bluey is silent, and Bona continues.*
Bona: Man, I've probably caused you two all kinds of trouble now. Like I haven't caused enough already... *she shoots Mac a guilty look and he chuckles to himself.*
Bluey: Bona... *sigh* You've had a very stressful day. I'm upset, but there's not much I can do about it, can I? *She rests a hand on Bona's shoulder* Besides, it's nothing Mackie can't handle. One or both of us can kick some serious ass if need be.
Bona: Forgive me?
Bluey: Yeah. I forgive you. As long as no one else finds out, everything will be okay.
*Mackie speaks up, in an attempt to clarify the confused and lost look on Larry's face.*
MacPhisto: You can't say anything to anyone else... we've been wanting to keep this a secret, we didn't want to take away from you two on your wedding...
Larry: I won't say a word.
MacPhisto: Bluey and I are getting married.
*Larry's eyes widen and he smiles.*
Larry: Congratulations! When did this happen?
Bluey: Last week after you left.
Larry: Wow. So how'd you do it, Mac?
MacPhisto: I didn't. She did.
Larry: That's incredible. Congratulations.
MacPhisto: Thank you.
*Adam and Bono walk into the ballroom and Bono grins, tossing Larry a shirt. He shakes his head and puts it on, realizing he's still shirtless.*
Adam: We better get set up, I have a feeling guests are already on their way.
Bona: Good idea...
*They all rise, but freeze when The Fly bursts into the room and walks determinedly toward MacPhisto.*
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SCOTTPHISTO: Hey, Echo, what should I wear? I mean, what is proper Macphisto-garb?

ECHO: What about that nice-

SCOTTPHISTO: I know!! I'll dress as Burt Bacharach and-

ECHO: No. Why not-

SCOTTPHISTO: OOH OOH!!! How about my Lemon Yellow Leisure Suit??

ECHO: God no! You've got the right idea with the "lemon" motif, but...a leisure suit?


ECHO: No. How about that awesome red zoot suit? You love that thing.

SCOTTPHISTO: True...you don't think it'll look too good, do you? I mean, I don't want to distract from Bono and the rest of the guys...



ECHO: *RECOVERED, WIPES TEAR FROM EYES* Oh...thanks. I needed a good laugh. But, seriously, wear the zoot suit. And don't forget the hat.

SCOTTPHISTO: Oh, man...the hat kinda chafes my horns...

ECHO: *sigh* Then punch a couple holes in it. Jeez, man...


ECHO: *SHAKING HEAD* Sorry, Scottphisto. It's a slight glitch in his programming. He occasionally wonders into peoples rooms and steals their clothing. C'mon, A.E., let's get you dressed.


SCOTTPHISTO: *TO SELF* Programming glitch my big blue bum...*LOOKS AROUND FOR TIE* Hey, Echo! *WALKS INTO ECHO'S ROOM* Have you seen my...*SEES A.EDGE'S NEKKID DARIERE* ...BY BONO'S ILLUMINATION!!!

ECHO: What? I haven't programmed him to dress himself yet...

SCOTTPHISTO: And now I know why. Anyway, have you seen my tie?

ECHO: On the table.



ECHO: Well, I'm ready. Let's...SCOTT!! Why aren't you dressed?

SCOTTPHISTO: Well, I figured why not wait. I learned this trick from Mac last week. In a puff of smoke, I will instantly be clothed and groomed!!
ECHO: Uh uh...

SCOTTPHISTO: No! Really!! Mac told me this would work! *STANDS, ARMS OUTSTRETCHED...CONCENTRATING* And...Gobbledygook! Let this Phisto be dressed in his best suit!! *PUFF OF SMOKE*






ECHO: Yer best suit alright...yer BIRTHDAY SUIT!! *FALLS OVER LAUGHING*

SCOTTPHISTO: Oh, Macphisto's gonna get it...*SCRAM!!*

ECHO: Hmm....another "elevated" thread comes to mind...


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Originally posted by Bonavoix:
*They all rise, but freeze when The Fly bursts into the room and walks determinedly toward MacPhisto.*
*Everyone looks to the Fly expecting a speech or a barb or some kind of tantrum.*
Bona: Fly...maybe you should -
*The Fly, angrier than anyone has ever seen him, punches a totally unprepared Macphisto in the face, with a fast right hook. Macphisto's head snaps back but faster than anyone's jaw can drop he has his hand around The Fly's throat and is squeezing. The Fly squirms out of his rival's grasp and they clash again, a blur of black and gold. By this time, Adam and Bono are trying to hold Macphisto back and Larry is almost on the enraged Fly's shoulders trying to wrestle him to the ground. The room is filled with shouting, the sound of breaking furniture, and grappling limbs. Bluephisto, forgetting that she is not an archangel anymore, steps between the two men in a split second...The Fly doesn't even see her and in the blink of an eye a fist he intended for Macphisto connects with Bluey's chin, knocking her to the ground. He freezes,*
The Fly: Baby...
*All the action in the room stops for a fraction of a second, it's as if the universe held it's breath. Bluephisto lays on the floor, stunned. It wasn't like it was when she was the assassin...this really hurt and the breath was knocked out of her. Suddenly, Macphisto and The Fly were both leaning over her, Macphisto silently horrified at her bleeding lip and already brusing cheek, and the Fly apologizing so furiously she could barely understand what he was saying*
The Fly: Oh my God, baby, I'm so so so sorry, I didn't even see you! Are you okay? Honey? I'm so sorry. I'd never ever meant to hit you honest to God, I'm so sorry.
*The Fly is suddenly shoved into a large gold framed mirror on the wall, breaking it. He falls to the floor in the middle of a pool of broken glass*
The Fly: Mac! I never meant to-
*If Macphisto just wanted to hurt the Fly before, he is now intent on killing him. Adam and Bono immediately grab Macphisto and try to restrain him but he still hits the Fly so hard that he falls to the ground, unconscious and bleeding. Macphisto shoves Adam and Bono away from him and runs to Bluey who is still laying on the ground where Bona and Larry crouch over her. Bona is trying to dry her cut with one of the towels from behind the bar, and Bluey winces involuntarily. Macphisto brushes Larry aside and pulls her close to him, speaking softly but frantically to her*
Macphisto: Bluey, darling, are you alright?
Bluephisto: I'm just a little...stunned. Wow..I guess I'm not an archangel anymore am I? *She looks up from her daze to Macphisto, he is bleeding as well* Are you alright?
Macphisto: I feel fine. *He helps her to her feet and she sways backwards. Bono, Larry and Macphisto all catch her at the same time. Macphisto picks her up like a doll and carries her out of the now trashed ballroom to his bedroom...their bedroom and he puts her in bed.*
Bluephisto: I'm fine, I was just surprised.
Macphisto: He hit you very hard love, you should rest a little.
Bluephisto: It was obviously an accident ...he'd never mean to..
Macphisto: Don't worry, I'm not going to kill him. *He pulls a white handkerchief from his suit and holds it gently to her split lip, absorbing the blood. Her expression softened as she watched him, he was so intently focused on her lip that he didn't bother to maintain his stylish facade, and despite the streaks of blood on his face and his messy hair, he looked exactly like an angel. She smiled and winced.*
Bluephisto: I don't think I've ever seen you look so handsome.
Macphisto: *he smiles and his eyes crinkle into half moons, and he says with unusual modesty* I think you have been hit in the head harder than I thought...
Bluephisto: I love you.
Macphisto: *He leans closer to her, sliding his arms up her back and kisses her split lip very very gently, healing it completely. Her lips tingle where he kissed her and he lays down on the bed with her, running his fingers through her hair.* You know I love you.
Bluephisto: *His fingers through her hair make her eyes droop closed* Are you putting me to sleep?
Macphisto: Yes...do you remember when you used to do this for me?
Bluephisto: *Falling asleep* Yes...but I don't need to ....*She is asleep*
Macphisto: Poor darling...you'll feel better when you wake up. *He lays on top of the covers with her for a while, touching her lightly and remembering when he thought he would never see her again. She never talked about those days in Hell, and he couldn't blame her...But she had been quieter since she returned, subdued. His poor angel. Funny, he still thought of her as his angel. He was the angel now, but he didn't feel it yet.
There was a knock at the door. Macphisto sighed and carefully, quietly made his way from the warm bed to the door. Adam stood there*

Adam: How is she?
Macphisto: Sleeping, she'll be alright. *He closed the door behind him and out of her presence his mood darkened.* So where is he?
Adam: Bono is taking care of him.
Macphisto: Somewhere I won't have to see him in the immediate future I hope.
Adam: You know he didn't hit her on purpose.
Macphisto: I don't care. As soon as he's conscious I want to speak to him.Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get cleaned up. *Macphisto returns to his room to make himself "presentable"*

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Bluephisto: What's going on?
*Bluey stands in the doorway of the bathroom half concerned for Bona, half wishing that Macphisto would not have kissed the top of her head. It had been easier and easier to allow her thoughts to become jealous and skeptical since she had been changed. Macphisto looks up at Bluey and gently hands Bona over to a concerned Larry. He wraps an arm around his beloved's waist and guides her out to the other room. Once safely outside he turns to talk to her, but Bono and Adam step in, eager for information. The three angels speak quickly and closely in a flowing language that Bluey has never heard before. Suddenly they all stop and look at her, Adam directs a phrase at her and his voice rises at the end, it sounds like a question. She realizes it is her lost tounge, the language of heaven, and she looks at the ground, ashamed.*
Bluephisto: I can't understand a word you said. *The angels pause sadly for a second, it's as if a great scholar had suddenly become illiterate. Bono translates*
Bono: The baby isn't...right.
Bluey: Oh God...Screwtape...
Adam: We think it's a demon.
Bluey: *Loosing her temper* That BASTARD! That lying rat Bastard!!! I knew he'd try and weasel out of it. God damn it! *She rushes out of the room, slamming the door. Macphisto follows and finds her in a drawing room pacing angrily. Her cheeks are flushed and her jaw is clenched. Out of frustration she rips the pin from her hair and it comes falling down like a long black curtain, obscuring her face.*
Macphisto:*Softly* Bluey...
Bluephisto: *She stops at a wall and stands there, breathing heavily, her back to Macphisto* WHAT!?
Macphisto: Are you alright?
Bluephisto: *Slamming her hand into the wall, denting the wood panelling. She turns, tears making her gunmetal eyes blaze in the firelight* NO! I'm not fucking alright!!! *She hits the wall again, Macphisto walks up behind her and places his hands on her shoulders. She stops and starts to cry. Macphisto pulls her to his chest, stroking her hair and kissing her head lovingly*
Bluephisto: It's my fault.
Macphisto: Don't be foolish...you know you did everything you could.
Bluephisto: *Almost hyperventillating* No, I didn't... I should ...I should have checked ...somehow...I, I should have made him tell me... I should have done better...
*It pains Macphisto to see Bluey like this. He holds her even closer, and closes his eyes as the scent of her hair drifts up to him. He honestly never imagined he would ever feel this way about anyone, or anything... this was a different kind of pleasure, it was specific. It was as if all the baccanalian delights he had ever been fond of had been distilled down into this creature he held. Only her skin, only her particular voice, only her eyes, only this woman could provoke such tenderness in such a previously careless being, and as a collector of jewels, works of art, and fine wine, he knew that such rarity is what made something priceless.*
Macphisto: Bluey, dearest...Darling, look at me. Please, look up, look at me. *She raised her tear stained eyes to his and he cradled her face in his large hands and reassured her in his velvet voice after he kissed her many times* Darling, you know that you did all you could, and if it had been up to me, you wouldn't have gone back at all. It's not the end of the world, we will think of something. Please don't cry dear...everything will be fine.
Bluephisto: How?
Macphisto: *Sitting on a sofa and pulling her down to him and wrapping her in his arms* I don't know yet...You know that no one in the world would ever blame you for this, you did everything you could.
Bluephisto: *She shivers and snuggles into Macphisto's chest, sliding her arms under his coat* I know, but it's just hard to think that maybe I could have...*He silences her with a kiss, which turns into another and another and another...They slide, kissing, from the couch to the floor when the door opens...*
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ECHO: What's that noise?

SCOTTPHISTO: I don't hear any noise.

ECHO: Your truck's making a clanking sound.

SCOTTPHISTO: I'm sure it's nothing.

ECHO: I hate riding in your truck.

SCOTTPHISTO: There's nothing wrong with my truck. It's a solid piece of machinery.

ECHO: Didn't it catch fire last week?

SCOTTPHISTO: Hey! That wasn't the truck's fault!

ECHO: Boy, that was an Unforgettable Fire if I ever saw one.

SCOTTPHISTO: No making fun of my truck! You wanna walk to the mansion, girlie? Because I don't have to drive you and the robot; I'm doing it out of the kindness of my heart!

(Echo glares silently at ScottPhisto and smirks)

SCOTTPHISTO: *sigh* Yes ma'am...

ECHO: That's what I thought.

*Animatronic Edge cannot speak, but makes a "whipped" gesture.*

SCOTTPHISTO: Hey I saw that! You should talk, ya twerpy bag a bolts. You're way more whipped than I am.

ECHO: Yes, but he likes it. *Animatronic Edge grins. Echo pats him on the head.* Don't you listen to him, sweetie. He's just bitter 'cause MacPhisto outsmarted him. Some effort that must have taken.

SCOTTPHISTO: Woman! You are stomping on my last nerve! I swear I will stop this truck and...oh, who am I kidding...

ECHO: We're here, anyway.

*ScottPhisto pulls into the driveway. They exit the vehicle and ScottPhisto hands the keys to the valet.*

*ScottPhisto, Echo, and Animatronic Edge are greeted by a butler who takes their coats and directs them to their rooms.*

BUTLER: Here is where the gentleman will be staying...

*ScottPhisto is led to a plush bedroom with a circular waterbed and state-of-the-art stereo system. Stacked atop the speakers are fifty compact discs.*

SCOTTPHISTO: Whoa! Pink Floyd! Metallica! How does MacPhisto know? *Pauses. Looks around.* He's still not forgiven for his little prank...

*The butler takes Echo and Animatronic Edge down the hall.*

BUTLER: Here is where the lady will be staying. As requested, the, er...gentleman...has an adjoining room.

*Animatronic Edge looks at Echo questioningly.*

ECHO: Well I can't trust you all by yourself! Not when you haven't been programmed to dress yourself yet. Have you forgotten the incident at The Fly's house? You nearly gave him a heart attack! *Mutters to herself* Naked android runnin' all over the place...That is for my apartment and my apartment only, understand?

*Animatronic Edge nods.*

*Echo's room is set up all in black, with a sheaf of paper and a typewriter in the corner.*

ECHO: How thoughtful.

*She walks through the adjacent door and find a simple utilitarian bedroom for Animatronic Edge...utilitarian, that is, save for the cat toys and the cupboard full of WD-40.*

ECHO: Industrial strength! MacPhisto must really like you!

*Animatronic Edge smiles. He sets the kitten down and watches it play with a catnip mouse. The butler bows out just before ScottPhisto enters.*

SCOTTPHISTO: This place is awesome! I didn't realize it was so huge!

ECHO: Isn't it? It's like...you could have a whole adventure...and there could be a whole bunch of other people, having an adventure in the same house...and neither of you even knows about each other...*Contemplates this for a minute.* Hmph. Well, so what do you want to do first?

SCOTTPHISTO: Brutally avenge MacPhisto's cruel treatment of me.

ECHO: Um, I was thinking, lunch.

SCOTTPHISTO: *shrugs* I could eat.

*The three go down to the kitchen. There don't seem to be any staff on duty, so they rifle through the cupboards.*

SCOTTPHISTO: *reads box* "Satan-O's"?

ECHO: Don't eat those. They're for divine beings only. They'll make you sick.

SCOTTPHISTO: *reads carton* "I Can't Believe It's Not The Rapture."

ECHO: *sigh* Have a Twinkie.

SCOTTPHISTO: A Twinkie!? *examines package* Oh man...MacPhisto's not the only one that's been around for four thousand years.

ECHO: Listen, I kind of got an agenda for the next couple days. Can you take Animatronic Edge for a while so I can go get my freak on with the real deal?

SCOTTPHISTO: Sure thing. He can help me carry out my evil plan.

ECHO: Scott?


ECHO: Promise me your plan is not going to involve any tactical nuclear weapons.


ECHO: Or Brian Eno.

SCOTTPHISTO: *crosses arms defiantly* I'm not promising anything.

ECHO: *sigh* Here's his remote. Now if you want to shut him down, press this button, then hit this switch. If he malfunctions, what you have to do is...

SCOTTPHISTO: Woman! I know what I'm doing! *Grabs remote from her* You go get your freak on, I can handle everything.

ECHO: Well, alright, but if he goes haywire...

SCOTTPHISTO: I can handle it! Geez, you worry too much.

ECHO: Scott, I swear, if for whatever reason Animatronic Edge catches fire...


ECHO: Fine...*leaves*

SCOTTPHISTO: Hmph. Now then. Soooo...*to Animatronic Edge* How does this thing work?

*Animatronic Edge shrugs.*


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*Bona and Larry head back to their room and they pass Echo along the way. Bona walks up to her and gives her a hug.*
Bona: Echo! So good to see you! When did you get here?
Echo: Just a few minutes ago. How are you feeling?
Bona: *avoiding the demon-possibility* Fine, just fine. A little out of whack with the wedding and the baby, but good overall. You?
Echo: Fine. Hey, listen, have you seen Edge yet?
Larry: He just called a few minutes ago, he's on his way.
Echo: Great. Thanks.
*She walks off speedily, calling back as she leaves*
Echo: Congratulations, by the way!
Bona and Larry: Thanks!

*In the ballroom, the first guests are starting to arrive. By the bar stand two beings, one in a large pink dress and a tall crown. Her hair falls in red locks past her shoulders and she holds a wand. She speaks in a sweet voice to her companion.*
Glinda: Well, I just couldn't find a good gift for the happy couple! I'm at such a loss!
Random Fairy: Why don't you cast a spell for them?
Glinda: Fabulous idea! I have just the one.
*She starts chanting in a quiet voice, moving her wand in small motions*
Glinda: Fever and kisses, love and all passion within, Larry Mullen shall love the temptress forever, with passion no end!
Random Fairy: That was sweet, Glinda, but I don't think Bona's a temptress anymore...
Glinda: Oh, dear I do believe you're right, but I can't reverse it for quite some time! For now, he'll fall in love with the first temptress he sees... Oh, I do hope this doesn't cause much trouble.
Random Fairy: You know, there's bound to be plenty of temptresses here, and for that there'll be plenty of trouble!
*The two fairies contemplate each other with panicked looks.*

*Back in the bedroom, Larry and Bona are getting ready to sleep. The next day will be busy with planning and preparations. Bona lies peacefully in the bed, waiting for her beloved Larry. He finally climbs in and clutches Bona to him tightly.*
Bona: *wistfully, as an anxious bride would be* Think, Lars...
Larry: Yeah?
Bona: The next time we sleep in the same bed it'll be as Mr. and Mrs. Mullen...
Larry: It's an overwhelming thought, isn't it?
Bona: It is...
*Bona falls asleep quickly, but Larry can't seem to fall asleep. Something feels weird, like his heart is changing somehow. He watched Bona as she slept, so graceful and beautiful. Larry loved her more than anything and he always would...*
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*AnPhisto arrives with Bono (2001 Bono that is, but we can call him Paul) at Mc's mansion. She parks her red mustang on an empty parking lot. It seems like only few guests have arrived*

An: Looks like we are early, dear
Paul: It's never early in Mac's place, precious *gives her a kiss on the cheek*
An: *moaning while she kisses him back* Ok then, shall we enter?
Paul:*Smiling widely* Whatever you desire... *he kisses her hand while she giggles*

*Paul steps out of the car and opens the door for An. They hold hands, they kiss passionately and they walk towards the main door. They see few decorations on the frontage of the mansion, and they wonder if they really arrived too early. But knowing this is Mc's lair, they decide to enter*

*Few guests are inside the ball room, dancing to slow music, talking about the near wedding or having a drink. Suddenly, Echo appears on the ballroom (without AE!) and approaches the couple*

Echo: * kisses elegantly both paul and An on the cheek* look who we have here! Paul and An! Nice seeing you together * hugs the couple happily*
An and Paul: Thank you Echo.[b]*They kiss and smile at each other*
An: So Echo, where is AE? Don't tell me you left him at home?
Paul: And did Scott came too?
Echo: No An. I left AE with Scott. And yes Paul, Scott is here, he's on the kitchen.
An: Eating as always, right?
Echo: What else can he do?

*The three of them laugh "apropiately"*

Echo: Paul: Is Edge coming? *anxious for the answer*
Paul: Yes he his. He told me he just had to finish reading his magazine and...
Echo:*interrupting* Control Enginnering?
Paul: you know it Echo *laughs a little* and then he was going to get a suit. Maybe now he's on his way here.
Echo: I really hope so. I can't wait to see him. Well darlings, I'm leaving you alone for the moment. Maybe Edge is already here and I want to say hi to him soon *hugs the couple again* Gotta run!
An and Paul: Until later, Echo!

*An and Paul drink their martinis,And start to talk about the future couple. Paul was talking when Ana interrumped him*

An:*surprised* Look,Paul! *pointing at a corner on another empty room* There is Fly, and he has blood over his face!
PaulCalmly Something bad happened here
An: Mackie!
Paul: *noding* affraid so precious

*They keep looking at Fly when Bonotempter appeared at their sight. He was walking all over the room, looking very worried, talking to Fly and conforting him*
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*Bluephisto opened her eyes, or at least she thought she opened her eyes. The room was as black as it was before. She tried to move, her hands were tied to the hard table below her. There were indistinguishable noises beyond, none of them pleasant. A door opened and a figure entered, his tall shadow stetching long across the floor ... Screwtape.*
Bluephisto:*Yelling* NO! *She bolted upright in the bed, sweating and panicked. She was in Macphisto's room...She looked down at her arms, they were smooth and whole...it was just a dream. She had this dream once before when they brought her back, she hadn't had any desire to sleep since. She rushed to the adjoining bathroom, examining herself in the mirror.*
Bluephisto: I'm fine...I'm okay. It was just a dream...just a dream. *She was a temptress now, and even just awakened by a nightmare, she looked the part. Calmed a little, she turned on every light in the room and pulled her closet open to decide what to wear. Through the window a familiar shape caught her eye, she could see Macphisto standing in the window to his office across the courtyard looking at her in the bedroom. She smiled and waved at him, and he blew her a kiss, grinning. The phone on a mahogany table rang. She answered,*
Bluephisto: Hello?
Macphisto: Good morning beautiful... *She looked up, he was still standing in the window of the office, holding the phone and grinning* Did you sleep well?
Bluephisto: Yes, very well. I feel much better.
Macphisto: Is everything alright? *She realized he probably sensed that she woke up in distress*
Bluephisto: Yes, everything is wonderful I just had a silly dream that's all...Are you coming? I imagine the guests are arriving.
Macphisto: I will in a little while, I have some thing to attend to.
Bluephisto: *Pouting* What affairs?
Macphisto: It's a surprise. I can't tell you...*He has lit a cigar and is smoking it, looking at her.* Go ahead and join the party without me.
Bluephisto: If I have to...
Macphisto: I won't be too long.
Bluephisto: I bet I could speed you up.
Macphisto: Oh could you?
*Bluephisto turns around and begins unbuttoning her dress, exposing her back to the window. She slides the straps off her shoulders one at a time and turns, just as the dress is beginning to fall, she snaps the drapes closed with a wicked smile on her face. She picked up the phone...it was dead. Bluey peeked through the drapes to see Macphisto walking quickly out his door with a mischevious grin on his face. She laughed. This temptress thing came in handy. There was a knock at the door.*
Bluephisto: That was quick! *She tossed a dark red slip on and opened the door, leaning against the frame seductively. It was Larry. He looked like he'd been hit by a truck. Bluephisto hid behind the door quickly, embarassed*
Bluephisto: Oh my God! Larry! I'm so sorry, I thought you were Macky. *She threw a long robe on over the skimpy slip and met Larry again, highly mortified.* How can I help you?
Larry: Bluey?
Bluephisto: Yes...Are you alright Larry?
Larry: Ehm,...I'm just..*He looked like he was sweating and he covered his eyes with his hand for a second, then looked at her again intently*
Bluephisto: Larry? What's going on?
Larry: I ...I never noticed before.
Bluephisto: Noticed what?
Larry: *He looked her up and down suspiciously* Are you doing some weird devil thing to me!?
Bluephisto: No...Larry are you drunk?
Larry: No! No...I just..wow...this is wrong. I have to go...*Bluephisto leaned out the door, her robe slipping open a little. Larry stares and she quickly closes it. This was completely strange for him. He had to be drunk. He turned and walked closer to her, leaning in as if to confide in her.*Bluey...I ...I love you Bluey.
Bluephisto: *Patting him on the shoulder in a condescending sisterly way, chalking it up to drunk talk.* Yeah, that's sweet Lar, I love ya too. I think you need to go have some coffee now or somthing.
*Larry looks like he's going to say something, when Macphisto comes tearing around the hallway with a silly grin on his face but skids to a stop when he sees someone else in the hallway and resumes his usual ultra-stylish strut and smirk.*
Macphisto: Hello Larry!
Larry: Mac...
Macphisto: *Inhaling deeply and looking at Bluey like she is dessert* Darling...*He slides an arm around her waist and ushers her into the bedroom, brushing Larry off over his shoulder* Excuse us Larry, I have to talk to Bluey in the bedroom immediately. *Larry reaches up and grabs Macphisto by the shoulder*
Larry: No.
*Bluey and Macphisto both look at Larry with raised eyebrows...Larry himself looks puzzled.*
Macphisto: Larry...is something wrong?
Larry: Yes! *He struggles to find something to say*...Ehm... The Fly wants to talk to you.
Macphisto: He does?
Larry: Yes, right now, you better go find him.
Macphisto: *Sighs and looks at Bluephisto with regret.* I have to go straighten him, ...I mean this out.
Bluephisto: What are you going to do?
Macphisto: Nothing foolish dearest.
Bluephisto: No more fighting.
Macphisto: Fine. No more fighting. *He pulls her closer and whispers to her* We will continue this later...*Bluephisto kisses him deeply and he pulls away, blushing a little and laughing*
Bluephisto: You're blushing...
Macphisto: Shush. If I am it's only because you're being evil.
Bluephisto: That's my job now isn't it?
Larry: You better go now Mac.
*Macphisto smiles and blows Bluey a kiss and walks down the hall. Bluey looks adoringly after him*
Larry: *Bitterly* You can do better than him Bluey. *She laughs, not looking at his face.*
Bluephisto: You're funny Lar. Come in, I just need to figure out what to wear. I can never decide...what is Bona wearing?
Larry: Bona? *He looks very guilty all of a sudden and looks at the floor*
Bluephisto: Yes, what is she wearing?
Larry: I don't know... *he watches Bluey sort through the massive closet. He feels so odd! He loves and adores Bona, but when Bluey answered the door it was like he saw really saw her for the first time. How could he have been so blind? But he felt terrible, Bona was sleeping in bed, carrying his child and here he was ogling some temptress? He got up, disgusted with himself and started to leave when Bluey came out of the small bathroom wearing a long emerald green ballgown. She looked like a goddess and Larry froze, involuntarily transfixed. She didn't even notice, she thought of Larry like a little brother and went on putting on her shoes and pinning her hair up. She fished a dazzling pair of diamond earring from a black box and a matching necklace.*
Bluephisto: Lar, could you do this up in the back? She handed him the diamonds and turned holding her hair off of her neck.
Larry: Sure....*He stepped towards her and his mouth went dry. He could feel heat radidating from her bare shoulders not inches away from him. He dropped the necklace* I'm sorry...I can't do this.
Bluephisto: *She laughed and bent down, picking it up and tossing it back to him* It's okay Lar, diamonds are kind of tough that way. *She held her hair up again and looked at him over her shoulder. Larry slowly draped the chain around her neck and his fingers brushed her skin when he fumbled with the clasp. Finally he was done and he backed away from her, horrified at what he was feeling. He didn't want to feel this way. Bluey turned around casually and headed out of the room*
Bluephisto: Thanks Lar, you sure you're okay?
Larry: *nods bashfully*
Bluephisto: Are you coming down?
Larry: No...not right now. I should go see Bona.
Bluephisto: Alright, I'll see you there. *She left and when she was gone from view Larry rushed back to his and Bona's room. She was still sleeping and he crawled into bed beside her, relieved. This was the woman he loved...What he felt up there was probably just prewedding jitters, or maybe he was getting sick, feverish. That was it, he was getting sick... Bona woke up and looked at him and he smiled. So happy to have the world make sense again.*
Larry: Bona, I love you...
Bona: I love you Larry, did you just sit here and wait for me to wake up to say that?
Larry: Yes. You know that you're the only woman for me.
Bona: Of course Larry, I trust you implicitly.
*Larry holds his fiance in his arms, relieved and guilty*
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*The Fly woke up and then wished he hadn't*
The Fly: Jesus Christ! *His head, his back, his face, his neck, everything hurt. Bono leaned over him, a sad little smile on his face*
Bono: Good morning Fly, how are you feeling?
The Fly: Can you knock me out again?
Bono: No sorry Fly.
The Fly: *Everything comes back to him, sitting in the room fuming, deciding Mac made it up just to get to him, the fight...and accidently hitting Bluephisto.* Bono! Where's Bluey?
Bono: She's upstairs resting.
The Fly: I have to see her I have to explain *He tries to sit up but winces* I didn't mean to hit her!
Bono: She knows that.
The Fly: I still want to see her. I feel terrible.
Bono: Not a good idea right now. Why don't you just take it easy there?
The Fly: Is she okay?
Bono: She's fine.
The Fly: Poor baby...God I feel like an ass! *He pulls a cigar from his pocket and lights it, sitting again*
Bono: So why'd you do it?
The Fly: Do what?
Bono: Punch him...What made you so angry?
The Fly: *Starting to get angry again just thinking about it* He lied. He said Bluey asked him to marry her, she'd never do that.
Bono: Y'know, he's one of us, he can't lie.
The Fly: *Beginning to pace angrily and punctiating his words by flinging his cigar around and smoking* Oh for the love of - He's the same bloody GUY! Why does everyone think that he's magically turned into some sort of sweetheart by now!? He's still a pompous son of a bitch who will do anything to get what he wants!!
Bono: Just calm down for a minute Fly.
The Fly: I will NOT CALM DOWN! No one sees what I see and they aren't going to until it's too late and he breaks her heart again! And maybe she'll just take him back, like she always does and it will happen over and over and over.
Bono: And you think you're better for her?
The Fly: *As if it's painfully obvious* YES!! *Bono notices a lovely couple peeking in the doorway and he smiles and closes the door. The Fly continues his tirade* I mean what have I ever done to hurt her!? NOTHING! And look at me, I am a total jackass, I SHOULD be the guy burning her and cheating on her left and right shouldn't I? But I'm not and I'll tell you why I'm not...I love her. I just want to make her happy and it makes me want to rip my hair out watching her just throw herself away on that ASSHOLE!
*The Fly hears someone clearing his throat and he turns, Macphisto is standing in the doorway with his arms crossed and an eyebrow raised.*
The Fly: How long have you been standing--? Nevermind...I don't care you need to hear this as much as she does.
Macphisto: This is why you wanted to see me?
The Fly: I don't want to see you!
Macphisto: You didn't send Larry?
The Fly: NO! Are you DEAF? *The FLy passes a mirror and gasps at all the dried blood on his face. He raises his shades to reveal a very black eye* Look what you've done to me!
Macphisto: *Cooly* That's my line...
The Fly: How is she?
Macphisto: She's fine now, no thanks to you.
The Fly: You KNOW that was an accident. I'd rather chop my own arm off than hurt her!
Macphisto: Well then, the next time you decide to pick a fight with me remind me to bring you a saw and an aspirin.
The Fly: So what...you're here to finish me off now?
Macphisto: Sadly, no.
The Fly: Why not?
Macphisto: I promised her I wouldn't. *The Fly smiles* Don't let it go to your head you idiot. She is still as much of an angel as I am a devil, which by your account is a substantial proportion.
The Fly: Well thanks. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to reassemble my face.
Macphisto: Big words! You've been reading again haven't you? *He turns away from the frustrated Fly to face the fireplace, smoking.* The real reason you're not dead right now is that you pulled her out of Hell when I couldn't. She wouldn't be here at all if you didn't do what you did...*there is silence between them as The Fly realises that Macphisto is thanking him*
The Fly: Yeah well, I did that for purely selfish reasons... As I remember it we were still engaged to be married.
Macphisto: *Smirking and throwing his cigar into the fire* Don't push your luck Fly...I'm an angel, not a saint. *He leaves. Bono helps The Fly get cleaned up, and they join the party which is now in full swing. Fairies and witches and rock Gods and scientists, glitterati and litterati mingle over martinis laughing. For once, it's like the old parties Macphisto used to throw...The Fly feels a hand on his shoulder and turns to face a strange pair of women.One looks like a frumpy brown-haired housewife who fell into Elton John's closet, and the other has a blonde behive and more makeup on than any of the devils in the room.*
Eddie: Sweeetie Daaaaaaaaaarling!
The Fly: Hey, Eddie baby! Haven't seen you in ages. And Patsy, how could I forget ya? Gimme a a hug!
Pasty: *From behind three martini glasses* I would darling, but the makeup, the makeup...
The Fly: I just want a hug Pats!
Patsy: I know...but it doesn't look good from up close sweetie.
*The Fly and Patsy and Eddie stand around for a long time critiquing everyone's clothes. Patsy and Eddie do most of the critiquing, The Fly does most of the snickering...*
Eddie: Horrible, horrible darling. *Gasp* But who darling is that over there!?
Patsy: Good god! Are those diamonds!?
The Fly: Oh yeah, that's Bluey, lemme introduce you!
Patsy: Introduce me from far away darling...the makeup you know.
*Bluephisto is standing in the crowd looking around at all the guests and leaning against a table. She is starting to feel a little weak in the knees. Suddenly she spies a familiar face and brightens as she waves*
Bluephisto: Fishy!!!
MacFishto: Bluey!!
*They hug like old friends and Fishy steps back to look at her, gasping at the horns and the diamonds*
Fishy: Dearest...what happened to you!? Last I saw you in the limo you were an...
Bluephisto: An angel I know. But I ended up switching teams I suppose
Fishy: And that necklace! How opulent! Where did you get it?
Bluephisto: A present from Mackie. He's so sweet.
Fishy: Ahhh, so you are still together?
Bluephisto: Yes, yes...quite happily. He is such a dear when you get to know him. Are you seeing anyone Fishy?
Fishy:*taking two champange glasses froma waiter and drinking them both* Not at the moment, no. But I have someone in mind I'm hoping to see here.
Bluephisto: Really? Who?
Fishy: I'm supposed to be the nosy one here Bluey! If I tell you it will jinx it.
Bluephisto: *Knowing MacFishto cannot resist a secret* Fishy...if you tell me who it is, maybe I'll tell you something too.
Fishy: *Taking the hook* Is it something good?
Bluephisto: You'd be one of the first to know.
Fishy: Well...I suppose I can trust you.
Bluephisto: Fabulous, tell me dear. *She leans down and Fishy whispers into her ear*
Fishy: Well, you know that other angel? The one with the gold wings?
Bluephisto: Adam!? NO!!!
Fishy: SHHHH! Yes, I rather thought he was a bit of a dish for an angel.
Bluephisto: I'll see what I can do deary.
Fishy: Now you tell! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!
Bluephisto: I'll show you...*She flashes her ring at Fishy who squeals*
Fishy: NO WAY!
Bluephisto: *Shushing Fishy* Yes...we are getting married.
Fishy: You and Mac?
Bluephisto: Yes...speaking of whom...*Macphisto makes his way towards them with a glass of wine in his hand*

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*Larry holds his fiance in his arms, relieved and guilty*
*Bona buries her face in Larry's neck.*
Bona: Larry, are you okay?
Larry: *relieved to be in his fiancee's arms* I've never been better.
Bona: Are you sure? You seem kinda disturbed.
Larry: I'm fine. *sigh* The sooner we marry, the better.
Bona: *laughs* I'm anxious too, dear. *she frees herself from Larry's arms and rises* We should get ready and join the party.
*She opens her closet and is careful to avoid the wedding dress hanging in it. She goes through it carefully*
Bona: Larry, what should I wear?
Larry: *without thinking, Bluey suddenly coming back to his mind* Green...
Bona: Green? Really?
Larry: Well... it was an idea.
*Bona rummages through her closet and finally settles on a ruby red gown, shimmering and sleeveless, falling to her ankles. It cuts down in a V on her neck and flatters her body nicely. She emerges the bathroom and smiles at Larry. His eyes have widened and his jaw hangs open. Larry walks over to her dresser and has chosen a necklace for her. He shows her a gold Y-shaped necklace studded with diamonds, a gold cross at the end. He places it around her neck. His hands shake a little as he does so, and when his hands brush her skin a surge of desire runs through his body. He exhales with great relief and joy and leans down, kissing the back of her neck. She turns and he loves the way the tail of the Y necklace falls elegantly between what clevage she has. Larry wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her up to him. He whispers in her ear, half to himself*
Larry: I love you. *he kisses her near her ears and bites gently at one of her earlobes.*
Bona: I love you too. You should dress...
Larry: You're right...
Bona: Why don't you wear those pants and that sweater I got you from Banana Republic last week?
Larry: Sure.
*He dresses and comes out in a pair of gray twill pants and a matching gray V-neck sweater, flattering his muscular chest wonderfully but not too tightly. He steps up to her again.*
Bona: *inhaling* Mmm... my favorite cologne. Thank you.
Larry: Shall we?
Bona: We shall.
*They head out to the ballroom and mingle with the guests. Suddenly though, Bona lurches forward again in pain and rushes to the nearest bathroom, Larry closely behind. Along the way, he runs headlong into Bluey, almost knocking her over. He reaches out and catches her and freezes when she looks into his eyes with releif.*
Bluey: Whew! Thanks Larry. That was close
Larry: I'm... I'm... sorry. Are you okay?
Bluey: I'm fine.
*Instinctively, Larry starts to lean down to kiss her, but the sound of Bona's violent vomiting snaps him back to reality and he lets her go, rushing into the bathroom after Bona. Bluey stands there, puzzled as to what just happened.*

*Adam is in the ballroom, standing peacefully against a wall when he senses Larry's thoughts. His attention is furthered, however, when Bona's thoughts intercept.*

Bona: *Adam sensing her in mid thought* God, I hope it's not what I think it is... This is definitely a demon I'm carrying, but if this is MacPhisto's baby I swear I'll...
*Adam nearly looses his balance and MacPhisto has heard this as well. He gives Adam a concerned and truly freaked out look and heads over to talk*
Adam: Mackie...
MacPhisto: *shakes his head* I don't know, Adam. I just don't know.
Adam: You love her, don't you.
*MacPhisto stares at Adam for a moment and slowly nods*

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Meanwhile, in Hells' Kitchen…

*Scottphisto and Animatronic Edge survey the feast being prepared. Truly a heavenly spread, complete with the most exotic and fanciful entrees imaginable. Some, in fact, from other worlds and dimensions. A feast perfectly befitting Macphisto's unique (and expensive) tastes. *

*Naturally, Scottphisto is looking for some ketchup*

SCOTTPHISTO: Okay, this guy has friggin' Roast Gandark from Kuritu 7, some stuff I can't even pronounce from France, and deviled ham imported directly from Hell…AND YET I CAN'T EVEN FIND ANY DAMN KETCHUP?!?!?
*A. Edge rolls eyes*
*Scottphisto continues to throw things out of the refrigerator in a desperate attempt to find his sacred ketchup, uttering various obcenities under his breath as A. Edge blushes constantly*
*Finally, Macphisto's head chef, Andre, comes in, carrying a meat cleaver*
ANDRE: *In thick hungarian accent* What you doing here? You making mess of kitchen!
SCOTTPHISTO: *startled, he rises, banging his head on the fridge door* OW! Oh, hey, maybe you can help…I'm looking for ketchup…
ANDRE: *Incredibly furious* KETCHUP?? YOU DEFILE THE WORK OF ANDRE WITH….KETCHUP??? I KEEEELL YOU!!!! *raises meat cleaver*
*Both A. Edge and Scottphisto scram*

SCOTTPHISTO: *pant pant pant* Man…stupid Hungarian Human Chef Guy…
*A. Edge nods*
SCOTTPHISTO: Yeah. Well, let's go find good ol' Mackie and "thank" him for that "wonderful" spell he gave me…
*A. Edge rolls eyes again, this time it's seen by Scottphisto*
SCOTTPHISTO: Boy, Echo really did a good job on you…
*A. Edge blushes*
SCOTTPHISTO: I MEAN YOUR PROGRAMMING, you C3-P0 knock off! You both roll your eyes at me all the damn time...Well, let's go find Mac.
*The duo traipse through the halls of the mansion, meeting and greeting. *
SCOTTPHISTO: They seem to be more interested in you, Edge-Bot. *sigh* Especially the ladies. Heh. Word must have gotten out about your "special features"…
*A. Edge bluuuush*
SCOTTPHISTO: *Sees Mac over by Adam* HEY!! There he is! C'mon, A.E.!
*They walk briskly toward Mac. Suddenly, Scottphisto collides with an waiter, knocking both Scottphisto and A. Edge (and don't forget the waiter) clean off their feet and making a bit of a commotion*
SCOTTPHISTO: Ow! What the-…*shakes head*
*From across the hall, Macphisto turns to look.*
MACPHISTO: Fantastic. As if my dealings with the Fly weren't taxing enough…now, Scottphisto…
*A. Edge gets up immediately, but has lost his kitten…his eyes well up with oil and his chin starts to quiver*
SCOTTPHISTO: Edge-Bot, what's wrong? Edge-Bo-…. *Realization* Oh man. Okay, we gotta find it. There's some beings here that would love to eat a pussy…
*A. Edge blushes big time*
*A. Edge sighs, stops blushing…then, as realization sets in, begins to panic*
SCOTTPHISTO: Easy, big guy. We'll find him.
MACPHISTO: *Walks over* *Dryly* Well, if it isn't Scottphisto. Nice suit.
SCOTTPHISTO: Hey, Mac. Nice shindig ya got goin' on here.
MACPHISTO: Yes, it is. Full of sophisticates from all over, brought here to celebrate a wonderful event. Why are YOU here?
SCOTTPHISTO: What? I came with Echo.
MACPHISTO: YOU know Echo? Was she slumming?
SCOTTPHISTO: Smart ass. What, are you surprised that I know one of your "sophisticates?"
MACPHISTO: I'm surprised she tolerates you. *thinks* Does she know of our "past?"
SCOTTPHISTO: Heck no. I may have spent a lot of time on Earth, but I haven't forgotten my roots. Unlike some Phistos I know…
MACPHISTO: *sigh* Look, Scottphisto, now isn't a good time. I have…matters to attend to. Please be kind enough to keep a low profile while you’re here. This is a very important occasion and I don't need your unique brand of mischief.
SCOTTPHISTO: Speaking of mischief, I have a bone to pick with you- *A. Edge tugs on Scottphisto's jacket* Just a minute, A.E. *To Mac* That "Instant Grooming" Spell you gave me…
MACPHISTO: *Stifling a laugh* You…you used the Grooming Spell? *Snicker*
SCOTTPHISTO: Yeah, you laugh it up, Sequin-Boy, I'll kick yer arse so hard you'll need your platform shoe to pry-
MACPHISTO: *Patience gone* Scottphisto, don't make me laugh. You couldn't kick your way out of a cardboard box. Besides, you'll have to stand in line behind Fly. Now, if you'll excuse me…*Walks back toward Adam*
SCOTTPHISTO: *Under breath* You think you know me so well, Macphisto. Well, I know a few things about you, too…
*A. Edge nudges Scottphisto*
SCOTTPHISTO: Huh? OH, right…the kitten. Well, it couldn't have gotten far, man…
*search search search*

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