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adamfanfic pt3

So, exactly how long is this story?"

Adam who had been lost in a world of his own as he sat with the others in their private suite in the hotel, came out of his reverie at Bono's query "huh?"

"Y'know the story of what happened with you and that photographer..Theresa, you have been miles away since you met her this morning, and by the look on your face, it doesnt look like things went too well between you" Bono remarked

"No it didn't exactly" Adam admitted with a sigh

"So, are you gonna fill us in?" Bono demanded impatiently "I really want to know, I mean seeing her again has really affected you, so I am, y'know, curious about what went on, and you know it might be good to get it of your chest and talk to someone about it"

Adam grinned "You always were a nosy git, I guess I am not going to get any peace till I tell you"

"Something like that" Bono replied

"You know I almost forgot all about the incident, but seeing Theresa again, brought it it all back to clear for my liking" Adam then informed him, "Me and Theresa, we were never exactly boyfriend girlfriend sort of thing, she was a few years younger than me, we weren't even exactly friends either, I have to say I felt a bit sorry for her, more sympathetic towards her than anything else"

"Why was that?" Bono demanded intrigued

"It was her mother" Adam explained "Theresa's mother Chrissie was one of those social climbing snobs, who wouldn't let her daughter mix with many of the kids who she didn't think were suitable.. she had big plans for her daughter and was very over protective, send her to this exclusive girls school so Theresa never had many friends, in fact a lot of the kids made fun of her, calling her a swot and a snob, she was a quiet studious little thing caught in her mother's iron will.. so yeah I guess thats why I felt sorry for her." he nodded

"You felt sorry for her.. so how come you ended up being the big bad guy?" Bono frowned in puzzlement.

Adam squirmed uneasily, "Well, Theresa's mother decided my parents were the right sort of people to mix with, she kept trying to push herself into my mothers company, though my mom couldn't really stand the woman, but was always to polite and nice to tell her to her face.. so she tolerated her, but she did like Theresa, because she was a quiet polite nice girl, and my mom kept nagging me to be more friendly towards her, and feeling a bit sorry for her I did" he paused there, "Now I am not sure if it was such a good thing"

"What did you do to her?" Bono asked

"Well one evening I met her coming home from school, some of the other kids were making fun of her, and she was upset.. I stepped in and told them to clear of, only not in such polite terms" Adam replied "Anyway I walked her her home making sure she was ok, and well I felt bad for her, because she was feeling so miserable, I asked her if she would like to go out to the pictures with me, I thought it might cheer her up make her feel better, that she had a friend.. it was a spur of the moment thing y'know" he looked at Bono

"Yeah I can understanding you want to make her feel better, very nice of you, I probably would have done the same" his friend replied

"Yeah but would you have stood her up?" Adam asked gloomily "Cos thats what I done.... though not delibertly" he hastily added

"We were just getting the band together remember, and the night I arranged to take her to the pictures, we had got an unexpected chance to do a big gig, and I was so excited and caught up in it all, doing that I completely forgot about Theresa, we had been rushing around getting everything ready I didn't even get the chance to let her know.. it was only later that evening just when we were packing all the stuff up I remembered"

"Ouch" Bono winced

"Yeah exactly" Adam replied "I tried to talk to her over the phone the next day to explain, but her mom informed me she wasn't feeling too well and was up in her room and didn't feel like talking to anyone.. from that I got the feeling she was mad at me, and didint want to talk, and I couldn't blame her" he paused there before continuing "Anyway, we kind of avoided each other after that, and I was so caugfht up with the band and stuff going on, I kindda pushed her and what happened to the back of my mind, as one of those things you feel bad about, but you just have to get on with other things.. which I did"

"Until today, coming face to face with her, brought it all back" Bono said

Adam nodded "Something like that, and today I thought it was my chance to explain to put things right between us and what happened once and for all.. but that didn't happen.. she just took of as if I were a bad smell she didn't want to be around"

"And then I go opening my big gob and putting my foot in it, and upsetting her by talking about you breaking her heart" Bono realised

"You were not to know" Adam told him, "If anyone is to blame it's my fault.. now its too late to make things right"

"Oh I wouldn't say that" Bono replied "Why don't you try go talking to her again"

"How can I when she won't talk to me?" Adam pointed out

"Well that's only because this time was the first time you have both come face to face from the incident, its bound to affect you
both espicially her like this... but y'know give her time she might come around, and you can talk to her properly and explain
you didn't mean to stand her up that night.. get things sorted"

"You think so?" Adam wasn't so certain

"Yeah" Bono replied "Look its not like you can't get in contact with her again, you know where she works and no doubt are beloved manager will have the phone number of the Magazine she works for.. it should be no problem getting her phone number" he pointed out.

"True" Adam seem to perk up and looked at Bono "Do you believe in fate?" he suddenly asked

" Um..I am not too sure" Bono replied diplomatically

"Neither was I, until today" Adam replied "But now I believe that fate brought us together today so I could finally clear my conscience where she is concerned and put things right"

"Sounds right to me" Bono grinned

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Another good chapter. I admit that after a line in a previous chapter that I thought Theresa was going to have had a weight problem and that Adam being a typical teenaged boy, while still basically being a good guy, might have caved to peer pressure and stood her up for not being one of the cute girls that his friends expected him to go out with.

Love your work & can't wait to read the next chapter!!

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well her weight turns out to be one of the problems she had with lacking self confidence, but not where Adam was concerned, I will be exploring this side of her character in further chapters.. glad you are enjoying it tho
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