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adam fanfic pt9

She blamed it on having too much of the wine at the exhibition, obviously she decided she must have been more than a bit tipsy, to behave in such a fashion, and as they came out of the movie house she stole a glance at Adam's neck, knowing that below his shirt collar which now hid it thankfully she had left a nice purple red mark on him, and felt her face burn at the memory at just how carried away she had gotten in the darken cinema theatre.. indeed they had acted like lust starved teenagers instead of two adults in their early thirties.. and whats more she had enjoyed it,

But now surrounded by the sobering city lights and public street as they stepped out of the movie theatre Terri felt herself coming down to earth with a hard bump. Adam held onto her hand as he led her back to the car, and she was realising that they were not teenagers on a first date, tomorrow he would be back in America he had big responsabilites being in a band like U2, so where exactly did she fit in?..and what was happening between them.. was it just a bit of fun for Adam or something else?.. she wasn't even sure, everything was happening too fast.

"You ok?" Adam asked noticing how quiet she was as he drove her home.

"Yeah.. its just been a eventful day, what with the exhibition, and you showing up unexpectantly, then what happened in the cinema.. it wasn't how I expected it to turn out.. I guess I am still trying to take it all in" Terri replied with a small smile.

"Yeah, I wasn't sure how it would turn out myself, when I got on the plane in America this morning" Adam informed her, "But now I am really glad I came.. I just wish I didn't have to go back tomorrow.. I want to spend more time with you"

"Why?" she asked

He glanced around at her quizzically "That is an odd question to ask.. because I enjoy your company of course"

Terri laughed "I am sorry I just find it hard to believe you like my company so much.. when you can have your choice of beautful women" she confessed

"I happen to think you are beautiful Terri" he informed her.

"And what about when I was the fat frumpy teenager Theresa.. was I beautful to you then?.. and would you really have snogged me like that, or would you have kept me away with a barge pole" she enquired trying to sound lighthearted, but failing and immediatly regretting her words, "I am sorry.. that was unfair I should not have brought up the past again.. espicially when I have told you I have put it behind me"

"Maybe you haven't put it behind you as much as think" Adam replied, "And maybe you have a point, maybe I wouldn't have kissed you back then like I did tonight.. but since that time I learned that beauty in the inside is just as important as beauty on the outside.. and the short time from I have got to know you again I have found you beautiful inside and out..even if you do find that hard to believe its true.. I guess I am going to try and convince you"

"I guess you will" Terri replied, then on impulse leaned over to kiss his cheek "Thank you" she said

"What for?" Adam asked.

"For making me feel beautiful even though I still believe I am not"

"Anytime babe" Adam smiled. "Which reminds me, when I get back to Dublin next week, I have to attend a charity dinner dance to raise money for children in Chernobyl, which Ali, Bono's wife has set up.. I would love it if you were by my side.. that's if you are not too busy or have anything else to do it falls on a Saturday night"

She took a little while before replying weighing up in her mind what all this was leading to... but it was just a charity dinner dance, how could she say no without sounding churlish so in the end she finally replied, "OK, I will give it some consideration.. but only one once condition"

"Oh yeah what's that" He glanced around at her enquiringly

"You don't start necking with me in public like some lust mad teenager again" she grinned

"I will try, but I can't promise anything.. I have grown quite attached to your neck" Adam teased "But then there is the rest of your lovely body to explore" he added meaningfully, making her face heat up at his insinuation.

"But don't worry I will leave that to another time, of course when we are alone in privacy" he promised which made her realise it seemed he had more than just a one night stand in mind.

She hadn't had a real intimate relationship with any one from her husband, there had been a few dates with other men since her divorce three years ago.. but never serious enough to take it that far.. never had anyone made her feel like she was special as Adam was doing now.. not even her husband whom she had been married to for eight years.. running into Adam again was turning her life upside down and she still wasn't sure how to deal with it yet.

Adam was realising that despite Terri's outward show of self confidence.. somewhere in there she was still uncertain, with much self doubts and hang ups as she had when she was fifteen.. he knew he would have to take it a little more slowly with her, give her time to adjust and accept what was happening between them.. which was why when they reached her front door and he stopped the car and give a mighty yawn,

"I am so whacked, I really need some sleep before I catch my plane tomorrow" he told her, "I am going to go back to my place and hit the sack"

Terri wasn't sure why to be relieved or disappointed that he didn't want to spend the night with her, but she managed a small smile

"Understandable.. I am pretty tired myself.. hardly slept last night I was so nervous about the exhibition" she confessed

"I think it went pretty well" Adam remarked "I enjoyed it"

"Yeah it turned out better than I thought.. espicially when you turned up, thank you for making it special"

He reached over and grabbed her hand, pressing his lips on the back of it gently, "I am glad to have obliged... but I will let you go now and get your beauty sleep... and I will phone you tomorrow night to see how its going" he promised.

He leaned over to kiss her on the lips, making it brief, knowing if he didn't that his determination to take things more slower would fly out the window "Goodnight Terri" he murmered

"Goodnight" she replied, feeling torn, not wanting to leave him, but knowing she was not really ready yet to take their relationship that step further.

Her emotions in a mess she hurriedly opend the car door and got out "Have a safe trip back to America" she told him before shutting the car door, giving him a quick wave and a brave smile before turning and hurrying towards her apartment.

Adam watched her as she opened the front door, then started up his car and drove of, telling himself that Terri may not be his yet.. but she would be soon, he just had to take it one step at a time, and tonight had been a big step already.

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Great chapter!! I can relate so much to Theresa. Well, not the being friends with a rock star bit.
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