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adam fanfic pt14

Adam and Terri hadn't seen each other for a few days, he was busy in the recording studio's with the band and she was over in England on a photo shoot assignment, so they kept in contact by phone calls.

He was aware that she would be back in Dublin, and planned to arrange to meet up with her that evening as Bono and Ali had invited them back to their house for a meal.
So when she phoned up that afternoon he thought it was to find out about the arrangments, but that was not the case, she sounded a little distressed

"Adam. something has happened, I really need to talk to you"

He immediatly had a twinge of concern

"What is it Ter?"

"It's my mother"

"What has happened is she alright?" Adam's concern grew

"Oh yes, she is as healthy as hell, I just got a phone call from her.. she wants us to talk and make up"

"Well that is good, isn't it?" Adam asked a little bewildered why Terri sounded so upset

"Noooo!!" she wailed down the phone "Its the worst possible thing that could happen"

"Terri, I don't understand" Adam frowned

"Don't you see" Terri replied in frustration "The only reason she suddenly wants to make up with me is because of you
my dad told her about you visiting my exhibition, then she seen that picture of us together at that charity dinner in the newspaper, and her mind is working overtime because you are rich and famous, and suddenly she wants to make up with me again, its nothing to do because she cares for me, all she cares about is the celebrity status and what she can get out of it"

"Shit!" Adam replied now realising exactly what Terri was getting at.

"You should have heard her" Terri then said "She phoned me up all sanctimonious and actually said she thought it was time she forgive me for messing up my life, that we had to move on. Then the penny dropped when she mentioned seeing us together in the newspaper and how she always thought you were a nice young man who would make something of himself, and it was good that we got together, she even suggested I bring you over to dinner at their house so she could get to know you better" Terri was close to sounded hysterical at this point

Adam give an involountary shudder as he remembered having to suffer Terri's mother when he was younger, sitting down to dinner with her was not something he realised he wanted to do"You should have told her to eff of" he told Terri

"I wanted to believe me, but you know what she is like, I just listened to her over the phone.. I could hardly get a word in edgeways she just ignores what I have to say and tries to railroad me into doing what she wants... I don't want her coming and interfering Adam.. I much preferred it when she wasn't speaking to me, she is already plotting and scheming wanting to interfere, I know it.. what am I going to do?"

"Calm down Ter" Adam soothed "We will figure something out,... maybe we can hire a hitman" he finished good humouredly

Despite her anxiety Terri couldn't help giggling "Oh please, don't tempt me.. but seriously Adam, I really don't need this right now"

"Well the good thing is we both know what she is like which gives us an advantage, she tries anything we will be prepared"
he told her.

"I am so scared she will ruin things for us with her interference, I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to run the other way" Terri said miserably.

"Ter I am not going anywhere" Adam assured her, "So don't be getting those dumb ideas ok.. if she starts we will tell her to go to hell she is not going to mess you around anymore while I am around"

"Oh Adam" his words did much to calm her fears and concern, "I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you..I love you so much"
she had just blurted it out before realising the signifigance, that this was the first time she had openly admitted how strongly she felt for him, and now wondered how he would take it.

There was a small pause before Adam finally replied quietly "I love you too, and everything is going to be ok, see you later we will talk more then"

"Ok" she replied her heart thudding loudly in her chest because Adam had actually just told her he loved her too and she was having trouble taking it in and for the moment it had taken her mind of the problem of her mother for a little while.


They went to Bono's and Ali's for the meal that evening despite Terri's earlier upset.. it didn't feel quite so bad when she had Adam by her side and it finally sunk in whatever happened he was sticking by her and supporting her. He was determind her mother was not going to ruin their fun... they would deal with her when the time came.

Terri was not the sort of airing her problems in public, so she was a little surprised and a little uncomfortable over dinner with Bono and Ali Adam told them about the situation with her mother.

But as Adam had mentioned to Bono about the problems Terri's mother had caused before he didn't see the need to hide it, in fact he was hoping they could help advise them. Terri was beginning to realise that this was how things were with the four guys, like a big extended family they turned to each other in times of trouble and looked out for each other, and now she was part of that.. she realised she would have to get used to it

"I know Terri will be fine when I am around" Adam remarked as they sat around the table now getting through dessert. "But next month we are going to be touring in Europe... I hate the thought of leaving her here having to deal with her mom.. with us on tour and promoting we are going to be in the media a lot.. her mom will jump on that bandwagon no doubt pestering poor Terri to death about us.. probably start the wedding plans without us" he grinned.

"Oh please don't remind me" Terri closed her eyes "I had enough the first time around.. I don't want to go through all that again"

"You poor thing" Ali sympathised "I don't blame you for wanting to avoid her"

"If she opens her mouth just tell her to feck of" Bono advised.

"I wish it was as simple as that" Terri mourned "But I know what she gets like... she will take no heed of me"

"So why don't you just bring Terri along with us" Bono suddenly said, "If she is out of the country her mother can hardly get at her"

"Oh I just can't get up and leave and swan around with you guys.. what about my job.. I have commitments.. my boss wouldnt be too happy" Terri pointed out

"Don't be too sure about that" Bono replied and turned his attention to Adam.. "Hey Ads we really need another photographer on this tour to take pics, what do you say we hire Terri.. I am sure when we inform her boss they get exclusive rights to some of the pics, and tell her she will be paid handsomely for Terri's services.. she will happily forget other commitments to let her come along with us"

Terri laughed, "You don't have to do that"

"Yes we do" Adam replied, "And it is the perfect solution, if we can get your boss to go along with it.. what do you think Ter, fancy me as your employer and touring around Europe with us?"

"Well actually it sounds very appealing.. if it happens" Terri replied not quite believing it could

"We will make it happen" Adam said animated with the prospect "Bono, you are a genius!" he then exclaimed slapping his friend on the back

"Well, thanks" Bono smiled whilst trying not to look overly pleased with himself, and turned to Ali Did you hear that sweetheart Ads thinks I am a genius"

" Yes dear" Ali replied with a small smile,"Well he is in a bit of a state and probably doesn't know what he is saying so don't pay too much heed to him" she patted his hand bringing Bono's ego down to earth with a bump

I am going to be in a strange situation after this chapter as this story is going to lead and end up with Adam and Terri getting together.. and my smutty mind is working over time... I might just have to type it up on my own fanfic site with a warning and put the link here for ya all

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That last line from Ali was hilarious!

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Annj, another great chapter! And you just keep feeding my crush on Adam. Smut always works, so if you need to add a link, please do so.
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