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adam fanfic pt 8

hands up who would like to be sitting in the back row of the movies with Adam Clayton... read on...


"What are you doing here?" she demanded going over to him and getting over the surprise, found she was feeling really pleased to see him, "Aren't you suppose to be in America?"

"Yeah well I decided I wasn't needed that much and could, return here for a a day or so... I really wanted to be here for you.. so thought I would surprise you" Adam informed her

"Well you have certainly done that" Terri laughed and found herself getting embraced in his arms breifly which felt quite good
and she found her heart was suddenly thudding loudly in her ears.

She couldn't believe that he flew all the way from America just to be here for her, she decided he must still feel like he had to make up to her somehow, even though she had forgiven him.

She found herself having to introduce him to some of her work colleagues who couldnt believe their luck that he had turned up, and were not going to miss the opportunity to get the chance to talk to him, even get his autograph he was very obliging, though Terri was concerned he was being bothered too much and shot her friends warning looks to back off and give the poor guy some space.

Finally though they got the chance to be alone together as Terri led him away to escort him personally around her exhibition. Adam showed a lot genuine interest in her work, recognising many of the places in Dublin her photographs and remarking on them.
But there was one in particular caught his eye, that had been taken very near to their music studio by Hanover Quay

"I would really love to purchase this and a few of your others, for the Clarence resturaunt walls.. they would look class" he informed her.

"You think so?" Terri glanced at him wonderingly, finding herself questioning his motives for his interest, "Look if you would like I could make a gift of the ones you want, you know between friends" she then suggested generously

"No no no I won't hear of it" Adam insisted firmly "We will pay, we can afford it y'know, and I don't expect any special favours, its all very well and nice.. but it's no way to keep your business going, espicially when you are just starting out" he lectured.

"Ok" Terri relented, then hesitated before adding "I just hope you are really interested in buying my work because you think it is good
and not because you feel you have to, y'know coming all the way over here from America and doing this because you still feel bad or guilty, and you still feel like you have to make up for me in someway for what happened in the past.. because really there is no need" she assured him earnestly

Adam turned to look at her candidly,

"Ter I can tell you honestly hand on my heart my reason for being here tonight has nothing to do with feeling guilty about what happened in the past." He shot her a small smile moving closer somewhat conspiringly as he added "If you must know the truth I wanted to be here tonight has nothing to do with the past, but more to do with what is happening to us now in the present, I really needed to see you again.. if you know what I mean"

His voice was soft, but the tone and the way he was looking at her sent a warm flood of heat through her body. He now let his hand lightly stroke her arm in an innocent but yet also at the same time intimate caress, that send a wild fluttering feeling to her insides, she understood quite cleary what he meant and it had rendered her speechless and unable to reply

At that moment they were interrupted by her boss Jen who had come to inform Terri regretfully she had to go and that she had enjoyed herself.

Terri manage to smile and give her boss a goodnight hug then attempted to gather her scattered wits at Jen turned her attention to say goodnight to Adam,

"Make sure to take care of her the rest of the evening" Jen winked at Adam who grinned

"Oh don't worry I intend to" he assured her slipping his arm around Terri's waist and squeezing her to him.

It seemed Adam had been making plans to monoplise her company when the time came for the exhibition to close a few hours later, her other work colleagues and friends had wanted her to go out for a celebrating drink in the nearby pub they invited Adamt to join them as well.

Adam looked a little vexed, then apologetic, "Look I understand you want to take Terri out for a drink.. but I wonder if you guys mind if I steal her for a while tonight.. I will have to fly back to America tomorrow afternoon, and this will be our only chance to be together.. if you get my drift, I would like it to just be the two of us"

Terri felt her cheeks redden, as her friends give her sly looks and grins and informed Adam they understood perfectly, and they would put their celebrating drink of till the following night no problem.

So now she sat in Adam's car feeling a little dazed by the events of the night, wondering exactly what he had planned for them both.

"What are you up to?" she demanded. "I mean you know they will all be gossiping like mad about us now, don't be surprised if its in the tabloids tomorrow morning"

Adam just chuckled "Sorry for dragging you away from your friends and causing a lot of innuendo and gossip.. but I promise I will make it worth your while" he finished with a wicked smile

"It better be" Terri told him grinning


"Ahh here we are" Adam pulled the car ro a halt,

Terri peered out the window in curiousity "Where are we?"

"Well I told you I would take you to the pictures twenty years or so ago.. I don't want you thinking I am not a man of my word"
he informed her pointing to the late night movie house across the road

"Are you serious?" Terri exclaimed.

"Deadly" Adam replied solemnly "Tonight we are going to pretend we are teenagers again, going on that first date like we should have all those years ago, and see how it turns out"

^That's just crazy" Terri laughed

"Yeah, but it could be a lot of fun too" Adam replied with a wink opening the car door, "C'mon" he urged.

Still not quite believing this was really happening, Terri got out of the passenger side, tentively accepted Adam's hand as she seen her safely across the busy road to the Movie House.

She had to bite down on her lip so as not to giggle when Adam stood getting their tickets, the girl at the ticket booth was gawping at him, obviously recognising him, and trying to act like it was no big deal at the same time.

The movie had already started 15 minutes before, so it was in darkness as they entered the theatre, there were not a lot in the place with it being so late, ho;dong her hand and a large box of popcorn in the other Adam guided Terri up to the back row to the double seats, "This is where all young lovers sit" he whispered making her giggle, that he indeed intended to follow through his plan to pretend they were teenagers again.

She didn't have a clue what was going on in the big screen on front of her.. there was some action film showing, all Terri was aware of was Adam sitting next to her and she was on a high.

Adam offered her some popcorn which she took, before he placed it between his knees, and slipped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer to him and murmering "This is what I would have done all those years ago.. made sure you were nice and relaxed and comfy next to me"

"Really?" Terri grinned, "and what else would you have done?"

"This" he replied huskily, his hand now gently massaged the top of her arm, which caused quite a lovely sensation, that made her want to snuggle closer into him.. which was what he was hoping for.

"Now no teenage guy in his right mind would not take this chance for a bit of necking" he then murmered in her ear, his teeth lightly nibbling at her lobe then just behind it on her neck and Terri found herself melting against him, her eyes closing enjoying every minute of it as he continued nibbling and kissing.. his lips exploring her neckline with deliberation of seduction that Terri felt sure no teenage guy would have a clue about, he was driving her crazy and she found herself clinging to him.

He released her breifly so he could set the carton of popcorn on the floor and position himself toa better advantage, turning her face towards his so he could finally claim her lips, she could feel the heat of his hands as he slid them under her jacket and slid them around her back, pressing her against him his other hand caressing her hair, as his tongue explored her mouth, his other hand in her hair , and she recipricated happily drowning in the sensations it evoked in her body, forgetting where she was, just wanting it to go on and on.

They finally had to come up for air when someone who sat a few seats away had got up and had to pass them, and coughed rather loudly, making Terri and Adam pull apart and hunch themselves up in the chair so he could do so.

"Thank you.. you can get back to whatever you were doing" the person remarked as he hurriedly passed them.

"We will" Adam replied, "We have years to catch up on" he murmered pulling the giggling Terri close to him again.

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Excellent!! This is developing quite nicely annj. Keep up the good work

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*fans self* Ummmmmm, yeah, that was great!!!
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