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adam fanfic pt 17

Terri stood leaning against a wooden post a little distance from the stage, watching Adam going through a rehearsal and sound check for the gig that evening. She found her eyes resting on his hands as they tuned up his bass guitar, thinking about the night before, when those same beautiful strong hands were exploring her body intimately, it send a warm glow from her head to toe thinking about it and the sweet anticipation that she would feel them again, hopefully soon .

She was brought out of her reverie by the arrival of Bono who was on his way up to the stage, but had caught sight of her, "Hey Ter, hows it going?"

"Just great" Terri replied truthfully smiling at him "How's things for you?"

"Not too bad" Bono replied, "Do you mind if I ask you something thats been baffling me Edge and Larry all morning?" he then enquired

"What is it?" Terri asked a little uncertainly.

"Well its about Adam" Bono replied

"Yeah?" Terri's suddenly perked up with interest

"Well we thought you might know, why he has been acting a bit weird this morning" Bono then said

"What way do you mean weird?" she asked warily

"Well" Bono frowned a little, "He seems distracted, and he keeps running around with this really big cheesy grin on his face"

"Really?" Terri replied

Bono's eyes narrowed a little, "Now you are doing it" he realised a little perplexed

"Doing what?"

"Grinning like that.. the way Adam had been doing all morning... whats with you two? Any one would think you had both just discovered sex" he remarked in amusment

Well uh-" Terri started not sure how to answer that as she shifted and squirmed her face heating up, and she had trouble looking Bono in the eye, it did not go unnoticed by him, and his eyebrows rose questioningly, then a small smile of realisation he might just have hit the nail on the head.

"Well I guess that answers my question"

"I never said anything" Terri protested feeling her face grow even hotter

"You don't have to, the body language says it all" Bono grinned, then he moved closer to her as another thought occurred to him

"Tell me to mind my own business, but I am curious as hell, I take it last night was the first time, y'know you both got together from you started seeing each other. Only we all assumed the two of you were already-"

"Well you assumed wrong" Terri interrupted him her tone a little sharp, suddenly feeling uncomfortable discussing this with him and decided to terminate the conversation by walking away. But then she stopped and turned, a small look of concern on her face as she approached Bono.

"Look Bono I didn't mean to snap like that, its just this is all very personal, and I am still feeling a bit sensitive about it, would you do me a big favour and not discuss it with anyone else" she pleaded

"Sure thing Ter, I understand... I do have my sensitive side too y'know," Bono reminded her, "And don't worry, cross my heart, I won't mention it to another soul" he promised solemnly

"Thanks" she replied gratefully, "And I do know you are a sweet sensitive guy at heart" she hurriedly added

"No problem" he embraced her in a hug to let her know there was no hard feelings "As long as you and Ads are happy thats all I care about.. y'know that?"

"Well I think I can let you know we are very happy" Terri assured him with a smile.


Terri was sitting in the back stage area taking a drink of bottled water when Adam found her a while later.

"Hey sweetheart" he greeted her coming to sit next to her and give her a quick peck on the lips, his arm going around her

"Give me a drink I am parched".

She obligingly offered him the bottle "Finish it if you like"

"Thanks" he took it from her and much to her amusment he did just that, almost gulping down the whole bottle.

"You were thirsty" she remarked with a grin

"Hmmm now I am hungry" Adam replied eyeing her wolfishly "And I don't mean for food" he added and she felt his hands slide down her back and find their way underneath the waistband of her jeans, whilist his mouth nuzzled her neck playfully

"Behave!" she scolded him laughing and making a feeble attempt to push him away.

"Make me" he taunted, and pulled her closer to him and kissed her hungrily and she forgot all about trying to make him behave, as she kissed him back. when he finally pulled away from her, he was looking around him thoughtfully "hmm wonder if there is somewhere more private we can go" he pondered, maybe a nice locker room or office we can hide in for a quickie"

"Adam!" she protested feigning shock but grinning, "What kind of woman do you take me for?"

"One who has the hots for me" he grinned back, reminding her of what happened between them the night before

She couldn't help giggling, "Right now it's you who have the hots for me" she pointed out a little smugly

"I am not denying it babe" beamed and grabbed her hand, getting up and tugging her up with him "C'mon"

"B-but what if they come looking for you.. you are still rehearsing, they will wonder where you are" Terri reminded him a little worriedly.

"Let them, its not like they will know" Adam replied leading her away

"I guess not" Terri murmered. But then thought into herself with wry amusment 'well maybe with the exception of Bono'

the things I do for starsgoblue

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Where's some private room when you need it??!!!

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Re: adam fanfic pt 17

Originally posted by annj
the things I do for starsgoblue

And I LOVE you for it!!
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