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adam fanfic pt 10

Terri was a little surprised the following evening of her exhibition that three times as many people turned up.. but it seemed word had got out about Adam being there the night before, so a lot of people turned up and hung around hoping that he would be there that again.

Those who where there the first night demanded how it had went afterwards when Adam whisked her of.

She informed them that they had just went to see a movie and was glad they never asked which one, because she couldn't remember after all they hadn't really watched much of it.

She was in a little discomfort as the hall where the exhibition was held was quite warm, and she had chosen to wear a polo neck sweater, which was all she could find that would hide the mark Adam had left on her neck.. she could just imagine the remarks she would get if her work colleagues spotted that.

But it was worth it, by the end of the evening there had been a lot of interest in her work and potential customers some of them big names around Dublin and from the UK, and it was the start of recongnation she needed.

When the exhibition wrapped up for the night, this time she did go out with her friends to celebrate the sucess she was having,
they were still trying to get more on her time with Adam, but she assured them she did not have some hot night of passion with him before he flew back to America, some of them doubted her and just thought she wasn't telling all, and others thought she was crazy not to take up the opportunity.. thinking back on it now Terri could see their point.

She got back to her place in the early hours of the morning, a little unsteady on her feet after everyone insisted on buying her a drink to celebrate the success of her exhibition, once in her bedroom she happily shed her sweater, and found herslef glancing in the mirror at the dark red purple mark on her neck a reminder of being with Adam the night before, she closed her eyes remembering, and found herself basking in a little world of her own thinking about his lips exploring her neck and face.. wishing he was there tonight to do it again

Kicking of her shoes she flopped into her bed, hugging her pillow, imagining it was him she was snuggling into, and was just dozing of in a happy haze of memories of Adams face, Adams smile, Adam's lips on hers.. when her phone rang.

She bolted upright, now awake and turned on the bedside lamp and hurriedly grabbed her bag sitting on the floor where she dropped it to get her phone out her hands suddenly trembling with excitment, hoping it was who she thought it was.

She was not disappointed

"Hi Ter, hope I haven't waken you out of your sleep, I know its the early hours where you are" Adam's apologetic voice was music to her ears

"Its ok I wasn't really sleeping" Terri replied, "I am glad you phoned, at least I know you are safe and sound"

"Yeah I go in about two hours ago, had to phone you and find out how things went tonight with your exhibtion.. well actually thats only a half truth, It is just a good excuse because I wanted to hear your voice again" he then added

Terri laughed "I was just thinking about you too" she confided

"Really? hope it was all good"

"Oh yes it was, even better now I can talk to you for real.. and it gives me a chance to thank you again.. because of your little visit yesterday at my exhibition, it was a lot busier tonight, you just upped my credibility with your breif appearance.. it unbelievable... I don't know how I am ever going to repay you"

"Oh I am sure I can think of a way given time" Adam replied suggestively

She laughed again, "Behave" she chastised him lightheartedly

"Must I?" Adam feigned disapointment "Just when it was getting fun.. though it would be even better if I could be there in person"

"I was just thinking that myself" Terri replied wistfully

"Missing me already?" Adam enquired

"Kindda" she replied nochantly deciding she did not want him to know she was pining after him that much

"It won't be long until I am back again" he promised, "just another seven days"

" Oh I think I will manage survive fine till then" she assured him

There was a pause at his end of the line, before he spoke again

"Actually now I think about it, there is a favour you can do for me?"

"Oh... what is it?" Terri enquired a little warily

"If I give you the time my flight comes in will you meet me at the airport.. I would really appreciate it" he then said

" Umm yeah sure" she finally replied a little surprised at this request

"I just would like you to be there, y'know the rest of the guys got their family there for them.. and I don't really have anyone, just seeing you there when I get of the plane to welcome me home, it would make it special" he sounded a a little embarrased admitting this to her, not sure how she would take it

"Then of course I will be there for you eejit" she promised him warmly, touched that he wanted her there for him, only realising now that even Adam Clayton had his vunerablities despite his rockstar status and all that went with it.. he could still feel lonely

She found herself looking at him in a new light Suddenly she had the overwhelming desire to be there next to him. wishing she could give him a comforting hug.

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Sweet, sweet Adam. Hey, if Theresa is busy I'll go meet him at the airport.

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sure thing lady val pencils your name in as standby
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Originally posted by annj
sure thing lady val pencils your name in as standby
Great, thanks!

Clears calendar & waits for annj's phone call to pick up Adam
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