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adam fan fic pt4

When her cell phone rang a few days later, Terri was on her way out of the house and had to stop rummage the phone out of her bag
to answer it "hello" she answered automatically

"Hi Theresa it's me Adam"

Terri didn't speak at first, then her eyes narrowed suspiciously, "Ha ha very funny, but I am not falling for for that, so just stop trying to screw me around" she warned convinced it was Mike or one of her other work colleagues winding her up

"Theresa.. is that you?" Adam's bewildered voice at the other end demanded

"A-Adam!" it suddenly hit her that the caller might be genuine "Oh my Gawd, if that is really you I am sorry I thought that--- well never mind what I thought" she babbled, then another thought instantly occured to her "how the hell did you get my number?"

"Don't be mad and hang up on me Theresa, I got in contact with your boss, told her I was an old friend and she was very obliging" Adam informed her

"I am sure she was" Terri remarked dryly imagining that her boss was now aware of some past connection with Adam thanks to Mike

"I am not mad.. just surprised I guess" she told him dazedly.

"Well I just couldn't leave things the way it ended the other day, I would really love it if we could get together and talk"

"But Adam I told you that you don't have to--" Teresa started but he cut her of before she could finish

"I know what you told me, but like I said, I still think you deserve an explaination of some sort, it would make me feel better, so if not for your sake, do it for mine"

"Well, when you put it like that, its pretty hard to say no, but really there is no need I don't harbour some sort of longtime grudge"
she tried to assure him.

"Then prove it by having dinner with me" Adam told her

"What?! Are you serious?" She could do nothing else but laugh at his proposal, not quite believing this was happening, and finding herself in a situation she couldn't refuse even if she wanted to without it making her look bad.

"There is this nice little Italian resturaunt in Dublin I like to go to called Giano's, have you heard of it?" he then enquired

"Yes I have, not a place I go very often to though, espicially on what I earn"

"Well no worries I will be paying this time around, so its my treat"

"You really don't have to do this" she told him again

"Maybe not but I want to" Adam replied "So what about tomorrow night if you are free I could come and pick you up, say about seven?"

"Well tomorrow night is fine.. but don't worry about coming to pick me up.. I don't live too far from Giano's I will meet you there" she hurriedly added,

Somehow the idea of him knowing her address and knocking on her front door was too much for her to deal with. And with an odd defiance she thought that he had more or less cornered her into having this dinner with him, and she at least was going to be calling some of the shots and not letting him have it all his own way.

"Great" Adam replied enthusiatically "I am looking forward to it"

Terri still not quite sure how she felt about it all, did not reply right away, "Right" she finally spoke up "I guess I will see you tomorrow night then"

After saying goodbye she hung up, wondering anxiously what she was letting herself in for....


It was six fortyfive, and Terri with trembling hands was hurriedly climbing into a black pair of tailored trousers, her bedroom with most of her clothes from her wardrobe scattered around on the bed over the chairs on the floor as she couldn't make up her mind what to wear out to dinner with Adam, she didn't want to get too dressed up.. then he might think she was out to impress him,

Still she didn't want to look like a slob either, she wanted to look good, so she settled for the trousers and a black top with a gold and ivory pattern through it that looked classy but not overdressed.

She was going to be late, she knew that, and her heart was hammering in her chest, wondering if she was making the right desicion having this meal with Adam tonight.

All day she had fluctuated from wanting to go.. to not wanting to go, and as the afternoon came and the time got nearer, she found herself in a stubborn resentful mood as her mind wandered back to the last time Adam had asked her out somewhere, and how he had not turned up, whilist she stood there in the street corner nervous, anxious and cold for over an hour waiting for him.

Then the humilating realisation that he was not going to turn up, and how foolish she had felt.

If it had been anyone else but Adam, she might have expected it, but he had always been nice to her and had stuck up for her when others tormented her, and she had really liked him, and had been pleased when he had asked her to go to the pictures, she never thought he of all people would do that to her, which was why she felt the disappointment and hurt more bitterly.

It seemed he was no different than the others, he was probably away somewhere having a good laugh with his friends that he had made a fool of her.. she should have known better anyway, it was too good to be true that he would be remotely interested in a dull little thing like her, she wasn't pretty or had a nice figure that could impress him.. no wonder he changed his mind and didn't want to be seen with her.

So she had crept home dejectedly and cried for most of the night in her bed, deciding she was never going to trust a boy again.

The following afternoon her mother had called up to her that Adam was on the phone her heart had jolted, but she was too hurt to want to hear his excuses or what he wanted to say, so she told her mother she wasn't feeling well and she didn't feel talking to him

And that feeling had once more come over her today, and she decided she didn't want to sit across from him to listen to some excuse he had over twenty years to think up, in fact she wondered how he would feel if she didn't show up, it would serve him right.

But then as it drew later in the evening, her conscience would not let her do that to him despite what happened in the past. After all hadn't she told Adam that she no longer held a grudge.. if she didn't turn up he would most certainly realise she did, and it would seem so petty after all these years, then there had been times she had regretted not taking that phone call and hear what he had to say for himself.. what reason he would give for not turning up that night. Now she would finally find out and they could put the past to rest for good.

So at the last minute she had decided to get ready and show him she did have a gracious side.. she glanced at her watch again it was six fiftyfive and she realised in dismay still had to do her make up and hair and there was still the good ten minute walk to Giano's... oh well better late than never.. she decided, anxiously hoping Adam would understand.

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Can't wait to see what happens at dinner!!
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