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adam fan fic

ok this is my first attempt writing about adam, I havent even thought about a title for it yet as I just thought up the plot
so this is the first part



"Get a grip on yourself Terri" Theresa McCann chided herself, as she grabbed her camera equipment sitting next to her in the passenger seat of the car.

This was just another job, a photo shoot, like many other she done for the new up and coming Irish Celebrity magazine she worked for, she was a proffessional, she could handle it...Oh hell who was she trying to kid?

This was not just like any other photo shoot, this was a photo shoot with a difference, because it had a personal attachment to it, and no one else knew how personal it was except for her.. and Adam Clayton.

Would he know her.. or even remember her now?

It was a question she had pondered thoroughly from she found out about her assignment two weeks ago that they would be doing a special middle page spread on U2.

As their best photographer they insisted she went along, despite the fact she had suggested somone else could handle it, to be insistent that she didn't want to do it would have led to answering awkward questions.. after all who in their right mind would not want to get the chance to mingle and talk with the members of U2? And having this exclusive interview and photos would boost magazine sales a big time it was a brilliant opportunity no one could refuse.

To explain that a long time ago when she was only fifteen that the bass guitarist had stood her up, was not something she wanted others to know about. despite the fact it was an age ago it still made her face flame with embarrasment at the rememberance of it like it was only yesterday.

Knowing she would be coming face to face with him again had brought it all back only too vividly.

The sharp knock on her car window startled her making her almost jump out of her skin, it was her work colleague Mike, who would be conducting the interview with U2, and was excited about the prospect, unlike her.

"C'mon Ter, what's keeping you, we have to meet them in a few minutes, don't want to create a bad impression by being late"

"OK, OK, I'm coming" Terri replied gathering her wits about her, realising there was no avoiding it any longer, and taking a deep breath and bracing herself she checked she had all the stuff she needed before climbing out of the car, and reluctantly followed Mike to the entrance of the Clarence Hotel where the interview was being conducted.

She had done some quick thinking once they got into the hotel foyer for ways she could put of having to meet Adam close up and personal. Grabbing Mike's arm, she brought him to a halt.

"Look, why don't you go on ahead and do the interview with the boys and I will hang around down here, looking for a good place for the photo shoot, I was thinking maybe we could take it outside, so I will meet you down here.. say in about 20 minutes or so?"

Mike's eyebrows shot up in surprise, "You don't want to come with me now and meet the them?"

"Um.. no, I can wait" she shrugged, "Its no big deal, you don't need me up there yet, I am just going to look around here and see what I can suss out for a good backdrop"

"Alright if that's how you want it" Mike replied giving her a speculative look, not quite believing she was not dying to meet the members of U2, and decided she probably found it all a bit overwhelming and was too nervous about meeting them face to face and probably wanted to go and make sure her hair and make up was right, typical woman he decided and left her to it.


Thank God for the Zoom lenses, Terri thought into herself, 'CLICK' she pressed the button taking photos of U2 from a good few feet away outside the hotel, only shooting them the breifest glance when she had to to ask them to stand in a position she desired, otherwise she kept her head down making out she was occupied with the camera in her hand,

So far so good, Adam did not seem to recognise her, but then why should he?.. she had changed a lot since he had known her, still she preferred keeping some distance between them to be on the safe side, a few more photo's should do it, and she might just get of without any awkward moments.

But it still wasn't easy, she was trying hard not to concentrate on looking at Adam's face through the camera lens whilst she was taking the shots, but now and again she couldn't help herself, she hated to admit it, but he had improved over the years, she noticed the way his eye crinkled at the corners when he smiled or laughed, and his physical build, he had filled out well... she shook her head a little trying to focus back on her job and concentrate what she was doing...

Her ears should have been burning though as the U2 members talked amongst each other during the photo shoot

"Do you think that photographer lady is alright?" Bono murmered to the others, "She is acting a bit weird don't ya think?"

"Hmmm now you mention it, she does seem to have some trouble communicating with us eye to eye, do you notice the way she keeps her head down, or looking away as if she doesn't want to look at us, unless she has the camera to her face.. whats with her" Larry remarked"

"I dunno" Adam rubbed his chin and frowned a little, "There is something about her is familar... has she done photo shoots of us before?"

"Don't think so" Bono replied "She works for this magazine, and it's a fairly new one out"

"Curiouser and curiouser" Edge grinned.

OK, I think I got enough, thanks boys" Terri called out giving them a brief wave and feeling a sense of relief wash over her, and watched as Mike who had been standing nearby went over to shake hands with them.. she decided ti was a good opportunity to make a quick escape, and turned to leave.

She took a few steps, then heard Mike call out to her, as tempting as it was to pretend she hadn't heard him, she stopped and turned, her heart was in her mouth, she had almost escaped, but not quite, now Mike was coming towards her trailing behind him were the other members of U2 including Adam

"Don't go running of, the guys wanna say thanks" Mike told her.

Much to Terri's dismay she realised there was no where to go, so she forced herself to smile and hope that Adam would not know who she was.. after all it had been over twenty years."

"Yeah Bono spoke up as he approached her "I want to meet this elusive photographer"

Terri felt her cheeks heat up, and managed a small laugh "There is nothing elusive about me"

"Well the least you can do is hang around long enough to thank you for showing up" Bono replied "I was beginning to wonder if we had done something on you, and you couldn't stand the sight of us" he joked.

"Sorry, that is not the case really" she assured him and held out her hand "I am very pleased to meet you"

"Glad to hear it" Bono replied as he shook hands with her, and turned to the others standing behind him,

"Hey Guys wanna say hello?.. what's your name?" Bono turned back to Terri

Darting a glance at Adam who came to stand next to Bono and was idly scrutinising her from behind his glasses, she did not want to reply, and felt herself panic.

"It's Theresa McCann" Mike finally spoke up for her with a grin, thinking she had just got a little tongue tied with meeting Bono for real

"Nice to meet you Theres-" Adam started then stopped, his scrutiny suddenly sharpening as something clicked in his brain, then realisation followed with recognition.

Seeing his expression she knew he remembered.

"Oh shit!" both of them thought into themselves in unsion.

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Ha ha!!
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