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About knowing each other, U2 fan code

I've seen someone having their code in the sig but I think it's time we all create our own. Here's the "choices", kind of long, and a bit old so ATYCLB isn't in here.

New School/Old School
NO+++ What's the Joshua Tree? (just kidding)
NO++ Achtung Baby and Zooropa are great, but don't speak to me about POP
NO+ If there were a fire and I could only rescue either AB or JT, I'd rescue AB
NO I like everything about equally...really
NO- I only bought POP to complete my collection; I never listen to it
NO-- I secretly wish they'd do The Joshua Tree 2
NO--- Macphisto is actually the devil. Anything that isn't acoustic sucks.
!NO Everything after War was a sellout! I hate Brian Eno!!
NO? What have those U2 fellows been doing since the eighties, anyway?

Playing Favorites
Part 1, The Favorites:

FB Bono is the man! The shades! The swagger! No contest!
FE Mr. the Edge is the real thing; Bono just gets all the press. Who else could play samples with each individual toe?
FA Between the bass and the sarongs--not to mention the spoons--Adam's definitely the coolest U2 member. No pun intended.
FL My favorite: Larry Mullen Jnr. Plain and simple. Great drummer, great (and very constant) hair, great tattoos, takes no BS from anyone.

Okay, feel free to stop here for the Playing Favorites section. Or, if you'd like to drool a bit (as we all know, there are many out there that drool more than a bit), tack one of these on to the end...

Part 2, Drool Factor:
++++ Yow! I'm trying to figure out a way to break into a top-secret research facility and clone this man.
+++ Major drool-worthy: I think all singers / guitarists / bassists / drummers are a bit more attractive, just from leftover vibe...
++ Definitely near the top of my list, but I'm willing to admit defeat
+ Okay, if we were on a deserted island, maybe that would be fun...but otherwise I'm not gonna worry about it
(Examples of the two-parter: DB++++ very serious Bono drooler, DL++ moderate Larry drooler)

Or, on the other hand, if you think this whole drooling tendency is strictly for amateurs, add on one of these instead:
- Enough drooling over the band members! This is silly! (example: FB-, you think Bono is cool, but drooling is dumb)
= Drool all you want--it's amusing for the rest of us.

The Stuff
S++++ You name it, I have it. I have recordings I think even U2's never heard of, and I'll buy anything that has lemons on it.
S+++ All of the albums, a good number of the singles, and more merch from the last tour or two than I could ever use/hang up.
S++ All of the albums, maybe a few singles, and just enough miscellaneous stuff that it could be easily grabbed in case of an emergency. (Right after the family photo album. Or maybe at the same time.)
S+ Most or all of the albums, and maybe my favorite single or two for convenience. Some show stuff and/or lemon stuff, nothing major.
S Half to most of the albums (I'll get October someday, okay?!?) and maybe a souvenir or two from PopMart
S- Relatively small stash: The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, and two more albums at the most
S-- I have the Joshua Tree, and that's it, but...um...I do like that one.
S--- I picked up the Best-of with the B-sides. That's it.
S---- I picked up the Best-of without the B-sides. That's it.
Add to the end:
...$ The only thing that's stopping me from getting more is a shortage of cash (example: S++$, medium stash of stuff aspiring to be a big stash of stuff.)

Net Presence
N+++ Most of a major mailing list/NG/BBS knows me by my first name
N++ I run a fan site that's updated even between albums
N+ I check the mailing lists/bulletin boards every day, and I have a vast collection of bookmarks
N I read a mailing list regularly and like it, but that's about it
N- I read a mailing list regularly, but don't like to admit it
N-- I've heard of mailing lists, but I think they're just a waste of my precious time
N--- I refuse to believe anything I hear online
!N Mailing lists are a total waste of bandwidth; I won't go near them. And most of the websites suck, too!
N? U2 is on the Internet?

B+++ I can recite large chunks of For Love Or Money from memory
B++ My bootleg collection is extensively cross-referenced by date and location
B+ I automatically sing the "Hear me coming, love..." part in "One" every time I hear it
B I only buy bootlegs of the shows I've been to
B- I might buy bootlegs if they weren't so expensive
B-- I've heard bootlegs, but wasn't impressed; the real thing is even better
B--- I don't care what the band says, bootlegging is just wrong!
!B Bootlegging is the root of all evil!
B? Bootlegging? Isn't that something Deadheads do?

C+++ I've seen every tour since Bono's infamous white-flag days
C++ I've traveled across state/country lines to see a show I've already seen at home
C+ I've seen a tour more than once
C I've seen them live once or twice
C- I've seen them live once or twice, but I probably won't go next time
C-- I went once, I got trampled, I hated it, goodbye
C--- Wild horses couldn't drag me to one of those shows
C~ I haven't gotten to see them yet, but I'm counting down the minutes until they start touring again
!C I absolutely refuse to bother; I can listen to the CDs anytime
C? U2 is still touring?
Add to the end:
...# if the only thing that messes up your track record is your birthdate. (For example, C# --I've only seen PopMart, but it's not my fault I was 3 years old during The Joshua Tree tour!)

Listening Habits
L++++ If I could find a way to listen to U2 more often than my present 24/7, I would. I have a U2 song ready for any possible occasion.
L+++ If I'm awake, it's on. I'll find ways to listen at school/work if possible (smoke breaks for smokers, lemon breaks for U2ers?)
L++ I listen during most of my free time--hey, at least then it's not associated with non-fun activities like work.
L+ When I have control of the background music (car or home), it's a safe bet it's U2; people have stopped asking "What are you listening to?"
L I listen to a lot of stuff in my free time, but U2 makes up a healthy amount of it (maybe 25-30% overall)
L- I listen to something U2-y around once a week, when I'm in the mood for it
L-- I listen to them in one specific instance, like in the car, and I'm happy with that
L--- I think I have one of their CD's in my changer/collection...somewhere
L---- I won't turn off the radio if they come on
Add to the end:
...X if this is the point where you're forced to stop by coworkers, supervisors, parents, sick-of-U2 significant others, etc. (example: L++X Listen in my free time, but if I ruled the world (mwahaha), it would be way more.)

Off-Topic Musings
O+++ I regularly write multi-paragraph manifestos about religion, culture, and international politics on U2 mailing lists/bulletin boards, and I flame everyone who disagrees with me
O++ I write multi-paragraph manifestos on U2 mailing lists/bulletin boards about religion, culture, and international politics only when it's an issue near and dear to my heart
O+ I follow the off-topic stuff, but I'm too afraid of flames to post
O I browse through the off-topic stuff now and then
O- I usually skip the off-topic stuff
O-- I mutter unprintable words at the writers of off-topic posts as I ignore them
O--- People! Can we get back to the music now, please?
!O I actually flame flamers, trying to get them to shut up
O? I'm not on a mailing list/bulletin board

CV+++ I've converted or tried to convert everyone I've ever met into a U2 fan
CV++ I've converted or tried to convert all of my family and friends into U2 fans
CV+ I've converted or tried to convert my closest friends into U2 fans
CV I've converted a couple of people into U2 fans by accident
CV- I've tried to convert a few people, but I usually don't succeed
CV-- I tried to convert a few people and quit after they looked at me funny
CV--- When someone says "Oh no, not U2 again," I say "Okay, maybe you're right" and turn it off
!CV Who am I to impose my musical tastes on anyone?

Top Songs
This is a new way to include your one ultra-favorite U2 song in your Code. It's another two-parter, like so:
Part 1: The Albums
BO Boy
OC October
WA War
UB Under a Blood Red Sky
UF The Unforgettable Fire
WA Wide Awake In America
JT Joshua Tree
RH Rattle And Hum
AB Achtung Baby
ZO Zooropa
PA Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1
PO Pop
BO Best Of U2 1980-1990

Part 2: The Songs
This is as easy as looking at the track listing on the CD/album in question. Add the track number to the end of the album abbreviation. For example, "Where the Streets Have No Name" is JT track 1, so: JT1. "One" is AB3. And so on. If your ultra-favorite super-special U2 song is a B-side or a non-album track...um...pick your second ultra-favorite super-special song, I guess.



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hmmm. i'm confused! can you give an example of what this code looks like?? thanks- i'm a little slow!

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Originally posted by *Ally*:
hmmm. i'm confused! can you give an example of what this code looks like?? thanks- i'm a little slow!
Oki, on my way, was just about to post mine, here it is.

NO+ FB++++ S++ N+ B+ C++ L++X O CV- AB10

Which means that if I had to choose, I would pick AB before JT (more for new stuff then old, but just a little), I'm a Bonoholic and would clone him if possible. Have all Cds + a few singles and a healthy amount of other stuff. Hang around on the net checking U2 stuff when I can, have a few bootlegs, been travelling across countries to see them, listens to them as much as I can, even more if someone else wasn't in my way. Read off topics on U2-sites once in a while, not very good in converting people into U2-fans and my favsong is UV on AB.

Made any sense? In each categorie you pick the choice that suits you and add + or - where presents. Hope it gets clearer. I know it's a bit confusing in the beginning but...

"U2 on its own is a very interesting group and all. But U2 with its audience is a culture" - Bono

"Hur er leget? Was it right? Hur r lget?" ~ Bono tries to speak swedish in Stockholm. Hur r lget? means How are you doing? by the way.
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