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The Fly
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Abduction of The Edge pt2

Sorry this took so long coming and that it's a bit short but here it is. Also, I hope you don't mind but this is a fanfic for the Pleban girls so they are the main characters rather than the band. Ok enough of me rambling, here it is.
Disclaimer: load of bullshit but fun to write

The Plebans sat at a table in Crimson’s café and sighed.
“You know,” said Crimson as she made an attempt to clean the coffee maker ,”exactly two months ago today U2 came and rescued us from those Yawneeks…” and she was off, dreaming about Larry in a pantyhose for the fifth time that day.

“It’s so boring now, my collection of shirtless Bono pictures are nothing compared to the real thing,” said Galeongirl

“Do you remember when they did that topless concert……”

“…….and I got Bono’s sunglasses……”

“……..I was kissed by the Silver Fox himself!..........”

“Enough!” exclaimed Annj. “If I hear one more ‘do you remember’ I’m going to flip!

Why has no one thought of contacting them and arranging a trip to Earth.”

“Annj, you’re a genius!” said YDW, giving her a hug.

Thora got out a laptop and logged in to the Pleba database.

At the top write of the blue screen there was a bright red button marked ‘Communicate with Earth’. As far as they could remember no Pleban had ever clicked it, they respected the band members’ privacy and didn’t want to interfere. Still, it was always a great temptation.

For a few minutes the Plebans just stared at it. Then, tentatively, Thora moved the mouse and clicked the button. They all held their breath and watched the screen.
Something beeped.

In the attic, under piles of old inventions, the Edge cam stirred.

“Did you see that?” said Greeneyedgirl

“What?” asked Weldy looking up from the instructions manual.
“Something moved, I’m sure it did.” The screen suddenly lit up showing a dusty room full of junk.

“Looks like an attic,” said Greeneyedgirl

“I wonder what happens if you press the arrow keys….” said Carmel

She thumped the left arrow and the view swung round 360 degrees, making everyone dizzy.

Thora took control and moved the ‘thing’ forward.

“It’s like a robot! Can I have another go?” Carmel

“No, not after what you did last time.” Thora skilfully made the camera look right and left.

“Stop!” yelled Crimson and Galeongirl making everyone jump and causing Jez to knock over her coffee.

“Never do that again. I nearly had a heart attack!” said Jez

“Turn the camera right,” commanded Carmel, “there,” she said triumphantly. In clear view they could all see a box marked ‘Larry’s Stuff F.O.A.D’.

“It can’t hurt to open it, can it?” said Crimson “I mean if they didn’t want us to see it, they wouldn’t have left it lying about.” With that reasoning, Thora steered the camera into the box and looked about.

There they saw all the books written by YDW and SG and what looked suspiciously like print outs from the caption and MOOB day threads.

“He’s a lurker!” the Plebans gasped.

“Well we all have our weaknesses,” said Greeneyedgirl. “Let’s go downstairs and try to find them.”

Two biscuit tins later the Edge cam made its slow and cautious way into the lounge, the Plebans having resisted the temptation to enter the bedrooms.

Thora turned the Edge cam round the corner and bumped right into a large black object. Zooming out they could all see that it was a platformed black shoe and Weldy, having confessed to being an expert on Bono’s clothing, pronounced it his.

Wondering why he hadn’t noticed a robot walking into his foot, Thora made the robot climb up the arm of the sofa and then ‘accidentally’ made it take a flying leap into Bono’s lap.

For five whole minutes the Plebans just stared at Bono’s lap, Thora having zoomed in, until sadgirl noticed that their drool puddles were messing up the keyboard. Sighing blissfully Thora hopped the Edge cam on to the side of the sofa and looked around the room. There they could all see Larry, Adam and Bono staring, with dreamy expressions on their faces, in the direction of the TV screen.

“Where’s Edge?” wailed greeneyedgirl and Jez.
“He’s probably about somewhere, y’know, working on another invention….” said youvedonewhat, though she looked around fearfully at the hypnotised members.

“Well,” said annj, “There’s only one thing for it, we’ll have to go to Earth to see what’s happened.”

In a flash Crimson’s café was emptied as the Plebans rushed to their respective residences and chucked everything they valued into a suitcase.

Half an hour later, they all assembled in Crimson’s café and prepared a spaceship. On their way to the station Carmel’s suitcase burst spewing her entire collection of Bono pictures and clothes on to the pavement.

Weldy’s suitcase followed and galeongirl realised she’d left her sunglasses in her flat.

On a sudden impulse Crimson and youvedonewhat rushed back to the café to grab some healthy Plebite biscuits for Larry and chocolate coated ones for Bono.

Finally ready they boarded the spaceship and settled themselves down in First Class. Seeing they were the only passengers on board, and greeneyedgirl was flying it, they threw a small party and drank to anything that sprang to mind.

“Here’s to Earth!” hiccupped Jez after her 3rd glass of Plebapop.
“….and to Pleba….”
“….and Edge’s beanies….”
“…Larry’s moobs…..”
“……Adam’s afro…..”
“….and Bono’s lap…..” yelled all the Plebans as they left the safety of their blue planet Pleba and journeyed to the vast unknown Earth.

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“It’s so boring now, my collection of shirtless Bono pictures are nothing compared to the real thing,” said Galeongirl

I really can see myself saying htis... *snicker*
Bono's lap...
hehe and me forgetting my sunglasses? I don't even have them... wait... does that mean..... just kiddin eh, well not about the fact that I don't have shades... but still
I love the fic! PLEBA fics rock! XD hope we're getting more of this... oh I wish there was a planet PLEBA.... everywhere around me would be just as insane(ok nearly as) as me... talking about close to heaven... yes close to, you all know where heaven would be for me!!
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Yay, I'm in this one too!
I love it!

“Stop!” yelled Crimson and Galeongirl making everyone jump and causing Jez to knock over her coffee.

How did you know I always spill my coffee?
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Awesome!! Thanks for including me in the story! And only 5 minutes spent gazing at Bono's lap?! Well, you take what you can get. Great chapter, Crimson! Looking forward to more.
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The Fly
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Don't forget to congratulate annj too. After all, she gave me inspiration with her Planet Pleba fic.
Thanks for all the comments.
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That is soo awesome Crimson and annj I could totally see Thora fussing at me... and my jammed packed suitcase bursting open I cannot wait to see what is in store for us Pleaban's!!!

To the PLEABAN's!!
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This is funny!

I'm sooooooo glad that I'm an expert of Bono's style

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