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A Warrior's Homecoming: Chapter 7

This continues to be a work of fiction. It is not intended to offend anyone, I don't know any band members on this astral plane......


Lawrence could not bring himself to walk in the open. Now that he knew the truth of his parents he didn't want to meet any of the other villagers. Didn't want to see the looks of sorrow in their eyes, didn't want to hear their talk of sympathy.

He had too much anger and energy inside now. Why, oh why did he leave his sword at the smitty? "Better calm down before I call on Brigid", he thought. Though the trees edging the miller's property hid him from view, he saw their cottage plainly. Someone was home, he could tell. Smoke curled from the chimney. He heard laughter. The door opened. A young girl of about three ran out giggling. "So, another wee one joined the clan while I was away", thought Lawrence. That she didn't resemble the rest of the family was his last coherent thought. "Saints be praised," whispered Lawrence. Brigid had come out of the cottage.

She was carrying a basket full of laundry, laughing along with the little girl. Lawrence wanted to run out from behind the trees and swing her up into his arms, but he couldn't move. His palms were damp and he had started to sweat. He remembered the night of Samhain, his birthday, four years ago. He wished he was ten and six again.

He studied her. From what he could tell her hair was still a beautiful shade of auburn. She wore it in a tight bun at the base of her neck. He wondered how long it was. He prefered it loose. Last time he saw her it had fallen to her waist. Her face looked tired. Even though she laughed with the child her eyes were sad. Brigid turned her back to him and began to hang the laundry. She bent down and said something to the little girl who then went back inside.

Lawrence stepped out from the treees and made his way towards the cottage. Four years of fighting the English had taught him stealth and Brigid din't hear his approach. The gate had been left open so he walked up right behind her and said "Hello, Lass." Brigid turned around and gasped. Her eyes widened in suprise. Her face paled and she crumpled at his feet.

Lawrence knelt down and caressed her face. And then the little girl came out of the cottage. She looked at Lawrence and said "Why is mama sleeping on the ground?" Lawrence looked from the child to Brigid. He eyes had opened and she was staring up at him, and he knew. Before she could say anything to him Lawrence stood up and walked away.

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Re: A Warrior's Homecoming: Chapter 7

Wow that chapter leaves so many questions..........

You`d better hurry with the next installment

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Noooooo! Y'can't leave it there!! Ack...
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ooooh this is good, more soon !
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i like it.
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