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A Warrior's Homecoming: Chapter 6

This story is all a figment of my imagination. Any resemblence to those in the U2niverse is strictly for entertainment. No disrespect intended. Enjoy!

Lawerence stood up and followed Tom down a path, back towards the rise he had ridden over the night before. Lawerence noticed for the first time a small clearing in a copse of trees. As he moved closer he noticed Tom, standing with his arms folded and his head down. Closer still, and Celtic crosses carved in white stone stood guard in neat rows, and then he knew.

"Who lies here?" His voice was raspy. Tom, still studying the floor, pointed to the nearest grave. "Here lies my Fiona. She put herself in front of an English blade meant for me. When they learned I was the smitty they kept me alive. I was useful to them." "And the rest?" Lawerence looked at Tom. He wouldn't look at the stones, that would be an aknowledgement he wasn't ready to make. Tom wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and pointed to the two crosses set apart from the rest. "Yer da is on the left, yer ma next to him."

Lawerence stood perfectly still. Time seemed to stop. The wind had died, not a leaf moved, nor any bird sang. Even the sun was hidden behind a cloud. Tom continuesd. "It was that night...the English..." Lawerence held up his hand, cutting off Tom's words. He didn't have to hear about the English. He'd heard enough in the last four years to last his whole life through. "Tell me, Tom, does Brigid lie here as well?" "Nay, lad, Brigid walks in this life still."

His thoughts of Brigid were the only things that kept Lawerence from riding off to rejoin Declan and the others. He had to go find her. Tom watched him go. "Ah Fiona," Tom spoke to his wife's grave. "After what the English did to her, she'd be better off dead."

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Now it`s getting very interesting........I sense some love action coming for our Lawrence soon.......

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so sad!
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This is getting very interesting. And will the Fine Lawrence be making Brigid a happy girl soon?
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