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A guitar autographed by U2´s members!

I would like to share with all of you:

" A story of a U2´s fan which his dreams will come true...he will be in "Vertigo" tour!
And all started in july 13, 1985, when the artistic and cultural world had the eyes looking to social causes, mainly to the famine in Ethiopia. The United Kington started at first, having BoB Geldof in the head of the biggest and most important music´s reunion, the movement called Live Aid. It was born, then, my love for U2. I choose the band, which would compose, for all my life, the soundtrack of my heart. The U2´s performance at Live Aid, attracted me a lot. I was impressed with the emotion which that rockers, from Ireland, played their song. Then, I got the way, to buy all items related to the band, albums, magazines, posters, and, with all this stuff, U2 were conquering me, more and more and more. The lyrics, politic-religious, made me think, that Bono was a "Premier" a leader of a country, trying to put right his nation. After many years following the band, I had a dream, see a live performance of them. This happened, my dream come true, in january 1998, when I was happy enough to see two shows of "POPMart" tour in São Paulo. The shows were fantastics, marked my life and the band´s life, also. According to Bono, during an interview, São Paulo city supported the band to start the work on "All That You Can´t Leave Behind". In november 2000, U2 returned to my country, and in this time the band performed a pocket show to Globo Tv in Rio de Janeiro. In that oportunity I did a true "pursuit" to meet the band, and I was at the attendance of the show, of course. I saw with mye eyes the recording sessions to "Walk-On" video (Rio de Janeiro verison), inclusive, the car where I was (in Copacabana), in a brief moment, runned beside that "Green Bel-Air", and the driver, Mr. Adam Clayton, greets me, with his head, in a gesture of a true Lord! (I´m a witness!). I got two autographs of Edge and one of Larry, who in that oportunity, received some presents, by me.
Edge as Larry were very, very friendly, nice guys with me. Edge autographed to me, when, it was later on the night. He seemed tired, but didn´t forget to smile to all the fans. My efforts to talk with Bono, were enourmous; I was in front of him, during many times (I must confess, that I was very impacted with his presence, he´s my favorite member, and I was trying to talk with him, but at the same time, I, never, could do anything to disturb him, then, I couldn´t get his autograph. I suppose, my respect for him is bigger than my love. Really I don´t know!) ...Anyway, he, always considerate, didn´t get to attend all the fans. I was "infected by Elevation virus" (in a good way!), and in 2001, I went to London and Dublin, in front of Bono, I saw the 4 shows, into the heart!!!!!!!, in Earls Court and the first Slane Castle (aug 25, 2001). In one of the London´s concert I was a lucky fan who received from U2´s team, the guitar´s pick of Bono. Were, unforgettable moments! In Ireland´s capital, I did U2´s itinerary, visiting Bono and Edge´s home, Mount Temple and the studios. Early 2004 I acquired a guitar autographed by Bono, Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen.

This guitar was a prize of a competition by a Brazilian magazine, happened in 2003 (the autographs were taken during Grammy´s night 2001). The person who won the competition (a simple draw) wasn´t, properly a U2´s fan, then I contacted her, and I convinced her, that I was the better person to get that guitar. Of course I payed for it, but the most important, is my love and devotion to the band; I "fighted" for this guitar, during an year... This is my brief history of love for U2!"
by Ricardo D Trotta - from Sao Paulo/ Brazil - trottaricardo@hotmail.com
Actually, Ricardo is preparing his travel to UK and Ireland to see U2 in Manchester, London, Scotland and Dublin. He has in his suitcase, a present for Edge (of course, a sort of bennie) and Bono (a rosary with a crucifix):

He will wear some shirts, as this one:

Well, good luck to my friend!

check it here:
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