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2003 predictions in full - U2 related

I was browsing the Showbiz Ireland archive and I found these predictions for the year 2003.

What do you girls think?

Predictions 2003 and review of Year 2002
(Written October 11th 2002)
Edited in December- re updates in brackets.

NB (Please note that predictions are sometimes simply warnings…ie) forewarned is forearmed. So if you read something you don’t like don’t panic!

Destiny moments are set in stone and we can’t avoid them…but everything else is up for grabs.)

"I’m dreaming of a white Christmas!" (New York New York) 2003 will bring us just that.

Weather conditions will get more interesting into 2003. There will be more Earth tremors in the UK. Let’s call them earthquakes! Climactic conditions will get even more extreme. The annual flooding events after the snow will be worse than ever with rivers breaking their banks etc. There will be many storms, some just below hurricane level. I see many naked branches and trees strewn all over roads, fields, and open land.

A re-emergence of foot and mouth in the summer will be confined to the West Country and Peak District.

A major break through in science will assist the terminally ill when its lessons are applied. The management of Aids will improve vastly in the next few years. But the scourge of Small Pox will re surface as a result of terrorist activity in the Middle East. We would do well to develop vaccines in good time, and make them part of a future public health campaign. Though actual attacks of this nature will not strike the UK or Ireland. There is the possibility of a Sarin attack on the London Underground, so vigilance is important. The horror of this prediction is what the terrorist want though…so we should go about our daily lives as normal. It would be well for the USA to monitor its water supply, particularly in the New York area. Again this would be vulnerable to attack.

There will be a Mediterranean Earthquake (Turkey) bringing much devastation and a major landslide in the Far East. Mount Etna will remain active and smoulders it’s way through the year with one more blow out to come, probably in the summer.

The next Pope will be Black…a coloured gentleman (French African –Nigerian connections), for the first time in history. A controversial but important decision will represent a new era for the Catholic Church. A chance to ‘open doors’ and allow the healing to flow. The opportunity to repair the damage done re scandals and abuse stories. The Church enters the Twentieth Century…shame we have now moved into the twenty-first!

I really hope the Church takes the opportunity to make this statement of reconciliation and positive intention. The alternatives aren’t pretty…a Pope black on the inside is not a good prospect. (Unfortunately prophets have been predicting such a Pope for centuries as linked with the Biblical End Times we now find ourselves in).

2006 is a crucial year re Amagedon and a terrorist nuclear attack on Jerusalem, but we have the opportunity to by-pass such devastation. It is possible we will awake to the news of a whole city being annihilated never mind two towers if we are not careful. We can save ourselves, as long as the scourge of terrorism is kept at bay. Hot spots for potential terrorist activity this year are Egypt, Hawaii, Turkey, Munich, and New York.

Legal papers for a U2 member leading to an unexpected parting of the ways. Could represent the agreements re the loss of the Grand Canal Studios, but I doubt it! It signifies someone caught between a rock and a hard place.)

The destruction of the U2 Dockland studios is a pending statement of immanent change. Do not read this as U2 splitting up…because they won’t. But things will happen to blow the fabric of what we know and love apart. Destiny’s upheaval…exciting and sensational changes to come!

The demolition of the Studios will level the playing field in more ways than one. I really can’t see Bono peering out over Dublin from a recording studio that reaches the heavens. I don’t think the skyscraper scenario will happen.

Bono is still on-song for the Nobel peace Prize…he was nominated this year, and will be again. Third time lucky!

Marriage for Andrea- whoever she is with in 6 – 8 months is the one. There’s a possible reconciliation with Giles Baxendale. An unexpected, but welcomed pregnancy for Andrea quite soon (6 –8 months). The developing link/music collaboration between Andrea and Gavin Friday is predictable. It softens rumours, never mind ‘Dreams’, and ‘Talk on Corners’. Movie and musical success for Andrea - The inevitable MUSICAL collaboration with Bono…and Gavin continues!

Expect major upheaval in the U2 camp. More U2 babies and marriage still beckons for Larry Mullen Junior.

Roy Keane’s connection with the Irish football squad will outlast Mick Mc Carthy’s and in time he will be called on to manage the team.
Roy may have to re-juggle his career commitments due to injury and subsequent surgery. The hatchet will be buried with the Irish people. Forgiveness and reconciliation is possible and desirable. A significant appearance on The Late Late Show will clear the air once and for all.

A second chance at marriage is in the air for both the Gallagher brothers. Potential re-marriage for Noel Gallagher, and a reconciliation with Meg. More children for these troubled but reforming Mancunians!

Children for the Appleton sisters…Nicole and Natalie. Success in their music career, well credibility at least. Liam was unfaithful and will slip up again. This time there will be no wriggle free factor. He should pull up his socks or lose what is very dear (written before the escapade with the Mafia and Polizei in Germany!)

Children for Caroline, Sharon and Andrea Corr over the next two years. Very unexpected circumstances especially re Andrea.

Michael Flately’s on/off relationship with Lisa still troubles me. Apparently it’s now full-on with marriage penned in for this year. I did feel that he would commit to his next serious relationship when he parted from Lisa. The fact that this is now Lisa herself leaves me in doubt. I wish them all the best of course. But still don’t hold up much hope for their long-term future together. I just don’t see it. I maintain however that he will marry very happily and raise a family in Castle Hyde. Planning permissions permitting!

Garreth Gates: Publicity stunts re Jordan and Hayley. The record company is anxious to cover up the truth. He is closer to Will than the girls! But they are not having an affair. Hayley and Garreth are very good friends…Nothing more.

SIX may become five as one of them will get very fed up. (I hope they prove me wrong on that one…but if it does happen they should still keep the name SIX!) March is crunch time. They need a lot of patience to get through the next SIX months.

Their management should have released a single in the UK following their appearance on SMTV. Everyone got cold feet because there hadn’t been enough promotion done. They missed a certain top ten hit because they dithered. Now all the other reality TV talent will scupper their chances. Or at least distract the market for quite some time. Patience is the only quality to invest in now…and one of them will lose it!

To have any chance of success in the UK SIX will have to get sexy and totally revamp their image. The single ‘This Is It’ would do it for them re the UK. I hope they choose that one…but I don’t think they will.

D-SIDE will be massive …the next big Irish Boyband. And the music industry knows it…hence the rumour that The Smash hits Award for best new tour act was fixed! The way that the winner was announced was very interesting politically and serves as a statement of how SIX will be received in the UK…ooops!

D-SIDE are necessary since Westlife will part company (and get on with various personal projects)…Brian will walk to spend more time with Kerry. But unfortunately that will backfire on many levels. Shane will have problems with his voice and will have to rest it.

Watch out for the Cheeky Girls. They will be more of a success than the winners of ‘Pop Stars’ near Christmas! Unfortunately they have a few hit records in them…we don’t get off with just one.

In the battle for the head-to-head re girls and boys in the run up to Christmas…I actually think the boys will tip the balance. However, I’m not convinced either band will make the number one spot ahead of the Cheeky Girls! THE BOYS…will win the first round, as the girl’s track is not really teen friendly (it’s cool though). I keep seeing little Jamie’s face looking rather emotional! The Girls second single will do really well. And the boys band won’t last long at all.

But the rivalry between girls and boys will spin out over the next six months (until none of us can be bothered any more!)

The Pop Rivals boy band should be in my personal opinion (this is not my psychic opinion re the final line-up).

Daniel. Nikk. Andrew. Chris. Michael.

This band could be phenomenal…Back Street Boys for the UK.
I would rather like them to all be rejected so they can pursue this project!
(This is actually what happened, with the exception of the hiccup re Peter Smith, which was a complete set-up to get him exposure).

Matt has a future and a record contract to come…but personally I wouldn’t put him in this band. (Though he will be in this band I hasten to add!). He is a difficult character and will cause problems- he is a little bit too young for the stress of it all.

Peter Smith also has a beautiful voice…and may get into Pete Waterman’s stable, if not into the band. For reasons I won’t go into Peter Smith is not right for this project. I get the same feeling about him this time that I got about Nadine last time! (When she was exposed on Irish Popstars for lying about her age). Incidentally I get the same unease about Nadine this time as well, though she is undeniably talented.

The winning line-up of the Boy Rival band will be:
Daniel. Matt. Anton. Jamie. And Keith. (There will be a very close call between Keith and one of the lads. I always mix up Keith and Jamie, so there’s a clue!)

NB…I have an unopened envelope re the winning line-ups of the Pop Rivals bands.

The winning line-up of the Pop Rivals girl band will be Javine. Nichola. Sarah. Nadine and Cheryl.

I am still wobbling about Nadine she makes me uneasy! Technically she should be in the band but…There’s a big question mark over her head. (This must IN PART relate to the Cancer scare and bullying stories which emerged recently)
If anything happens…of course there will be Kimberley in the band instead.

Actually a four piece of Javine. Nicola. Sarah. And Cloe would be very impressive. As would a Motown type trio of Pete, Anton and Daniel. These guys are solo artists who would be better off either together or out on their own.
Again these are personal opinions rather than what will actually happen.

There will be a solo contract for Hazel…the pregnant entrant who was expelled for being 10 days too old…(yeah right!). I also see her with a daughter so there’s another baby to come.

It’s very interesting I connected pregnancy with Nadine’s career at the time of her rejection from Six. Her re launch attempt has been alongside the heavily pregnant Hazel. Nadine’s voice is divine. But destiny has other plans for her…beats me as to why!
( I have an unopened envelope re the girls line up. Interestingly all the final six girls are in it, as I don’t think Javine lost!)

There will major success for Javine Hilton who missed out re the Girls Aloud band. A good thing for her as she will be mega in her own right. It really does pay to lose these things!
The main longer lasting successes from the series will be Javine, and the reject boyband.
There will be three winners from Fame Academy. Pippa should win the whole competition (but won’t). But Lamar is an equal winner in many respects. He is the superstar of the whole bunch. It depends whether the public favour the female underdog…chances are they will! Ainslee and Marli should form a duet to save themselves from obscurity. They are a sexy duo and in combination could do well. They should release the Cockney Rebel song they performed on stage for an instant hit. The frontrunners for the final three are David, Sinead and Lamar.

The four who will benefit in the long term from Fame Academy are Sinead, David, Lemar (also in the States) and Ainslie. Ainslie is another Bono waiting to happen…but he needs to find a cool band! He will definitely be signed and be HUGE!
The teens love Katie from Bristol and she will have a respectable go at a career.
David will mature over time and has major potential, for a while.
Sinead and Malachi are Soul Mates…lets hope they work it out. Malachi is totally smitten and Sinead is staying cool. It would be a shame for them if she wins, as she will concentrate on her career! I hope they go for it…hats at the ready. She has a career even if David swans off with the title. But if Sinead doesn’t win, she gets everything!

Westlife have the potential for 16 hits…the current single is their 13th …mmm!
They should ironically beat the Beatles with the number of hit records they churn out…or just draw level before they split.
Shane of Westlife will marry girlfriend Gillian and there will be a pregnancy there soon. Better build that house quick Shane! Within a couple of years things will look very different for the West Lifers.

Nicky Byrne will marry Georgina Bertie Aherne’s daughter. Pregnancy in 3-4 years.

Brian and kerry’s marriage will unfortunately not stand the test of time. I hope they stay with it…but…

Similarly when Beck’s is 32 Posh and Beck’s will also face some decisions.
Adjustments and the need to adapt to new circumstances will be in order.
They can relax about the nightmare of kidnapping it won’t happen. But high profile Irish families should be very vigilant. Please take note.

Pregnancy for Kylie Minogue this year with boyfriend- more than likely James…she really loves him.

Wedding bells for Joely and Jamie Theakston.
Get over the bondage/commitment issues Jamie!

Catherine Zeta Jones will have a girl to make the family complete…the Douglas clan.

Major Hollywood status for Colin Farrell…move over Tom Cruise!

Super Stardom beckons for Samantha Mumba. Engagement to long term boyfriend.

Pregnancy/Child news for Heather (nee Mills) and Paul Mc Cartney.
The marriage will suffer from scandal and rumour in the first year, but will pull through and be fine.

Marriage and pregnancy for Paul’s daughter Stella Mc Cartney.

Kate Moss cool and trendy as a Mum…and very independent!

Robbie William’s loves Johnathan Wilkes- but not in that way! The connection with Rachel is an elaborate publicity stunt. But I see the name Rachel Williams, so I wouldn’t put it past him to marry her to cover his tracks and squash rumours. He certainly has lots of Alimony money at this stage!
He has a penchant for older leggy blondes, who are glamorous and understand his sensitive tortured soul.

Next year from February 2003 we enter the Chinese year of the Goat. Therefore there will be opportunities for peace and compromise internationally

If Bush does not take these he will be discredited in a major way by the end of the year. New elections may even be called before he has served his full term…in 2004. War is highly likely in Iraq (February/March)…and this will prove to be his down fall. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too nasty. It’s so important how we think during the year of the Goat. Things could quite literally go either way depending on our expectations. The energy we all project into the world at this time will shape our future. Let’s hope the healers and Religious leaders of the world unite in harmony - rather in a hot bed of mutual destruction. Let’s hope lots of prayer will get us through the crisis hotspots that will pepper the year. This can be done… but Bush is the spanner in the works who could throw us into turmoil. The potential for situations to escalate out of control in February and again in September is high. The scourge of terrorism must of course be sorted out…but so must the scourge of leaders anxious to prove a point or two! The latter threat is actually much more dangerous and unpredictable than anything the terrorists would care to manufacture.

The Americans sent that anthrax (following 9/11) to themselves, as a prototype experiment to assist scare mongering and to see what kind of panic such a threat would cause.

The Bali bomb was also the work of factions of the FBI. At the risk of sounding mad I will state that all is not as it seems. There is something about the scenario that makes me uneasy. I realise this is a controversial statement. The vibe is we are not even safe in paradise. There is something quite contrived and manipulative about it I feel. America needed a justification to declare war on Iraq and to pursue the terrorist threat further. This is about Oil, Money and politics. Religious fanaticism does not really enter into the equation. It has become an excuse and justification for all sorts of internal terrorism. Even 9/11 has placed a big question mark in the sky. Watch this space.
(The above relates more to the dark energetic forces at work than perhaps the specific reality. Conspiracy theories often hold a grain of truth!)

There will be 13 victims of the American ‘snippers’ before they are apprehended. The perpetrator is a trained army-man…a war veteran who has gone slightly nuts.

A major Australian airline disaster. Quantas.

Superman actor Christopher Reeve will learn to walk again. He will try all kinds of alternative healing and there is one person in particular, who will be able to help. This is something I felt very strongly when he first had his paralysing accident. Within the next 5 years Superman will be back in action.

Victoria Beckham will get pregnant again very quickly following the birth of Romeo…a sister who will be the final child in the Beckham household.

It will be wedding bells for Andrea Corr who will marry her boyfriend after a fling on the set of her film.

The ‘passionate’ romance between Robbie Williams and Rachel Hunter will be revealed to be nothing more than a cover up/publicity stunt. But rumours of marriage will get stronger as the truth comes to light!

Third marriage for J Lo and a pregnancy soon. Third time lucky…though P Diddy waits eternally in the wings. February is the time for many announcements from J LO. She will find happiness this time around…pregnancy is immanent if not already happened!

Reconciliation between Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan…

And possible reconciliation for Tom Cruise and Nicole- she still loves him. All is not as it seems re the marriage with Penelope Cruz. But there is happiness for a while.

Marital breakdown re Lisa Marie and Nicholas Cage. Cage will marry three times.
Another child for Helena Christiansen. Marriage for Christie Turlington...at last.

Another child for Nicole Kidman and rumours of reunion with Tom Cruise. Keep an eye on the connection between Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman: a hot combination.
A Major bust up between Cruise and Penelope Cruz…crunch time. If they don’t get past March that’s it.
Continuing tension over the priority Tom gives to Nicole and kids.

Pregnancy for Madonna…another sister for Lourdes and Rocco. Eight years of wedded bliss.

The sudden passing of a senior member of the Royal family will give the Queen a Triad of grief to cope with.
Prince William will ascend to the throne in 32nd year. Charles will be an ‘acting’ Prince Regeant. William is destined to be the next major monarch of any significance- A very popular ruler. Because of William’s resemblance to Diana Charles may never marry Camilla. William is Diana’s last ‘laugh’.
James Hewitt is Harry’s father. Charles knows this…but no one else does. Charles will never be King. He certainly won’t marry Camilla before William ascends to the throne if he knows what is good for him…and the Country.

Geoffrey Archer will make good again upon his release from prison...by the end of the summer. Best sellers galore and his ‘memoires’ are set to be into documentary and film fodder for a time to come.

Marriage for Justin Timberlake and he will have major success as a solo artist. Rumours of a reunion with Britney Spears.

Bertie will hit problems in Government re finances…already happening (but predicted before the election which brought him back for a second term.)

His connection with Ceclia will reach crunch time by 2005…when he will have to go for it or forget it! Walk her up the aisle Bertie…You can do so, especially if the government collapses in 2004…highly likely!

Rod Stewart
He certainly wears it well. And despite all his protestations to the contrary Rod will waltz down the aisle again. The ‘dangerous liason’ between Rachel and Robbie Williams has stolen his thunder, and he will have something to prove. The Penny will drop! (Must mean another baby, so!). The gorgeous gravely texture of Rod’s voice will succumb to the nodules threat once again. But he is set for further musical accolades and lifetime awards. Plenty of honey gargling and sunshine hols should see him right for an impressive comeback track. Lulu and Rod should get together for a song that will rock the world. Retirement in America will appeal, but not before he goes out with a bang!

Christie Turlington:
Will they or won’t they (walk down the aisle)? Will she or won’t she (decide on a location)? Will he or won’t he (give it all away)? The riddles and dilemmas that ‘dog’ the fine romance of Ed and Christie will be solved. Ms Turlington’s waltz up the aisle was stopped by a combination of International Terrorism and last minute jitters. Both pretty serious reasons to do a ‘rain check’. The stubborn clash of Christie’s Capricornian temper and Ed’s circumspect caution threw prenuptial arrangements into a spin. Not a good start to married life or an AD for ‘Eternity’. But Bono, Knight in shining armour, still waits in the wings and will of course crusade to the rescue. This gallant Taurean will act as Mentor/Father substitute and seal the deal. Ed will Burn deep into the night. And Christie will feel resolution, closure, and fulfilment in one fell Swap…sorry swooop!

Nicole Appleton:
Nicole and Natalie can expect a respectable bite at the cherry with their new venture ‘Appleton’. But personal happiness and long-term contentment is up for grabs. These soul sisters have been through the mill. And now they have hooked up with Prodigy and Oasis they have their work cut out. ‘Liams’ obviously travel in pairs. So lets hope there’s decent danger money for the All Saint twins. Nicole is under the impression that she’s about to walk down the aisle. Let’s hope that Mr Gallagher, ‘once bitten twice shy’ agrees with her. Nicole should realise that ‘Monkey men’ have instincts that must be followed. She can turn a blind eye, but for how long? The chewy Apple of temptation may get the better of him once too often…keep a zip on it Liam! More babies add to the fun and the general mayhem…

Britney Spears
‘Hit me Baby one more time!’ This teen phenomenon turned sexy temptress will be back. She just needs to calm down a bit…well Justin Timberlake would work any warm-blooded female into a sweat (glow). Britney needs a real man, and a real HOT partner she will find. Meanwhile, her Ex is busy ripping off her style, nicking her fans, and robbing her of her self-esteem...all in a bad days work! There will be rumours of reconciliation of course (and of pregnancy for his ‘substitute’). But while Justin steals her thunder, Britney will be thoughtfully silent. His star will rise ‘with or without her’. But soon enough he will trip himself up with his fancy footwork. Will she buy his confessions, protestations and declarations? Of course she will! (The ‘kiss and makeup’ headlines are too good to miss)

Brad Pitt.
Brad is feathering his nest. Expect big measures for the planned gaggle of baby Pitts! Hopefully Jennifer will provide Quintuplets as this lad wants to breed big time. Her career plans may beg to differ, but I’m sure these two will reach a compromise, or several! Along the way, Pitt stops will be required for refuelling, tyre changes and maintenance. But when the race is on and the trophy is in sight…The ‘Grand Prix’ will go all out to bag it! (Sorry, couldn’t resist). Brad must have too much time on his hands…his fixation with security is becoming a joke. But I guess you can’t be too careful when you’re in the public eye. Lets hope Mr Pitt re emerges from behind that bushy beard, so the sun can shine on those cheekbones once again. Other wise paranoia, babies, and ‘faddy’ diets may just get too much for him. Don’t lose it totally Brad…tamed you may be but at least put the trousers back on!

Leonardo De Caprio
This lad’s exotic name belies his beach bum ‘studenty’ nature. Did his career go down with the Titanic? I think not. He has pouting, petulant acting ability and a pretty face. But at this point intelligent choices are necessary. If that paunch gets too heavy, he could find his career goes toxic, never mind his system. This fella knows how to swing all ways and enjoys serious fun! No party is complete without him. The Lithe Giselle has lost patience, but she will be back for more. De Caprio has the capacity to develop and mature into one of the Hollywood ‘Greats’. But his boyish charm will fade. He needs to replace it with serious male charisma for the Sex God to emerge. Let’s hope it doesn’t all go to waist…sorry waste!

Kate Winslet
Kate’s tight corsets and bodices are not obligatory on the set of the latest Hollywood romance. And since this form of torture went down with the Titanic, Kate need not constrict herself further. Her fate is sealed by the enigmatic Mendes, and there’s no need for props or Di Caprio. Sam the Director of this action likes things just the way they are…no pressure. Kate is free to be herself in the manner to which she has become accustomed. Ms Winslet is nervous about marrying again, but she will. And by next summer there is another pregnancy, Mama Mia! Divorce is a messy business and all parties have been shaken by recent events. A healthy bank balance cushions the fall and loose ends may be tied up tightly…never mind the corsets.

Simon Cowell
The Simon Cowell Action Man is set to storm the States, and the real guy will do ok as well. There is another Pop Idol contract and more big deals to come. Prepare for the book, the restaurant and the Production Company. ‘Mr Nasty’ is a mean performer who means to get meaner…But privately this Libran is as tough on himself as he is on everyone else. He talks plainly, honestly, and has very exacting standards. Simon has a history of turning things around, which is why he does not suffer fools gladly. He deserves respect and admiration rather than resentment and begrudgery. This man is a ‘pussycat’ who hides his deeper feelings very effectively. Intelligent love choices will bring Simon happiness, but it won’t be his partner who wears the trousers! Investment in Irish and American property looks like a good move. Oh and some furniture wouldn’t go amiss, Simon…

There will be a major scandal re Pop Idol (Gareth?)

Louis Walsh
When Louis introduced me to the press as ‘the woman who knows everything’ I knew I had to be kind! So Louis, expect the best from your proteges, but also expect surprises. Financially the return from investments and projects looks good. But there is no plan in place for the personal developments of employees: an exit, a pregnancy and an in-house marriage are on the cards. A legal hitch is possible when one lad wants to step off the stage, but Louis’ ability to ‘Spin’ can turn anything around! Controversial and spicy situations will add to the fun, but Louis might need to cut losses in one department. Samantha Mumba can expect mega- stardom; Bellfire are talented but unfortunate; Westlife must pull their socks up to crack America, but have the potential for 16 no one hits; 6 have a lot of work to do; Ronan and Lulu will benefit from duets to keep their careers on track.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones
Never mind the age gap…these Soul mates provide one another with perfect balance. In combination their elegant Libran energies bring mutual calmness, dignity, and serenity. The ease of their relationship fully reflects the finely tuned equilibrium of this match. With the same birth date of the 25th September, their joint mission is to release each other from a legacy of disappointment. The feisty but cool Ms Zeta Jones is an effective foil for Douglas’s subtle but compelling charisma. (Lets just not mention his previous penchant for bumping into blondes in night-clubs!) Times have changed and these two ‘Hollywood Greats’ are fulfilled, content and blissfully happy. It will last as long as physically possible and a second child makes the picture complete.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson will continue to remain an enigma and mystery. He will father more children and marry again. A possible reconciliation with Lisa Marie, they are well suited!! A biography could take the lid off a lot of his secrets but is anyone interested enough to buy it? Only a highly confessional-style book would be a success commercially. Mr Jackson is not that brave and does not feel the need to explain himself. He needs to feel loved and accepted in order to express his creativity. The world does not support him in this way, so the life of a hermit suits him. Jackson does a lot of humanitarian and philanthropic work that we never hear about. He is a deeply wounded sensitive character who retains the limelight by staying out of it. Extremely ironic as it is, the more he hides away, the more he aggravates our curiosity. Expect another sensational scandal!

Man UTD.

The gorgeous David Beckham will continue to thrive and grow in stature and dignity. We can expect plenty of moving statements and gestures at the time of his daughter’s birth in September.

Beckham’s replica Man Utd strip will provide the vital evidence needed to nail the killers of Holly and Jessica. They will continue to hold poignant significance for the nation for a long time to come. Thankfully we will be spared the gory details of what happened (up to a point). The T-shirt worn by Maxine Carr will be recognised as an ironic and defiant statement. How insensitive and sick, if not a little stupid, to wear a T-shirt saying ‘I’ve Scored’ in the middle of a possible paedophile murder hunt. The give away clues were Huntly saying one thing but meaning another: ‘I wish I had kept them a little longer’, and ‘I was one of the last, if not the last to see them’. Blatant inside information – why did the psychologists not notice these things?

In tribute to these girls Man Utd must play their hearts out this season. They will win at least two if not all three of the major Trophy’s: European Cup, League, and FA Cup. My prediction is for a repeat performance of 1999 and the four-year gap will weave its magic for these boys in red. The Triple X factor of a hat trick will go down in history. Let’s hope Beckham is not too knocked out by his paternal duties! I see Beckham kissing a Trophy and dedicating the win to Holly and Jessica (European Cup).

As I predicted at the time of The World Cup I had a strong sense of Beckham lifting a major Trophy, but not the World Cup (lets wait until 2006 for that one). We also pinned down the result of the Brazil/England match to 2:1 Brazil. From the beginning of the World Cup I saw the bright blue of the Brazilian shorts zooming through to the Final. With my conviction that a Latino team would win the Tournament that could only mean one thing. Samba football at its best!

The shape of the cup I see looks like the European Trophy. What a fitting tribute and powerful statement for Beckham to hammer home many goals in righteous anger for these lovely girls.

On another Man Utd note, Roy Keane’s true colours will be revealed this year, in all their glory. He will outlive Mick Mc Carthy in his connection to the Irish Football team, and within ten years will be called on to manage the team.

Before too long we can expect Mc Carthy’s resignation to be announced. I suspect he wants to steer Ireland through the European championships but I don’t see much success for Ireland in this tournament. This will probably sow the seeds of disillusionment and the World Cup sagas will catch up with everyone. A delayed reaction and an anti climax you might say! Certainly it will take a while for all the intrigue and scandal to play out. The tit-for-tat between Mc Carthy and Keane will take a literary shape and will become a bit of a joke, if not a little tedious. Mc Carthy would do well not to publish as this will only make him look faintly ridiculous, and is anyone really interested?

Certain celebrities will be getting all romantic and broody. Another baby for Madonna will arrive soon enough. Though the Richie marriage will continue to show signs of stress. We will see Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant reconnect publicly. Soul Mates both they were daft to split up in the first place. However there will be another Hugh Grant escapade (of an embarrassing nature) early in the year- Forewarned is forearmed Hugh!

A major marriage on the ‘Rock and Roll’ circuit will fail, much to everyone’s shock, horror, and dismay!

Expect a baby announcement from Kylie Minogue before too long. Another baby for Liam and Nicole – pregnancy towards the end of next year. Respectable success for Appleton, (the sisters and ex All Saints).
Marriage for Noel Gallagher, never mind his protestations!

Watch out for Nadine Coyle of the Irish Popstars scandal (she lied about her age). She is all set to be the Darius of the Irish nation. Pop Rivals will offer her a chance to redeem herself. This is very clever management. It paves the way for a career that never would have happened if she had remained ‘Pop Stars liar’.

Gareth Gates is covering up something! Well the record company are…Never mind Will –what about Gareth?

The U2 boys will have more babies unexpectedly: total of 5 for Bono, 6 for Edge, 4 for Larry. Another U2 wedding will cause a lot of happiness. But there will be an unfortunate incident that will change the dynamic of the ‘U2 machine’.

The unexpected exit of a Senior in the Royal Family will bring a triad of grief for the Queen to cope with. Charles will never be the King of England, especially not if he marries Camilla. King William is the new monarch we can look forward to and his ‘celebrity’ status will grow. A background scandal concerning Prince Harry will never quite go away – more ‘high jinx’ to come!

The Pope is set to make a graceful exit.

Hilary Clinton will be the first female president of the United States, possibly as soon as 2008. That is if Bush hasn’t led the world into a lot more ‘trouble and strife’ before the end of the year (which he will, of course – Saddam Hussein watch out!). Hillary and Bill Clinton have a mutual agreement to regain control of The White House as soon as possible. Their marriage is over in many respects, but they have a strong bond politically, and we will never know the full story.

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The Fly
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More babies??? That'd be great, I guess. I just hope the change in the "U2 machine" will be for good.

I don't give too much credit to these things anyway, but it's fun.


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Just what we need...more Larry babies that seem to have no names.

I wouldn't be surprised if Edge and Morleigh have at least one more child. "Abraham" seems to be quite fertile.

As for Bono and Ali, I don't know if they'd have any more children. Ali said no, but we'll see.

What I want to see is Adam settle down and have baby Adams.

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I want to see an Adam baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
awww, cute little fro babies
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Nope, I don't buy it at all. That stuff is all in your mind.

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Personally, I think anyone who claims to be making 'predictions' for the future is full of crap (only if they're serious though, if it's just in fun I'll play along).... though, I can't see Larry getting married now- UNLESS it's not to Ann, however, I can't see that happening either. Though the possibility of a wedding for Adam makes me very happy indeed.

Just my two cents.
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Originally posted by WildeIrish796
awww, cute little fro babies
Baby Adams would be so cute!!
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lmfao.... jesus...

the u2 machine will turn into u2 diaper changing machine.
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Originally posted by madamc
lmfao.... jesus...

the u2 machine will turn into u2 diaper changing machine.
HAHAHAHA. That's funny.

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