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Tickets held back by Venues & Ticketmaster, etc. for Pkg deals - It's not all brokers

I really want to make sure everyone knows what really happens during a ticket sale and why many of us including myself could not only not get tickets for the presale but couldn't get in for the general public sale:

You do realize that all those tickets aren't all taken by brokers
and scalpers - you really should also point out the hypocisy of
Clear Channel who own the venues, promote the tours & play the music on their stations....should they choose, and ultimately are trying to subscribe out every good seat in all the venues they own. Bands have NO ACCESS to subscription based seats, therefore Clear Channel is responsible for the majority of seats held from the public. There were 5,600 tix sold to the fan club (info from a reliable source), there are just more people out there who need to make money then there are who want to see U2, thus those who need the money will be far more diligent at buying, and in greater numbers. For instance - U2 at Madison Square Garden was being bought by EVERYONE in this country...EVERYONE.

I know for a fact that at Madison Square Garden (MSG) that they have package deals that the performer is obligated to supply a certain number of tickets for- for instance $480 for 100 & 200 level
opposite the stage as "unadvertised, dinner package". That's means that most of the 100's & 200's are on hold with Madison Square Garden at basically $500/ea....and you have to own subscriptions at Madison Square Garden already & buy no less than 20 tickets.

Check out, a Canadian company selling hotel packages at $375 & get your tickets the night of show at the hotel you stay at. Their tickets are in 300's. Add that with all the seats sold on subscription anyway and you have no tickets for the public sale, never mind the presale.

So if U2 really wants to warn somebody - perhaps they should also stop Clear Channel, the Venues and Ticketmaster from pulling
tickets. Some of those package deals are probably sold to brokers
as well - now interesting when you look at what an interesting merry- go-round the art of tickets really is.

And that's the real story of what has happened with these sales.
Perhaps the fans should be made aware of how it really goes down.
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