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Originally posted by Bono's Betty
I don't think fans should have to pay any type of membership fee! I'm just going to take my chances the old fashioned way
Wow you are a brave one! But what is there 700 people in winnipeg?

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The Fly
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I'm using my code for the 1st San Diego show then I'm going to do as Bono's Betty says.... buy the other shows the old fashioned way... let Ticket Fucker put me in some stupid lottery system as I line up with other U2 fans and hope we get GA. Wish I hadn't spent the $40 now. Seems lame that we only get tix to one show. You would think for that amount of money we would at least get 2 shows. They really know how to get our money. And don't even mention the 'fees' Ticket Fucker adds....

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I think about 755
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I am really sorry for putting this so bluntly. Common sense told me that were going to give me 2 tickets for an indoor show or 4 tickets for an outdoor show. They never offered any more tickets than that for a single subscription.

"You will be able to buy 2 tickets for any indoor show OR 4 tickets for any outdoor show during your membership term." - general faq for membership benefits.

All that was ever stated from this was that you had access to ANY city on the tour.

2 or 4, 2 or 4, 2 or 4.

It was there from the very start.
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It is a total rip off! Last time they came here was for popmart and i got my tix from a guy that worked at the stadium and a friend of mine wated in line and her tix were two rows directly behind me! My seats were pretty good. On the floor, the "boys" walked out right infont of me. So i don't think everyone should worry about TicketMaster so much. Be everyone!
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So if you want to buy the 4 outdoor Europe, and the 2 indoor USA, you can, or you can't? I believe it was Prop 6 tkts, and you could allocate them however you wanted, e.g., you wanted to go to 6 venues, you could buy 1 each venue, or 2 for 3 venues.

I am really getting interested in how these unique codes are going to work, there has to be thousands of them. You can bet the brokers have all joined and got them as well.

but another question, if it's GA, why would anybody have to join the fanclub just to get a GA tkt, it wouldn't matter at all, unless they were joining to ensure they got the GA tkt. But those were pretty plentiful last time, nobody needed to join it to get those did they?

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