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26th November Montreal - Bell Centre

Please post all reviews of the November 26th show here.

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Delirium, insanity, madness

Three words that still don’t adequately sum up the show (AND THE CROWD) in Montreal yesterday.

We lined up at 10pm on Friday to in –10 C weather, hoping to be among the first in the GA line for Saturday’s show. To our amazement, we were numbers 138-141! Some people had been camping out since Thursday! Madness…and not in a moral sense; more analytically speaking. The staff gave us numbered coupons, then wristbands at 1am and told us to come back for 6am. We did, and we made a day of it, singing in the snowy weather, freezing but excited. When the doors opened, that energy went right into the building and didn’t let up until 11.

Arcade Fire was great. They’re an interesting act and it was nice for them to be back in their home town, I’m sure. U2 has been coming on the stage to their song ‘Wake Up’ for the whole tour and it was fun to see them live.

When 'Wake Up' came on the PA later, most of the crowd already knew what time it was and then the lights went out. Delirium! And it only got better. The set list was awesome, UTEOTW and Bad were so powerful but as usual, Streets took the cake. The noise in the building was ridiculous all night but after Streets, it can only be described as insanity. Here’s how one Dublin couple described it on a web site and I think this about sums it up; “I have been attending concerts for nearly three decades and I have never experienced the level of energy that the Montreal crowd unleashed at the conclusion of Where the Streets Have No Name.” Bono was clearly awed by the crowd on numerous occasions, saying “wow”, shaking his head and smiling, talking about the noise made by 747s, and thanking them for the memory. “We won’t forget this”, he said. Stuck in a Moment was also very powerful.

Thanks to U2 for another awesome show. And thanks to another insane but awesome Montreal crowd.
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Best CROWD for a U2 show EVER!

It was incredible. The Energy was at MAXIMUN.

Montreal is so good and cool to U2, that the apparently decided to buy some houses here and record the next album in Montreal

U2 are moving to Montreal!

Montreal is now the capital city of U2 in America (And that's includes Canada too LOL
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I'm still coming down off my post-concert high, but let me just say the band was solid, the Arcade Fire warmed up the house with an incredible set, and the Montreal fans....so loud.

The audience was amazing. The cell phones were out for at least 3 songs; Bono ad-libbed the second verse of Sometimes with "you light up my life" in reaction to all the cell phones and blinky light things provided by a local radio station.

I couldn't have asked for a better concert. I have no doubt U2 would sell out 3, or maybe even 4 shows in Montreal. The love they get from the fans here might be reason enough to schedule some more shows next tour.
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Old 11-29-2005, 11:04 AM   #6
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Well it was my fourth time seeing them.

First of this tour. They were amazing. The crowd was insane. For me it all clicked with ISHFWILF. Funny Bono isn't running as much as when they were here in 01.

Anyone know what happened during "Bad" were they off cue or did they just want to leave? Larry was signalling cut to someone offstage. I hope it was just to bring out Daniel Langois.

Great show.

Thanks to Benno for hooking me up with tickets and not gouging like so many others tried.

There are no fans like U2 fans!!!
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The U2 concert on November 26th was incredible ! The effects were nicely done and Bono proved again that his talent as a singer could rock the hearts of 20 300 fans at Center Bell last weekend. Political issues, humanitarian speaches, good news, U2 made people think, and drove the audience nuts when Bono said "U2 a une annonce très importante... U2 vient vivre à Montreal !" Weither they were serious or not, they will always be welcome in Montreal !

It was the first show I saw of them, even though they have been for a long time my favorite band. The tickets were sold in 29 minutes in March... It was really worthing it !
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Originally posted by fredstab

Montreal is so good and cool to U2, that the apparently decided to buy some houses here and record the next album in Montreal

U2 are moving to Montreal!

Montreal is now the capital city of U2 in America (And that's includes Canada too LOL
I'd like to believe that, oh I would love too but I'm trying to stay sceptic so that I won't be disapointed in case it's not true.
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The show was great!! I was at Ottawa the night before and even though the setlist was the same (until Bad), the energy in Montreal was far better. The crowd was unbelievably loud as it always is in Montreal.

Bad ran for about 10 minutes with 40 and and The Maker (by Lanois) mixed in. It was a great way to close the show.

I was in GA along the rail in Ottawa then 7 rows up on the side of the stage in Montreal. I must say that although GA is a must for a U2 show, sitting (standing) in great seats gives a tremendous perspective of the show that you don't get in GA.

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