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Originally posted by Vervefloyd
U2 has pretty much always followed one common trend. If they cut a new song on their current tour. It will not be played again. Off the top of my head, I can't think of a song that was cut during it's first tour and actually returned in subsuquent tours. WGRYWH appeared on elevation as a snippet, not an actual performance. THis pretty much means In a little While is done. I cant imagine New York being played, especially the really weak versions played on the third leg. You may not agree with me, but the best version of new york was in the paris pre-tour set they played and it never touched that moment again. The third leg new lyrics were weak and did not flow with the music. Just my opinion from seeing 8 shows on the third leg.
It's a shame too, because I'd love to hear Horses live.

My dream, however, is to hear Red Hill Mining Town - never played on tour though originally intended as a single. Bono was concerned about hitting the highs. It would be amazing for the boys to pull this one out, if only for the first night of the tour (I happen to live in Florida). I'd just collapse if I finally got to hear a live version of my favorite JT song.

I really wish that the band would consider extending their setlists because there is just so much fantastic material they've made during the years. They've never been in the mold of Springsteen, though, who goes for three hours with no problems (and varies his sets like crazy).

Here's my lists of potentials for a tour off each album.

Boy: I Will Follow, Out of Control, Electric Co. (pretty please!)

October: Gloria (if we're lucky, it fits in better than it would have in the 1990s).

War: SBS, New Year's Day (likely a lock). May end a select few shows with "40", though that hasn't been done since PopMart.

UF: Pride, Bad, Sort of Homecoming (was played a couple times on Elevation, would be nice to see it a few times).

JT: Streets, Still Haven't Found, Bullet, With or Without You, Red Hill Mining Town (not gonna happen), I'd love to see Running to Standstill back a few times

R&H: Desire, Angel, All I want is You - they may all make appearances as they have on previous tours

AB: Real Thing, One, UTEOTW, The Fly, Mysterious Ways will probably all pop up with UTEOTW, One, and Mysterious Ways as regulars (though I'd love to see the Fly in a hard rocking set at the top of the show with Vertigo, ABOY, and Electric Co.

Zooropa: Stay is the only one likely to come about. Shame. I'd love for Lemon to pop up, but it really doesn't fit. I could see the live version of Dirty Day springing up - I'd love that. It rocked on the Sydney tape.

POP: U2's ignored masterpiece. I'd love to see Please crop up. Wake Up Dead Man may get woven in here and there. Staring at the Sun may show up. Gone might also show up in a hard rocking set. I doubt we'll ever see MoFo, IGWSHA, LNOE, Miami, or Velvet Dress ever played live again.

ATYCLB: I see Original of the Species as the new closer for some reason, though Walk On may still serve that purpose (though unlikely since, as has been said, the band has changed closers every tour since Love Town). I think we'll see variable closers, to be honest. Beautiful Day, Walk On, and Elevation may feature regularly. I'd love to see Kite in every set. Stuck in a Moment may rotate into an acoustic set. Not sure if anything else will make it.

Bomb: We'll likely hear every song at some point, though part of me is not sure Yahweh will see the live show. I think Original of the Species and City of Blinding Lights may be set for the encore ala Ultraviolet and Love is Blindness during the ZooTV show.

So many songs, so little time. If the band rotates songs more then multiple shows would be awesome to take in. They've got so much in their catalog. With many of the sounds on the new album, we may see more songs from early albums. Most fans would die if they played I Will Follow, Out of Control, and Electric Co. all in the same set. I'd also love to hear A Day Without Me off Boy, but I know that won't happen. Edge doesn't care for the song.

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